• Trust reading notes basics 1


    Trust noun and cargo Nouns in trust Code package: Crites Original identifier:I don’t understand What is the difference between macros and functions in trust? The difference between the macro of trust and the form of function call, macro band! Function calls do not have; Cargo in trust Cargo new project name: creates a new project, […]

  • ☕[ Java technology guide] (1) introduction to the structure of class files (Part I)


    Background introduction After the Java source code is compiled into a class file, the class file structure is an important basis for JVM to load classes, instantiate objects, and make method calls Each class file is composed of 8-byte byte streams. All 16 bit, 32-bit and 64 bit data will be constructed into 2, 4 […]

  • Dart basic syntax variable


    This section is mainly related to JavaTo understand the differences between the two languages DartLanguage grammar learning.First try the most classicHello World void main() { print(“Hello World”); } variable There are two things about variable records: Object、varAnddynamicUse of distinguishfinalAndconstTwo keywords Object, VaR and dynamic Variable is a reference. The default value of uninitialized variable isnull […]

  • Go quick start 02 | data types: what are the data types?


    Variable declaration Variables represent variable data types, that is, they may be modified once or more during program execution. In go language, a variable is defined by VAR declaration statement. When defining, you need to specify the type of the variable, then give it a name, and set the initial value of the variable. So […]

  • Difference between export and export default


    I believe that many beginners will often see the use of export and export default when learning Vue, but what is the difference between the two? 1. Both export and export default can be used to export constants, functions, files, modules, etc\2. You can import it in other files or modules by means of import […]

  • Vue constant definition and use


    How to define constants in different environments for Vue projects built with Vue cli 3. X? Click on the defined global base_ URL example Under config / dev.env.js ‘use strict’ const merge = require(‘webpack-merge’) const prodEnv = require(‘./prod.env’) module.exports = merge(prodEnv, { NODE_ENV: ‘”development”‘, BASE_ URL:'” http://localhost:8080 “‘// defined here }) Similarly, config / prod.env.js […]

  • Basic Java syntax: variables and constants


    1、 Naming conventions AllVariables, constants, methods, classesAll useEnglish wordsNaming, toSee the name and know the meaning。 AllVariables and methodsAll names useSmall hump method: acronymic lowercase hump nomenclature.For example:sampleText classAll names useLarge hump method: acronymic hump nomenclature.For example:SampleText constantNaming of:All letters are capitalized with ”between words separate。For example:SAMPLE_TEXT 2、 Variable As the name suggests, a variable […]

  • How to use const, readonly, static in C #


    Const, readonly and static keywords are often used in development. It is certain that these keywords are completely different concepts, but sometimes they are so similar in usage that they do not know which to choose in the scene. In this article, we will discuss const, static and readonly keywords in c# and compare them […]

  • After reading this article, your PHP code is elegant to a higher level.


    introduction Today, Lao Wang told me that his code was terrible, like a lump of Xiang. Ask me what to do Improve the quality of your code, make your code more pleasing to the eye and more comfortable, just like See big long legs mm, two eyes shining. So I: you do this first, then […]

  • C + + server interview preparation (1) C + + related


    Statement: the content of this article is purely the knowledge points required by the blogger himself. It is only for reference. In case of any error, the blogger strongly hopes you to point out. If you are the original blogger of a certain knowledge point, you can contact me and add a link if necessary. […]

  • Android serial 38 – access contacts


    1、 Read contacts from your phone Due to the use of the simulator, we first create several contacts and then read them Then create a project contactstest and modify itactivity_main.xml First put a list in it, and then we modify itMainActivity.javaCode of package com.example.contactstest; import java.util.ArrayList; import java.util.List; import android.app.Activity; import android.database.Cursor; import android.os.Bundle; import […]

  • String length limit


    Is there a limit to the length of string? How much is it? In Java, string is limited in length, and there are specifications in JVM compilation.String actually uses an array of char type to store the characters in the string. public final class String implements java.io.Serializable, Comparable<String>, CharSequence, Constable, ConstantDesc { @Stable private final […]