• Carousel, a bootstrap image carousel plug-in


    Start: the bootstrap carousel plug-in needs to be introduced carousel.js Or introduce it directly bootstrap.min.js Basic principle: Step 1: set the container for image carousel— Everything else needs to be in this containerThe carousel style is used to give the container an ID value, which is convenient to trigger later with the data attribute. <div […]

  • Relearning front-end CSS (5) CSS layout properties: floating, positioning, flex


    This article is mainly about recording CSS layout properties, involving the use of display, float, position, flex, grid layout API and the solutions to the problems encountered. Display of CSS layout Here, we only introduce the differences between display attribute values of inline, inline block and block, and we won’t introduce anything else. 1、 Display […]

  • Five open source docker tools that 99% of programmers should know


    The docker community has created many open source tools that can help us deal with various use cases. In this paper, the author recommends five most useful docker tools, which are watchtower (automatic update of docker container), docker GC (garbage collection of container and image), docker Slim (container slimming), rocker: breaking through the limitation of […]

  • Interpretation of cloud native infrastructure


    Introduction:Cloud native is one of the hotspots in the field of cloud computing. Just like “there are a thousand Hamlets in a thousand people’s eyes”, people have different opinions on the definition of “cloud origin”. This article will introduce the evolution direction of cloud native application architecture and lifecycle management. Author Yi Li   Senior […]

  • Docker starts mysql, mongodb, redis, elasticsearch, grafana, and database


    preface: When using the database temporarily, you can use docker to run, which can prevent the environment from being damaged by the installation on the system. At the same time, using docker to start will be faster than installing and configuring in the system, which can be said to be the fastest way to install, […]

  • STL_ iterator


    1、 Basic principle of iterator An iterator is an object that “traverses all or part of the elements in an STL container.”. The iterator points to a specific location in the container. An iterator is like a pointer. Iterators provide access to objects in a container and can define the scope of objects in the […]

  • React 7 — react Redux


    react-redux We know that Redux is: a state is maintained in the store. When we dispatch an action in the view layer, the reducer updates the state according to the action. And react Redux is a bridge between react and redux. It’s not that react and Redux can’t be used without him, but that he […]

  • STL_ Deque container


    1、 About deque Deque is the abbreviation of “double ended queue”. Like vector, deque is a container of STL. Deque is a double ended array, while vector is a single ended array. Deque is very similar to vector in interface, and can be directly replaced in many operations. Deque can access elements randomly (direct access […]

  • Docker log takes up too much space


    cause Recently, it was found that the space of the server was always insufficient. After giving all the resources of exsi to the server virtual machine, the disk was full again in a week. Find large files and directories Starting from the root directory, use du -h –max-depth=1 Search for large directories and files layer […]

  • Running Tomcat container with docker


    # Search Tomcat image docker search tomcat #Pull Tomcat image docker pull tomcat #View all images docker images #Run nginx container, – d run container in background and print out container ID, – P map port 8080 of container to port 3355 of host docker run -d -p 3355:8080 –name tomcat01 tomcat #Enter the container […]

  • Docker defines time zone


    cause Since most of the docker images we use are in UTC time, and China is in + 8 time zone, it is very troublesome to localize. In this way, we need a way to define the docker time zone. How to control time zone in Linux In Linux system, there are two main places […]

  • The use of view event attribute, touch screen event reception and coordinate transformation


    All the controls are directly or indirectly inherited from view, so some properties of view and other controls are available Alpha: transparency, values from 1 (opaque) to 0 (fully transparent), 0.5 is translucent Background: the background can be a single color, an image or an XML configuration file ID: is an attempt to identify, Tag: […]