• Get the submitted content of GIT


    QT Jun recently work need to release a software, but encountered some problems. Software is requiredWrite Version DescriptionHowever, the content of version modification is in every commit of GIT. Manual copy is obviously too time-consuming and not worth it.    so I checked the manual and wrote this immediatelyExtract commit content commandSimple and convenient to […]

  • Zooteam front end weekly No.98


    Zooteam front end weekly No.98 For more previous tabloids, please visit:https://weekly.zoo.team A CSS property that can make your page render several times faster After the browser receives the HTML returned by the server, it needs to render the data into the page that the user sees. Before rendering the first element, the browser may [web […]

  • Trust learning — dividing modules into different files


    As the program becomes more and more complex, we need to split a single file into multiple files.Now create main.rs The contents of the document are as follows: mod front_of_house; pub use crate::front_of_house::hosting; pub fn eat_at_restaurant() { hosting::add_to_waitlist(); hosting::add_to_waitlist(); hosting::add_to_waitlist(); } fn main(){ eat_at_restaurant() } Create front_ of_ house.rs The contents of the document are […]

  • Basic data types and basic application scenarios of redis


    Basic application scenarios of redis Get the winning user ID. after it pops up randomly, the set does not exist Store the winning user ID in the activity to ensure that the same user won’t win twice [set] Store the fan list, value is the user ID of the fan, score is the follow time […]

  • MySQL logs suddenly soared


    1. Phenomenon Today, when helping other students to check the problem, we found that the database error log file has more than 9g. Open the content to see as follows: ===================================== 2020-07-08 13:47:43 0x7fe3723ff700 INNODB MONITOR OUTPUT ===================================== Per second averages calculated from the last 1 seconds —————– BACKGROUND THREAD —————– srv_master_thread loops: 28112548 srv_active, […]

  • Front end mock perfect solution


    Written in the front, this article needs some knowledge about nodejs, because it will expand the related functions of webpack, and the implementation needs to comply with certain conventions and Ajax encapsulation. The scaffolding of precipitation is also put on GitHub for students’ referenceReact-StarterThe user’s manual has not been completed yet. The overall idea has […]

  • Flutter to solve the problem of data disorder in search


    Horse’s hoof diseaseSee Chang’an flowers in one day preface Problem descriptionSearch box to quickly enter and delete text, constantly send network requests Problem solvingSolve sending multiple network requests, data callback is normal Solutions Using the idea of search in IOS,Bring the search keyword in each network requestRegard keyword as the attribute of search result modelEach […]

  • The right letter combination of tableview: generate group index


    When you use the iPhone address book, you will find that you can search by letter on the right side, which is very convenient to use. In fact, this function is very simple to use uitableview, as long as you implement a method of data source protocol and build an array of group titles. The […]

  • Remember the use of regular expression in a python web crawling


    Yesterday, I helped my classmates to crawl a web page, about 400 pages. Fortunately, the content is very fixed, similar to the following: <tr class=’listTableBody’ height=”20″> <td class=’listTableBodyTD’ width=”100″ valign=”middle” align=”center”><div>(.*)</div> </td> <td class=’listTableBodyTD’ width=”100″ valign=”middle” align=”center”><div>(.*)</div> </td> <td class=’listTableBodyTD’ width=”230″ valign=”middle” align=”center”><div>(.*)</div> </td> <td class=’listTableBodyTD’ width=”230″ valign=”middle” align=”center”><div>(.*)</div> </td> <td class=’listTableBodyTD’ width=”110″ valign=”middle” align=”center”><div>(.*)</div> […]

  • Grep, SED and awk: three powerful tools of Linux


    1、 Grep and regular expressions grep Grep (global search regular expression (RE) and print out the line) is a powerful text search tool. It can use regular expressions to search text and print out the matching lines. option -This parameter must be used when you specify that you want to find a directory instead of […]

  • The number circle in the upper right corner of the icon is set in the tabbarcontroller as shown in the figure


    //Contents in the upper right corner of the icon self.tabBarItem.badgeValue= @”5″; operation effect:

  • Use the placeholder property to set the prompt information of the input text box


    Input text box, you can use the placeholder property The result is that when the content of the text box is empty, the prompt will be displayed, and when the content is entered, the prompt will disappear The difference between the placeholder and the value attribute is that the value attribute is directly set to […]