• Centos7 uses docker to deploy servers with one click


    Docker is delicious Check your system version before using docker cat /etc/redhat-releaseThe following table directly shows docker’s requirements for several mainstream Linux system versions operating system Supported system versions CentOS CentOS 7 Debian Debian Wheezy 7.7 (LTS) Debian Jessie 8 (LTS) Debian Stretch 9 Debian Buster 10 Fedora Fedora 26 Fedora 27 Ubuntu Ubuntu Trusty […]

  • Systematization of docker knowledge points


    1. Introduction to docker 1.1 what is docker Docker is an open source application container engine, which allows developers to package their applications and dependency packages into a portable container, and then publish them to other machines. A container can be simply understood as a modified runtime environment that isolates all resources (unless explicitly allowed). […]

  • Elastic installation


      1、 Introduction to elastic search                         2Elasticsearch installation 1. Remember to install with docker docker pull elasticsearch:7.2.0 2. Start es docker run –name elasticsearch -p 9200:9200 -p 9300:9300 -e “discovery.type=single-node” -d elasticsearch:7.2.0 3.Modify configuration to solve cross domain access problem -> docker exec […]

  • Running multiple MySQL instances on different ports (mapped by docker port)


    requirement analysis In the team’s project, part of the3306As the MySQL port, the other part is to use the3307。 In general, MySQL installed directly can only serve one port. In this way, if you encounter different projects, you can either change the MySQL service or the database port of the project. However, neither method is […]

  • Common element centered structure (with illustration)


    1. The text is centered horizontally and vertically in the container TAC = text align: Center; center horizontally vam = vertical-align: middle; 1.1 table(table + tac + vam) Parent container: display: table; Sub container: display: table cell; text-align: center; vertical-align: middle; <div class=”container”> <div class=”box box1″>1</div> <div class=”box box2″>2</div> <div class=”box box3″>3</div> </div> .container { […]

  • Zero basics introduction kubernetes, you need to know that


    KubernetesWhat is it? Probably a lot of people have doubts about this, but in the container field, kubernetes is well known. In recent years, China’s Internet giants such as Alibaba, byte hop, Tencent, Baidu, etc. have been deeply engaged in the container field, and kubernetes is also the strategic focus of these large factories in […]

  • Using docker to install MySQL in Linux Environment


    preface A few days ago, when I was running a project, the background couldn’t get up. After reading the error information, I found that my MySQL version was too old to use. Because I used xampp, and the version followed the xampp version. The solution given on the Internet is to run the command: MySQL_ […]

  • On stop container


    docker stop For dockers, generally speaking, throughdocker stopCommand to implement the stop container instead ofdocker kill。 The specific orders are as follows: docker stop [OPTIONS] CONTAINER [CONTAINER…] The main process in the container (process with PID 1) will receive SIGTERM and sigkill after the grace period. The application program in the container can choose to […]

  • Docker installs Jenkins and supports maven, docker and helm


    It is very simple to install Jenkins with docker. However, the installed Jenkins does not directly support the common CI tools such as Maven and docker. In particular, docker involvesRunning docker in dockerThat is to saydocker in dockerThis article will show how to solve the problem Host computer of this sample Institutettg12The environment is as […]

  • Using docker to quickly establish a Kafka instance


    0 Preface Kafka is very popular in recent years. Although it is positioned as a distributed streaming platform, we still use it as an MQ most of the time: P. It happens that Kafka is also being studied recently. It is necessary to prepare the development environment for research and development test. Docker is also […]

  • How to use Python iterator correctly in Python learning notes


    1、 Iterator correlationIterator, sometimes called cursor, is a software design pattern of programming. It can be accessed all over the container (such as linked list or array). Designers don’t need to care about the contents of container. Key point: visit all over (traverse?) Container write here to recommend a full range of resources Python learning […]

  • Time for a cup of tea


    Working hard and then falling asleep, there seems to be no correlation between “working” and “dreaming”; writing code and deploying applications seem to be on each side of the sky. But is it true? This article will open docker in the way of inception, so that you can realize the substantial transformation from “dream” to […]