• Netadapt: automated network simplification method used by mobilenetv3 | ECCV 2018


    The idea of netadapt is ingenious and effective. It divides the optimization target into several small targets, and introduces the actual indicators into the optimization process. It can automatically generate a series of platform related simplified networks. It not only has fast search speed, but also has good performance in accuracy and delay  Source: Xiaofei’s […]

  • Redis internal mechanism


    1. It’s completely memory based. Most requests are pure memory operations, which are very fast. Data is stored in memory, similar to HashMap. The advantage of HashMap is that the time complexity of search and operation is O (1); 2. The data structure is simple and easy to operate. The data structure in redis is […]

  • Five skills to improve your C code (3)


    This paper is completely independent of the previous two articles. If you like them, I hope you will like this too. In the last article, I showed you which method is faster and compared the execution speed of the code. In this article, I’ll show the memory consumption of different code fragments. In order to […]

  • Let MySQL record the execution process for us


    Let MySQL record the execution process for us   We can turn on profiling and let MySQL record the execution process of SQL statements for us   View the profiling parameter shell > select @@profiling; Make changes shell > set profiling = 1; Execution statement select * from employees limit 100; View the statement execution […]

  • ZABBIX alarm: SQL instance MSSqlServer: could not allocate a new page


    ZabbixThe specific alarm information is as follows:“SQL Instance MSSQLSERVER: Could not allocate a new page”and“D::Disk space is low(used > 80%)”     The first alarm isZabbix template for Microsoft SQL ServerIf you view the specific information of the alarm sent by the template, you can see the following specific information:   Msg 1101 or 1105 […]

  • M3db node oom tracing and memory allocator code viewing


    m3dbnode oom Check if it’s ok Memory flame diagram: 80g memory bytes_ pool_ get_ on_ Empty QPS is very high DB read QPS up 80% Node CPU kernel soars Look at the picture M3dbnode memory oom process is very short, very intense: the total time is not more than 7 minutes Memory growth from 27g […]

  • Faster compression and decompression tool for pigz


    Pigz (parallel implementation of gzip) is a parallel compression tool. Decompression is faster than gzip, and CPU consumption is several times of gzip. Pigz can be used in the scenario of high CPU consumption in a short time without being affected. Environmental Science Centos7 RAM:2GB , CPU: 4vcpus install Installing the EPEL extension source [[email protected] […]

  • Performance analysis of azure SQL database


    Preconditions Users have the right to query data statistics GRANT VIEW DATABASE STATE TO database_user; CPU performance issues in progress View the top x CPU consumption queries (summary) SELECT TOP 10 GETDATE() runtime, * FROM ( SELECT query_stats.query_hash, SUM (query_stats.cpu_time) ‘Total_Request_Cpu_Time_Ms’, SUM (logical_reads) ‘Total_Request_Logical_Reads’, MIN (start_time) ‘Earliest_Request_start_Time’, COUNT (*) ‘Number_Of_Requests’, SUBSTRING (REPLACE(REPLACE(MIN (query_stats.statement_text),CHAR (10),’ ‘),CHAR […]

  • [mining pit record] [canvas] [camera] wechat applet upload frame by frame


    introduce Project requirements: use in the front endcameraThe component continuously scans, uploads the captured frame to the back end for algorithm recognition and judgment, and returns the judgment result. If the result is “successful”, the correct frame captured is displayed on the screen. attempt wx.onCameraFrame(frame=>{ //frame.width //frame.height //frame.data }) wx.onCameraFrameThe API accepts a callback function […]

  • Pigz faster compression and decompression tools


    Pigz (parallel implementation of gzip) is a parallel execution compression tool, decompressing faster than gzip, and CPU consumption is several times that of gzip. In the scenario of high CPU consumption in a short period of time, pigz can be used. Environmental Science Centos7 RAM:2GB , CPU: 4vcpus install Installing the EPEL extension source [[email protected] […]

  • Energy consumed by serial MRAM


    MR25H256It is a serial MRAM with a four pin interface of chip selection (CS), serial input (SI), serial output (so) and serial clock (SCK) using serial peripheral interface, which is logically organized as a memory array of 32kx8. SPI) bus. Serial MRAM implements a common command subset for SPI EEPROM and flash components today, allowing […]

  • The Database Mail engine process consumes a lot of CPU resources under SQL Server 2014


      Today, we found that the CPU of a SQL Server database instance monitored is abnormal. As shown below, there is a big difference between the CPU consumed by the system (O / s CPU utilization) and the CPU consumed by the database instance (instance CPU utilization). After logging in to the server and checking, […]