• 3 – topics and queues


    Topics and queues The original message queue is a queue in a strict sense. In the computer field, “queue” is a data structure with complete and strict definition. In Wikipedia, a queue is defined as a linear list of first in first out (FIFO). In specific applications, it is usually implemented by linked list or […]

  • After reading this article, I’m no longer afraid of the interviewer asking me about thread pool


    1、 Why do I need a thread pool In actual use, threads occupy system resources very much. If the thread management is not perfect, it is easy to cause system problems. Therefore, in most concurrent frameworks, thread pools are used to manage threads. The main advantages of using thread pools to manage threads are as […]

  • 7-rocketmq pull message


    Consumer launch public class Consumer { Step 1: build the subscription relationship of topicsDefaultMQPushConsumerImpl#subscribe(String topic, String subExpression)To store the subject information to be subscribed toRebalanceImplIn classsubscriptionInnerProperties: protected final ConcurrentMap<String /* topic */, SubscriptionData> subscriptionInner = new ConcurrentHashMap<String, SubscriptionData>(); Subscription retries subject message. Rocketmq message retry is based on the consumption group, not the subject. The […]

  • How to use channels in C # 8


    In the faceProducer consumerIn this scenario, NETCORE provides a new namespaceSystem.Threading.ChannelsTo help us deal with such problems more efficiently. With the existence of this channel,producerandconsumerCan handle their own tasks without interfering with each other, is conducive to the concurrent processing of both sides, this article we will discuss how to useSystem.Threading.Channels。 Dataflow vs Channel staySystem.Threading.Tasks.DataflowA […]

  • Dubbo + zookeeper (2) Dubbo architecture


    The last time I updated my blog was a year ago. A lot of things happened in this year, which was not smooth or even painful. However, don’t stop learning. Only learning can make you stronger and deal with more instability. 1、 RPC concept Dubbo service is an RPC framework. First of all, we need […]

  • Integrating Kafka message queue in jhipster (springboot)


    Integrating Kafka message queue in jhipster (springboot) Precondition: Kafka server has been configured. See alsoDeploying Kafka message queue on Ubuntu machine Use spring cloud stream and spring Kafka for integration. step Add dependency Add server and topic configuration Configuration file kafkaconfiguration.java Message Publisher Service kafkamessagesender.java Message consumer kafkaconsumer.java 1 add dependency staybuild.gradleAdd dependencies to compile […]

  • Distributed message system: Kafka


    preface As a message middleware, Kafka serves the asynchronous transmission of messagesThe function is similar to JMS: the producer puts the message into the queue, and the consumer gets the data from the queueBut it’s totally different Kafka flow chart 1. Producer sends messages by connecting to broker2. Producer delivers messages to a topic3. Messages […]

  • Talk about the maxlag index of Kafka 0.8 consumerfetchermanager


    order This paper mainly studies the statistics of maxlag index of consumerfetchermanager in Kafka problem The maxlag found by JMX is always different from that found by consumeroffsetchecker. It is almost 0 found by JMX, but there is actually a lag. Let’s explore the calculation of maxlag. AbstractFetcherManager kafka_2.10-!/kafka/server/AbstractFetcherManager.scala abstract class AbstractFetcherManager(protected val name: […]

  • Quickly build Dubbo project based on annotation


    edition JDK 14 Gradle 6.3 Dubbo 2.7.7 ZooKeeper 3.6.0 Registry installation First of all, make sure that there are people in your environmentDocker, enter the following command to install zookeeper. docker run -p 2181:2181 -d –name=zookeeper zookeeper Construction of visual management console First, make sure your environment is healthyGitandMaven, and then enter the following commands […]

  • Summary of Kafka rebalance mechanism and election strategy


    Self built blog address:https://www.bytelife.netWelcome to! In this article, I’d like to publish articles for my blog at the same time. In order to have a better reading experience, I suggest you move to my blog The author of this paper:JeffreyLink to this article:https://www.bytelife.net/articles/62460.htmlCopyright notice: except for special notice, all articles in this blog are published […]

  • Rabbitmq introduction case – work mode – polling mode


    A series of articles: Introduction to rabbitmq Mac install rabbitmq Install rabbitmq in Ubuntu Rabbitmq usage scenarios Rabbitmq components and architecture Rabbitmq code example Rabbitmq introduction case – fanout mode Rabbitmq introduction case – work mode – polling mode Rabbitmq – springboot case – fanout mode Rabbitmq – springboot case – direct mode Rabbitmq – […]

  • Kafka, great picture!


    Kafka is the mainstream message flow system, and there are many concepts in it. Let’s sort it out by way of diagramKafka’s core conceptsIn order to have a clear understanding in our minds. Basics Kafka (What is Kafka and what scenarios are it mainly used in?)It is a set of stream processing system, which can […]