• Go to front end vue.js learning notes – 1.2 – use let and const to define constant variables


    Define variable constants let Let defines constants const Const defines variables Why not use VaR The simplest answer is that let provides block scoping, which is more refined than VaR’s function scoped control. Here is an example: Question: in the following example, please say the print result of the console. var callbacks = []; (function() […]

  • String string


    Implementation principle In java6 and previous versions, string object is an object that encapsulates char array, and it mainly has four member variables: char array, offset offset, count of characters, hash value. From Java 7 to Java 8, there are no longer offset and count variables in the string class. The advantage is that the […]

  • Explain constants and variables in golang programming


    Go language constant Constants are fixed values that the program may not be able to change during its execution. These fixed values are also called literals. A constant can be any basic data type like an integer constant, a floating-point constant, a character constant, or a string literal. There are also enumeration constants. Constants are […]

  • Java basic syntax. 4 variable


    variable   Variable: the amount by which the value can be changed Variables can manipulate data in memory. And point to that space (because the memory space exists, only the variable points to that space), indicating that the occupied memory location is determined, but the data stored in it has not been defined Naming method: “data […]

  • Dart basic syntax variable


    This section mainly through and JavaIn order to understand the differences between the two languages and make a comparison DartLanguage grammar learning.First try the most classicHello World void main() { print(“Hello World”); } variable There are two points about variable recording Object、varAnddynamicUse of distinguishfinalAndconstTwo keywords Object, VaR and dynamic A variable is a reference. The […]

  • Data type of Java Foundation


    Data type concept Java language is a strongly typed language. For each kind of data, a clear data type is defined. Different data types allocate different memory space in memory Division of data types Data types are divided into basic data types and reference data types Basic types (eight basic data types) Integer type Bytes […]

  • Data type conversion of Java Foundation


    The significance of data type conversion Data type conversion, in the actual application development, we often calculate different types of number types, so we use data conversion. On the one hand, when arithmetic operators are used to calculate numbers, the system will automatically convert them when appropriate; On the other hand, developers can also force […]

  • How to use Linux bash for loop


    The for loop isLinux shellThe most commonly used structure in. For loop has three structures: one is list for loop; The second structure is for loop without list; The third structure is a C-like for loop. This blog post focuses on the list for loop. The format of the list for loop is fixed. There […]

  • Review Manual (2): variables and constants


    A series of articles: Review Manual (1): data types Review Manual (2): variables and constants Review Manual (3): operators Review Manual (4): process control variable Variable name rule: start with letter and underline, followed by any letter, underline and number. Scope: $var = 110; Variable variable: $var = ‘abc’; Super global variables (predefined variables) print_ […]

  • Variables and constants of go language foundation


    Variables and constants are an essential part of programming and a well understood part. Identifier and keyword identifier In programming language, identifier is the word with special meaning defined by programmer, such as variable name, constant name, function name and so on. In go language, identifier consists of alphanumeric and_(underline) and can only be in […]

  • [Unity3D] Vector3.Lerp(x, y, Time.deltaTime )What do you mean?


    Recently, I saw some code and found that it would be written like thisVector3.Lerp(x, y, Time.deltaTime), delta time is the time from the last call, it is not [ zero , one ] So what does this interpolation mean? In fact, this is a linear interpolation of deceleration. Let me give a very simple example. […]

  • Go to realize java virtual machine 03


    In the last article, we have read the bytecode file we need according to the path java.lang.Object Taking this class as an example, you can see something like the following. What are these numbers?   To understand this, we can probably guess that it’s decimal. Let’s turn decimal to hexadecimal online https://tool.oschina.net/hexconvert/ Note that each […]