• Lua-In-Xcode & lua-environment


    Lua-In-Xcode Preface Course Let Xcode support Lua syntax highlighting lua-environment Lua application scenario Game development Independent application script Web application script Extensions and database plug-ins such as MySQL proxy and MySQL workbench Security systems, such as intrusion detection systems lua-environment It can also be installed through homebrew on MAC for version management. brew install lua […]

  • “3.0” a person develops an app, and the applet is from 0 to 1. Delete and add


    On this auspicious day, we are going to do a big thing, which is known to all, that is to delete the source code generated automatically by wechat development tools. Delete the index and logs directories under pages and leave nothing; Delete util.js under utils and only flow air; Delete the code in app.js and […]

  • Flex layout tutorial: Syntax


    Content quoted from teacher Ruan Yifeng’s blog Picture content address (https://www.readingblog.cn/bl

  • Express Middleware


    Loading static resources — review the previous Express How to use express? How to get the request? How do I handle responses? How to expose static resources to the outside world? Express core: middleware: how to understand? Middleware: a specific link used to process HTTP requests (a specific processing function may be executed)Middleware usually provides […]

  • Egret adaptation mode


    In the project, the device pixel in the iPhone 6 / 7 / 8 plus is 414 * 736 through the devtool simulator, the width and height of canvas is 1242 * 2208, and the width and height of content configured according to the design draft is 750 * 1204. How are so many data […]

  • Using react to make a slide show component


    Jianghu rules ~ no picture, no truth, first picture! This is a slide carousel component of the exhibition list. Click the left and right buttons to slide left and right. Each time, you can slide a specified number of lines of content. My front-end rookies, big guys light spray whine Let’s share the code Because […]

  • Using html2canvas to write HTML content to canvas to generate pictures


    Before that, we had a brief understanding of the basic usage of canvas. Here, we will learn how to write HTML content into canvas to generate images. Here, I used the html2canvas plug-in, which is based on the implementation of canvas Http://html2canvas.hertzen.com/ 1: Download the html2canvas plug-in 1: Download html2canvas plug-in directly Click html2canvas.min.js directly, […]

  • Regular capture group and non capture group


    Regular expression grouping can be divided into capture groups and non capture groups, so why group? Regular expression groups are divided into capture groups and non capture groups. In a rule, pairs of parentheses are used to indicate grouping, such as(\d)Represents a group,(\d)(\d)There are two groups,(\d)(\d)(\d)Indicates that there are three groups, several pairs of parenthesized […]

  • [3] flask web development: template


    This series of notes is my notes reading Miguel Grinberg’s “flask web development”, with the title synchronized with the book. I hope to promote my understanding of knowledge by recording technical notes. This chapter corresponds to chapter three: templates. A template is a file containing response text, which contains a dynamic part represented by a […]

  • To understand what html is, read this one


    This is the first of the HTML5 and CSS3 basic grammar self study course, first appeared in the WeChat official account. Guide reading: this section mainly introduces the basic information of HTML, including the concept of HTML, the development of HTML and the development of HTML Standard Version. Through the study of this section, we […]

  • Implementation of front-end JS paging function


    Page.js file content function buildPagination(pageNo, pageSize, total){ if(total <= 0){ return; } var maxPage = parseInt(total / pageSize); if((total % pageSize) > 0){ maxPage ++; } var firstHtml = “<li><a href=’javascript:void(0);’ onclick=’setPageNo(1);’ aria-label=’First’><span aria-hidden=’true’>&laquo;</span></a></li>”; var lastHtml = “<li><a href=’javascript:void(0);’ onclick=’setPageNo(“+maxPage+”);’ aria-label=’Last’><span aria-hidden=’true’>&raquo;</span></a></li>”; $(“.pagination”).append(firstHtml); var start = (pageNo – 2) > 0 ? (pageNo – 2) […]

  • Detailed explanation of keep alive mode in HTTP request


    Keep alive mode We all know that HTTP is based on TCP, and each HTTP request requires a three-step handshake. If a page has multiple requests for a domain name, it will frequently establish and disconnect connections. So HTTP 1.0Connection: keep-alive, which is used to establish a long connection, which is what we call the […]