• [domestic MCU transplantation] teach you how to use RT thread to make gd32 series BSP


    This article was originally published by RT thread forum user @ Bruce ou:https://club.rt-thread.org/ask/article/3043.html Friends familiar with RT thread know that RT thread provides many BSPs, but not all boards can find corresponding BSPs. At this time, it is necessary to transplant new BSPs. Among all the BSPs of RT thread, the most perfect BSP is […]

  • Tencent focuses on building a real-time data warehouse and real-time query system based on Flink


    This paper is organized by Lu Peijie, a community volunteer, and shared by Wang zhanxiong, a senior engineer of Tencent’s focus data team, in Flink forward Asia 2020. The contents include: Background introduction architecture design Real time data warehouse Real time data query system Summary of real-time system application results 1、 Background introduction 1. Business […]

  • Shell get file size and checksum


    Get file size wc -c “tooopen_17270713.jpg” | awk ‘{print $1}’ Get checksum Calculate MD5 checksum: md5 /tmp/1.iso Calculate SHA-1 checksum: shasum -a 1 /tmp/1.iso Calculate SHA-256 checksum: shasum -a 256 /tmp/1.iso doc Mac OS X: how to generate md5 sha1 sha256 checksums from command line For the latest content, please pay attention to official account […]

  • Some things you must know when learning C language: never try any UNIX porting compiler in the Windows client


    Subtitle:Never inwindows clionattemptcygwincompilerNever inwindows clionattemptmingwcompiler Text start Common C language compilers include: Msvs on Windows platform GCC on Linux platform Clang for Mac platform But mostCSStudents usewindowsComputer, and some studyC languageAt this time, if you chooseMicrosoft Visual StudioAs developmentIDEIf so, there will be no trouble selecting the compiler, because it will use its ownMSVCcompiler. But […]

  • Nagios installation and configuration under centos-7 (full version)


    brief introduction Nagios is an automatic operation and maintenance tool, which can assist the operation and maintenance personnel to monitor the operation status of the server and has the alarm function. This article will introduce its installation method and detailed configuration method. Nagios monitoring service application guideLocal resources: load, CPU, disk, memory. IO, raid, temperature, […]

  • Open class: performance tuning in databend | Vol. 24


    01《 Performance tuning in databend 》 Sharing topic: performance tuning in database | Vol. 24 Sharing time: 20:30-21:30 on Thursday night, 2021-12-16 Sharing Lecturer: sundyli Tencent conference address: https://meeting.tencent.com/d… Conference ID: 258 663 900 Course introduction: In this week’s sharing, we will talk about the related knowledge of databend performance optimization, including: Common performance optimization […]

  • Rookie introduction to rust | databend community


    01 introduction to rust | Vol. 25 Sharing topic: introduction to rust | Vol. 25 Sharing Lecturer: Su Lin Sharing time: 20:30-21:30, December 12, 2021, Sunday evening Tencent conference address: https://meeting.tencent.com/d… Conference ID: 258 663 900 Station B address:http://live.bilibili.com/2212… Course introduction: 1. Explain the differences between variables and values, and memory performance. 2. Ownership mechanism. […]

  • Python package creation


    1. Create a GitHub warehouse stayhttps://github.comJust create the website 2. Clone the code locally git clone https://github.com/yourname/packagename.git cd packagename 3. Createsetup.pyFile. The file content should look like the following: from os import path as os_ path 4. Create the project package file. After creation, the whole project directory structure should be similar to the following: […]

  • 6 “scary” linux commands


    It’s time to pay a little attention to the scary side of Linux. crypt Well, we always have crypt. As the name suggests, crypt is not the underground palace or grave where garbage files are stored, but the command to encrypt the contents of files. Today, “crypt” is usually implemented as a script: it functions […]

  • Recommended collection! 10 suggestions that can improve the performance of the system by 10 times!


    Translator: Writing for itSource:http://www.zcfy.cc/article/10…Original text:https://www.nginx.com/blog/10… How fast is a website? Every second it takes to load a page, about 4% of users leave. The first interaction time of the top e-commerce sites is 1 to 3 seconds, which has the highest conversion rate. Obviously, web application performance is becoming more and more important. It’s not […]

  • [efficient tool] vscode configuring JSX template


    First open vscode, and the menu option is File > Preferences > User snippets > JavaScript act json The content of the document is changed to: { “JSX”: {// functional components “prefix”: “jsx”, “body”: [ “import React, { useEffect, useState } from \”react\””, “”, “function DemoPage$1 (props){“, “\tuseEffect(() => {“, “\t\tdocument.title =\”\””, “\t\tdocument.body.style.background = \”#fff\””, […]

  • [Part 1] – git tutorial: B2B2C e-commerce technology summary of spring cloud live mall


    Git tutorialGit is an open source distributed version control system for agile and efficient handling of any small or large project. Git is an open source version control software developed by Linus Torvalds to help manage Linux kernel development. Git is different from the commonly used version control tools CVs and subversion. It adopts the […]