• Migrating WCF to grpc


    Using protobuf-net.grpc to migrate WCF Services to grpc is very simple. In this post, we’ll see how simple it is. Microsoft’s official guide on migrating WCF Services to grpc only mentions the Google. Protobuf method. If you have many data contracts that need to be migrated to. Proto format, it may be time-consuming. However, by […]

  • Using PHP to deploy Ethereum smart contract to develop DAPP


    explain Recently, in the development of Ethereum smart contract DAPP, we encountered many problems when using PHP as the interface, which can be recorded as a reference. The operating environment of this article is Mac, which has been installedtruffle/ganacheAnd other development tools Writing smart contracts New truffle project mkdir test_truffle cd test_truffle truffle init Create […]

  • Blockchain application development makes online shopping disputes more convenient


    With people’s more and more in-depth understanding of blockchain technology, blockchain application development also has more landing areas. Recently, Hangzhou Internet court announced that the country’s first judicial application of blockchain smart contract is online, which means that the development of blockchain application has begun to be implemented in the judicial field, and also makes […]

  • Micro service governance practice: service contract


    Introduction:With the increasing popularity of microservice architecture, more and more companies use microservice framework for development. Even more than companies, even the graduate tutors of the writers have to use the microservice framework for the transformation of the laboratory’s spring boot project. This is the fourth article in the series of “microservice governance practice”, mainly […]

  • Web3 geek daily


    How to build a minimized blockchain Chinese translation of original link @Cao s: the author of this article describes what kind of core modules a minimum available blockchain needs to have. The core idea is to improve the maintainability of the minimum blockchain by layering or isolating. I hope this article can give us some […]

  • Community view | understanding the exchange protocol on mov chain


    Development of decentralized exchange protocol From bitshare, stellar to etherdelta, Bancor, 0x protocols on Ethereum, decentralized switching protocols have also gone through several generations of development and many modes of exploration. Each generation improves and deepens through the pain points of the previous protocols, It can be divided into three parts On chain order book, […]

  • How to participate in Baidu super chain open network beta?


    On January 6, baidu super chain officially launched “open network” to empower small and medium-sized enterprises and developers. Baidu super chain open network is a basic service network of blockchain based on the open source technology completely independently developed by Baidu. It is composed of super alliance nodes distributed all over the country, which conforms […]

  • Front end and back end integration is not as difficult as you think


    “ This article first appeared in my bookBlogFor reprint, please indicate the source ” From time to time, you can see some help posts on the Internet. The main idea is that there are some disputes arising from the front-end and back-end integration. In fact, if there are some “specifications” during the integration, it can […]

  • Develop your first fabric smart contract with IBM blockchain platform extension


    Develop your first fabric smart contract with IBM blockchain platform extension IBM blockchain platform extension is a plug-in of vscode, and the latest version is v1.0.17. The extension supports the complete development workflow of hyperledger fabric and IBM blockchain platform Generate, edit and package smart contracts Deploy and debug contracts locally using a simple preconfigured […]

  • Running fabric in IBM cloud


    In the last article, we talked about how to use IBM blockchain platform extension to create a smart contract running locally in vs code editor. After the smart contract is created, it can be run in its own blockchain environment or on major cloud platforms. At present, IBM, Tencent cloud, Alibaba cloud and AWS all […]

  • Core interpretation of laravel — contracts contract


    Contracts Laravel’s contract is a set of interfaces that define the core services provided by the framework, such as the user watcher contract we found in the chapter introducing user authenticationIllumninateContractsAuthGuardAnd user provider contractIlluminateContractsAuthUserProvider And the frame comes with itApp\UserThe implementation of the modelIlluminateContractsAuthAuthenticatableContract. Why use contracts From the source code files of the above […]

  • Basic features of solidity in smart contract writing


    As mentioned in the previous article, most of the alliance chain platforms, including FISCO bcos, use solidness as the development language of smart contracts, so it is necessary to be familiar with solidness. As a Turing complete programming language for blockchain platform design, solidness supports function call, modifier, overload, event, inheritance and other features, and […]