• Mac uses docker to build Kafka cluster


    Kafka Construction: To create a zookeeper container: Here we use the simplest way to create an independent zookeeper node. If you want to consider the high availability of zookeeper, you can make it into a cluster, preferably with multiple machines. $ docker run -d –name zookeeper -p 2181:2181 -t wurstmeister/zookeeper By default, the configuration file […]

  • JSON data building Vue page


    What I’m bringing you today is a page building tool using JSON data, juggleThis project is based on an internal development tool to reorganize and open source.At present, the function is not perfect, but the basic rendering engine can work normally.First look at a demo. All you see are rendered through JSON:http://juggle.isjs.cn/report…. GitHub https://github.com/adminV/juggle Origin: […]

  • CSS vertical center scheme


    Several methods of vertical center HTML structure Vertical centering css .container { width: 500px; height: 500px; border: 1px solid #000; position: relative; } 1. Use flex layout Set in parent container .container{ displayy: flex; justify-content: center; align-items: center } 2. Absolute positioning It can be divided into two cases: known width and height and unknown […]

  • Secret! How to design a high accuracy embedded point frame of flutter


    background User behavior buried point is used to record a series of user behaviors during operation, and it is also the core data basis for business judgment. If it is missing or inaccurate, it will bring irrecoverable loss to the business. In the process of migrating business code from native to flutter, idle fish found […]

  • Container practice of youzan


    Preface Containerization has become a trend, which can solve many pain points in operation and maintenance, such as efficiency, cost, stability and other issues, while the process of access to containers often encounter many problems and inconvenience. In the process of containerization, we have encountered various problems, such as container technology, operation and maintenance system […]

  • Windows Server 2016-ou organizational unit daily operation


    Technology doesn’t matter whether it’s noble or not. Since we’ve done it, we should always leave something behind. After all, technology has left us too many growth experiences in recent years. Some people always ask why we should write these things. In fact, there are not so many fancy reasons. It’s always a simple summary […]

  • Why should infosec teams embrace containers?


    Every time a new software technology comes along, the infosec team gets a little anxious. The reason is that their job is to assess and mitigate risk – and the new software introduces unknown variables that equate to the extra risk of the enterprise. Judging new, evolving, and complex technologies is a tough job, and […]

  • The function and application of BFC


     Brief introduction to BFC  BFC Block level formatting context is a CSS rendering mode in the layout of page box model, which is equivalent to an independent container. The internal elements and external elements do not affect each other.   BFC can be created by: 1. Root element of HTML 2. Float 3. Absolute positioning […]

  • [Linux] docker installation and use of gitlab CE


    Gitlab is equivalent to the GIT service built by our own intranet and the GitHub in our company. Pull mirror imagedocker pull gitlab/gitlab-ce Create the data directory of the hostmkdir -p /mnt/gitlab/etcmkdir -p /mnt/gitlab/logmkdir -p /mnt/gitlab/data Perform mirroring and map the port and directory of the host into the containerdocker run \ –detach \ –publish […]

  • Which apiversion of k8s should I use


    This article is from Terraform and Kubernetes about Deployment apps/v1’s Tucao. Kubernetes does not provide a detailed explanation of apiversion in its official documents. Moreover, the version of k8s itself is also in rapid iteration. Some resources are still in beta in the lower version, and become stable in the higher version. Such as deployment: […]

  • Gmtc2019 Xianyu – architecture evolution and innovation based on flutter


    In 2012, he joined Alibaba after graduation, leading the new mixed structure of leisure fish based on flutter, and promoting the landing of flutter in various business lines of leisure fish. Continue to pay attention to the evolution and trend of terminal technology in the future Advantages and challenges of flutter Flutter is an open-source […]

  • How to realize once coding and running everywhere? New generation cloud integration exploration


    Alimei’s Guide:At present, the R & D and operation and maintenance mode of mobile Internet business is divided between cloud and multi-terminal. Some full stack explorations lack successful cases. The industry’s integrated R & D of cloud is still blank. We need to think about how to achieve a fast implementation of R & D […]