• Several forms of data analysis to improve enterprise user interaction


    Over time, more data will be generated and used. The application scope of big data will gradually expand from simple engineering and software development to other fields, which will help us simplify the process, improve customer service and calculate risk.Peter Lyman and Hallr Varian conducted an unprecedented study in 2000, using computer storage terms. Their […]

  • Introduction to masstransit (I)


    This article address source code Masstransit is an object – oriented Net. Masstransit makes it easy to create applications and services that take advantage of message based, loosely coupled asynchronous communication to achieve higher availability, reliability and scalability. MassTransit 8. X version. Implement simple publish and subscribe Add nuget package reference: MassTransit MassTransit. Rabbitmq (demo […]

  • Ruby enables code sharing between producers and consumers


    ? 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 #Ruby implements producer and consumer code   require ‘thread’ queue = Queue.new consumers = Thread.new do   5.times do |i|     obj = queue.pop     print “consumer :#{i}\n”     sleep(rand(0.05))   end end   producters = Thread.new […]

  • AI anchor “Xiaoke” appeared and shared JD 11.11 all-round technical support


    On October 17, the kick-off meeting of Jingdong 11.11 global love season with the theme of “love and upward power” was held in Beijing Universal resort, officially opening the prelude to Jingdong 11.11 in 2021. At the event site, not only Olympic weightlifting champion LV Xiaojun and well-known host Chunni shared their story with jd.11, […]

  • Simple introduction to rabbitmq and cap components


    An introductory document recorded during previous work briefly introduces the use of rabbitmq and cap I don’t know the rules and regulations of the following understanding statement, but write it with my most popular understanding Rabbitmq is an implementation of the underlying queue (Kafka is also a queue). Cap provides a general method for publishing […]

  • Dubbo | Dubbo quick start notes – environment and configuration


    catalogue preface 1. Dubbo related concepts 1.1 working principle of automatic service discovery 2. Startup documents 2.1 zookeeper-3.4.11\bin\zkServer.cmd 2.2 zookeeper-3.4.11\bin\zkCli.cmd 2.3 java -jar dubbo-admin-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar 2.4 dubbo-monitor-simple-2.0.0\assembly.bin\start.bat 3. Modify project documents 3.1 in POM Import related dependencies into XML file 3.2 in application Properties file / SRC / main / resources / provider Configure Dubbo in […]

  • From Clickhouse to bytehouse: Optimization Practice in real-time data analysis scenario


    The volcanic engine, an enterprise level technical service platform of bytebeat, officially released “bytehouse” to solve the pain point of difficulty in getting started with open source technology & high trial and error cost, and provide commercial products and technical support services at the same time. As the largest Clickhouse user in China, the total […]

  • Play with golang’s channel and realize PubSub mode in 200 lines of code


    introduction PubSub(Publish/Subscribe)Mode, which means “publish / subscribe” mode, is to solve the one to many dependency and make multiple consumers listen to a topic at the same time. It can not only decouple producers and consumers, but also decouple different consumers from each other(Note: some anti patterns rely on the order of execution of subscribers. […]

  • (4) Kafka


    1、 Introduction to Kafka Kafka is written based on Scala, which also contains a lot of Java code. Before June 2021, it is strongly dependent on zookeeper, and the latest version in June has been changed (it is not available yet). Zookeeper (slow continuous write performance)Distributed stream processing platform 1.1 Topic Message subject (queue).Producers can […]

  • Concurrent programming: lock


    Hello, I’m Xiao Hei, a migrant worker who lives on the Internet. In the previous article, in order to ensure the thread safety of multi-threaded data sharing in the case of concurrency, we will use the synchronized keyword to modify the method or code block, and also use synchronized in the producer consumer mode to […]

  • Blog recommendation | effective management of data security – pulsar schema management


    About Apache pulsarApache pulsar is the top-level project of Apache Software Foundation. It is the next-generation cloud native distributed message flow platform. It integrates message, storage and lightweight functional computing. It adopts the design of separation of computing and storage architecture, supports multi tenant, persistent storage and multi machine room cross regional data replication, and […]

  • 23siddhi first met


    siddhi-base Event driven: the data consumed, processed and sent are regarded as one event Stream processing and complex event processing platform Siddhi application is a script similar to SQL Semicolons in siddhi scripts indicate the end of a sentence. Including consumers, producers, streams, queries, tables and methods, and other necessary conventions It can accept \ […]