• Django streaming response Chinese CSV example


    In Django, streaming responseStreamingHttpResponseIt is a good thing to generate a large file quickly and save memory. One of the current projects for streaming response isEventsourceIt is used to improve the user’s feeling of slow speed when communicating across systems. I won’t elaborate on this. Another is to generate a large CSV file. When the […]

  • 7.1 why container scheduling is required


    Problems caused by using containers everywhere How to manage efficiently How to facilitate horizontal expansion How to recover automatically when the container is down How to update the container without affecting the business How to monitor tracking containers How to schedule container creation How to protect private data

  • Using react hooks to realize graphite like picture preview plug-in (giant detail)


    preface In recent work, we need to make a picture preview plug-in. After referring to the picture preview of many products (nuggets, Zhihu, Jianshu, graphite, etc.), we finally feel that the graphite is more in line with our product needs. Originally, I thought I could find relevant plug-ins in the community, but the idea was […]

  • Seven days, write a docker with go (the third day)


    Project source code:Click to view the project source code After understanding the docker principle in the past two days, today we set up the project structure. Let’s take a general look at the project structure first The whole file calling process is as follows Our final effect is to implement the following command, which will […]

  • 5 awards, 70 full marks! Alibaba cloud leads the upgrading of cloud native technologies in an all-round way


    Share some good news with you: At today’s “2020 trusted cloud online summit”, the Chinese Academy of information and communications announced the evaluation results of a number of trusted cloud certification.Alibaba cloud has obtained trusted cloud certification in the selection of security capabilities, functions and services, distributed message queue services, trusted cloud service best practices […]

  • What is spring’s beanfactory?


    What is beanfactory? When spring is mentioned, people always think of IOC container for the first time, and the top-level core interface of IOC container is oursBeanFactory, if you can understandBeanFactoryThe architecture of spring must enable us to have a clearer understanding of the overall context of spring. Therefore, the main research directions of this […]

  • 7.3 service creation, maintenance and horizontal expansion


    Create a service In swarm mode, docker run is basically not used #Swarm manager node docker service create –name busybox busybox /bin/sh -c “while true;do sleep 3600;done” View the service list [[email protected] ~]$ docker service ls ID NAME MODE REPLICAS IMAGE PORTS 426kwqf7gxif busybox replicated 1/1 busybox:latest Replicated indicates that this service can scale horizontally […]

  • First meet docker


    Series articles: First meet docker Docker installation Run process and docker principle Docker common commands Summary of common docker commands Docker actual deployment visualization Docker image explanation Docker learning Docker overview Docker installation Docker command Mirror command Container command Operation command 。。。 Docker image! Container data volume! DockerFile Docker network principle Idea integration docker Docker […]

  • Golang encapsulates a bash function for executing bash commands


    Encapsulate a bash function in go to execute bash commands package main import “os/exec” //Execute bash command, return output and exit status code after execution func Bash(cmd string) (out string, exitcode int) { cmdobj := exec.Command(“bash”, “-c”, cmd) output, err := cmdobj.CombinedOutput() if err != nil { // Get the exitcode of the output if […]

  • What is the difference between spring and spring boot?


    summary aboutSpringandSpringBootWhat’s the difference? I heard a lot of answers and just started to studySpringBootAt that time, I was also confused. With the accumulation of experience, I slowly understood the difference between the two frameworks. I believe it is useful to use themSpringBootFor a long time, I don’t quite understand itSpringBootIn the end andSpringWhat’s the […]

  • Docker image optimization: from 1.16 GB to 22.4mb! How??


    Source:http://blog.csdn.net/update7 Docker introduction Docker is a platform for software developers and system administrators to build, run and share applications using containers. A container is a process running in a stand-alone environment. It runs on its own file system, which is built using a docker image. The image contains everything needed to run the application (compiled […]

  • 7.5 routing mesh for communication between cluster services


    Create overlay network docker network create -d overlay swarm-overlay Create whoamI container Jwilder / whoamI image supports obtaining the host’s hostname through HTTP request docker service create –name whoami -p 8000:8000 –network swarm-overlay -d jwilder/whoami Create busybox container docker service create –name busybox –network swarm-overlay -d busybox /bin/sh -c “while true;do sleep 3600;done” View services […]