• Xiaobai’s Python crawler (4): preparation (3) introduction to docker


    Life is short, I use python Previous portal: Xiaobai’s Python crawler (1): Opening Python crawler (2): preparation (1) installation of basic class library Learn Python crawler (3): preparation (2) introduction to Linux Docker Foundation First of all, just a day before the writing of this article, mirantis announced the acquisition of docker’s enterprise business and […]

  • CentOS install docker


    1. Install docker Root permission is required sudo su root Install docker yum install docker Enter y to confirm installation 2. Start docker start-up systemctl start docker View version number docker -v 3. Set docker to start automatically systemctl enable docker 4. Stop docker systemctl stop docker 5. Common operations -Image search -Pull image -Start […]

  • Flex layout is learning and using


    preface Flex is the abbreviation for flexible box, meaning “flexible layout”, which is used to provide maximum flexibility for the box model. It provides powerful spatial distribution and alignment between the child elements of flexbox. Flex layout is the preferred solution for today’s layout. This article will introduce the basic properties of flexbox and feel […]

  • Tomcat details


    1What is Tomcat Tomcat is one of the smallest Java EE web standards compliantWeb containerAll JSP programs must have the support of web container to run, and transaction processing operation will be supported in a given web container. Tomcat is provided by Apache( http://www.apache.org )The installation version and decompression version can be used. The installation […]

  • Why is k8s called a container choreographer


    First make complaints about it: the editor of SF is very strange, and the support for yaml code MD is not good.I gave up, but the code editor of SF…It seems that articles, like the editor for comments, are also unfriendly with yaml support It can’t be said that it is an arrangement tool for […]

  • What is cloud native? This time it was finally understood


    With the rolling tide of cloud computing, the concept of cloud native came into being. Cloud native is very popular and in a mess. It’s been 0202. If you don’t understand cloud nativity, it’s really out. People say that cloud is original, but few people tell youWhat is cloud primordialIf you look for the materials, […]

  • Deploy. Net core to docker in Jenkins


    In previous articles written by bloggers, how to use Jenkins and docker in. Net core project: Jenkins deployment. Net core = > https://www.cnblogs.com/sunshine-wy/p/9860599.html Docker deployment. Net core = > https://www.cnblogs.com/sunshine-wy/p/11169938.html Due to the lack of coherence in the script of Jenkins before I published this article. If you use the Jenkins + docker method, remember […]

  • Application of data annotation in new retail field


    Retail industry is a labor-intensive industry, in which the cost of settlement accounts for a considerable proportion of the total cost. With the development of deep learning, it is the general trend to reduce the cost and increase the efficiency of retail industry with the help of image recognition technology. ​ At present, the main […]

  • CSS + jQuery: click on the image to enlarge and reduce the preview image preview to view the large image


    requirement Click on an image, the picture will be enlarged, view the large image, click the blank will hide the large image, back to the thumbnail. Technical points JQuery mainly displays and hides elements. code <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <title>qqq</title> <meta charset=”utf-8″> <style type=”text/css”> *{ margin:0; padding:0; } h1{ text-align: center; margin:20px 0; } #imgdiv{ […]

  • Docker arranges and deploys multi service web applications (Python / fastapi, go / gin, nginx, mysql, redis)


    This paper is a record of the design and practice of virtualization deployment ideas of my blog project, hoping to inspire you to use container choreography to deploy multi service applications.The address of the project is:Project address: Python / fastapi + golang / gin + Vue + docker personal blog system based on asynchronous technology […]

  • How to install Jenkins with docker


    The content of this article is very simple. It describes how to quickly deploy a Jenkins instance on the docker to avoid multiple mining pits and waste unnecessary practice time. The experimental environment is as follows Operating system: CentOS 7.5Docker Version:18.09.6 Download Image Open the terminal and enter the docker search command to search the […]

  • Graceful reduction of stateful applications in kubernetes


    Deploying stateful applications to kubernetes is tricky. Statefulsets make it much easier, but they still don’t solve all the problems. One of the biggest challenges is how to shrink the stateful set without leaving the data on the disconnected persistentvolume as an isolated object. In this blog post, I’ll describe the problem and two possible […]