• Detailed explanation of Python using consumer for service discovery example


    preface The previous chapter talked about some advantages and disadvantages of microservices, and how to do it 1、 Target 2、 Use steps 1. Install consumer We can directly use the binaries provided by the official for installation and deployment. The official website address is https://www.consul.io/downloads After downloading, it is an executable file, which can be […]

  • Building PHP microservice cluster


    In recent years, microservice architecture has become popular. Taking advantage of the recent time, it is very important to play tricks on micro service. Microservice architecture The concept of microservice was proposed by Martin Fowler in March 2014 Microservice architecture is an architecture model, which advocates dividing a single application into a group of small […]

  • Chapter 1: introduction to consumer and service registration and discovery


    What is consumer?Consul is a distributed and highly available system, which is mainly used for service discovery and service registration of microservice architecture.It has the following characteristics:1) Service discovery: used to register services and find services. For example, register a product service.The client obtains and invokes the service through the gateway to obtain the list […]

  • Explain how to use aspnetcore API and consumer under Windows


    1. Concept: what is consumer Consul is a whole composed of multiple components, which functions as Eureka and zookeeper, and is used for service discovery and governance. Features of consul: 1. Service discovery: consumer can provide registered services to users, or actively discover services. In the client interface of consumer, users can get service information, […]

  • How to deploy ASP. Net core in combination with consumer under CentOS 7.4


    In the last part, we talked about the concept of consumer and how to use it under win: https://www.jb51.net/article/141783.htm The steps are as follows: 1. Install VM 2. Download and install CentOS 7.4 Download address: https://www.jb51.net/software/590894.html This is the installation example: VM virtual machine installation CentOS example https://www.jb51.net/article/108088.htm 3. Configure the network environment (ensure the […]

  • Creating Configuration Extension Component Based on Constul in. NET Core 3.0


    After three previous articles on. NET Core Configuration, this article focuses on how to extend a Configuration component. After understanding the source code of Configuration, it’s easy to extend a component. Next, we will create a Configuration component based on. NET Core 3.0-preview 5. I believe you have a better understanding of Constul, many projects […]

  • Laravel Access Consul


    config/consul.php return [ ‘url’ => ‘’, ]; filesystems.php ‘config’ => [ ‘driver’ => ‘local’, ‘root’ => base_path(‘config’), ‘url’ => env(‘APP_URL’).’/storage’, ‘visibility’ => ‘public’, ], Command line: namespace App\Console\Commands\Consul; use GuzzleHttp\Client; use Illuminate\Console\Command; class DeamonCommand extends Command { /** * The name and signature of the console command. * * @var string */ protected $signature = […]

  • An example of spring cloud consul using IP registration services


    When I tested spring cliud using consul as a registry, I found that when services were registered, hostname was registered, such as: Register a commonservice, as in consul: { “ID”:”commonservice123″, “address”:”testcommonserver” …….. } It must be wrong. To join me, a service payservice needs to call commonservice. The address of the commonservice obtained by payservice […]

  • Grpc service discovery with Consul


    Grpc service discovery and health check with Consul consul Service Discovery and Load Balancing When server side is cluster deployment, service discovery and load balancing are needed when client calls server. Usually there are two ways: One way is to add a proxy between client and server to balance the load. One way is to […]