• Explain the use of IOS macro and constant (define, const)


    Xiao Bian has sorted out the correct usage of macro (define) and constant (const) in IOS for you, which will help you understand this aspect more deeply. When we want to share some data globally, we can use macro, variable and constant Macro: #Define hscoder @ “Hans ha ha” Variables: Nsstring * hscoder = @ […]

  • The use of const in C + +


    Contents (functions) 1: modify variable, indicating that the variable cannot be changed;2: modify pointer, which is divided into pointer that only wants constant and pointer that is constant itself3: modify reference, reference to constant, used to modify formal parameters, that is, to avoid copying, to avoid modifying the value of function4: modify member function: indicates […]

  • Keywords const / static / extern, UIKit in IOS development_ The difference and usage of extern


    1、 Preface For newcomers, these keywords may often be confused or unclear about their meaning and usage, even if they read the difference on the Internet, they will not be clear again for a long time, and even if they know their own code, they will rarely use it. By reading other people’s excellent code, […]

  • PHP const definition constant and global definition global constant instance analysis


    Const constant 1. It must be defined by the initial value, 2. There is no modifier in the front 3. Variable names are usually capitalized 4. Constants can be inherited by subclasses 5. A constant belongs to a class, not to an object Function: when some values are fixed, const is used 1. The difference […]

  • Explain the difference and usage of let and const in JavaScript VaR and ES6 specification


    With the advent of ES6 specification, the method of defining variables in JS has developed from single var to VaR, let and const. VaR is well known, but what are the new features of these two new products? When should I use it? The following is a detailed explanation of the differences between VaR in […]

  • Comparison of const and readonly in C


    Const constant There are two advantages in creating const constants. The first is that const constants are easier to read and modify than numbers because of the use of meaningful names. The second is that the editor ensures that its values remain fixed during program operation. Compared with variables, const constants are more robust The […]

  • Analysis of let and const usage in ES6 learning notes


    This paper gives an example of let and const usage of ES6 learning notes. To share with you for your reference, as follows: In ES6, instead of VaR, variables are declared by let and constants are declared by const. There are some differences as follows: 1. Let and const scopes are limited to the current […]

  • VBS Foundation – Const Constant


    Constant: It refers to the quantity whose value remains unchanged in the process of running the program. It is used to keep constant values, strings and other constants. Definition of Constants: Use in VBScriptConstInstructions can create string or numeric constants with meaningful names and assign them primitive values. Const NAME = “Ethon” Const AGE = […]