• Decentralization of the topic series of “ternary paradox” of blockchain public chain


    As a tool for system decentralization, blockchain does not necessarily pursue “absolute” decentralization of the system, but the degree of decentralization relative to centralization. In the content of the previous issue, we mentioned the scalability of the topic “ternary paradox” of blockchain public chain. In this issue, we will continue to discuss the “core” of […]

  • **Consensus mechanism of wisdom chain document repository**


    At present, there is a consensus mechanism in the global public chain infrastructure, which stipulates how to compete for accounting among nodes. At present, the most mainstream consensus mechanisms are ow, POS, dpos, pbft and dbft, with different emphasis on speed, security and centralization. However, some public chains choose to use the hybrid consensus mechanism. […]

  • Introduction to blockchain consensus mechanism


    Author: qinyutong, chengyueqiang Consensus mechanism is a distributed consensus algorithm for blockchain transactions. With the continuous promotion of blockchain technology, consensus mechanism, as the core of blockchain, has attracted more and more attention. Consensus mechanism plays an important role in protecting data consistency. In this paper, eight common consensus mechanisms are selected. According to the […]

  • Code review (CR) practice guide


    Introduction:There are a lot of articles about code review. Code review is also a standardized practice of many organizations. However, when many teams try to practice code review, they have the following questions: have the politically correct code review activities achieved the desired practical results? Given me a lot of code, where should I start? […]

  • Bytom side chain vapor source code analysis – node block out process


    In this article, the author will start from the creation of vapor node, and then expand the explanation of the source code involved in the process of vapor node block. As the first part of the series of source code analysis of vapor, this paper first introduces vapor. Vapor is a high-performance side chain of […]

  • Fabric 2.0 manual generation of CA certificate building fabric network raft protocol multi orderer node


    This paper will not build the fabric network from 0. We will improve on the basis of < hyperledger fabric 2.0 manual generation of CA certificate to build fabric network raft protocol > > and change the single orderer node in the above into multi node consensus. This time, the orderer is changed to three […]

  • Summary of common consensus algorithms (Paxos, raft, pbft, pow, POS, dpos, ripple)


    Consensus algorithm read and forget, always feel that the understanding is not enough in place, this record, error hope to correct, thank you very much. Let’s start with the conclusion of different consensus algorithmscharacteristic:POW tries hard to move bricksWho owns more shares in POS shareholding systemDpos deputy systemPaxos, raft, pbft queue practice, through mutual messages […]

  • Interpretation of hard core


    This issue“Baidu super chain College”Senior R & D engineers are invited to interpret the super hard core for all developers, and reveal what the system architecture of Baidu xuperchain is like! background Baidu xuperchain officially announced open source at the end of May 2019. After the open source, it quickly gained wide attention from developers […]

  • Fractal CTO fan Lei: can POS really decentralize?


    On September 6, 2019, fractal platform CTO fan Lei held a theme in fractal community: “can POS realize true decentralization? 》Live online. The article is relatively long, about 5000 words, but it’s all hard core dry goods. I hope you can see the end. Here are some live content arrangement: Hello everyone, this is the […]

  • Learn from blockchain-3-consensus by building blockchain


    Original link: https://medium.com/@vanflymen/learn –blockchains-by-building-one-117428612f46 Consensus Register a new node Verify chain is valid Step 4: consensus It’s cool. We have a basic blockchain that accepts transactions and allows us to mine new blocks. But the whole point of blockchains is that they should be decentralized. If they are decentralized, how can we ensure that they […]

  • Understanding fractal consensus agreement: the subtlety of Iching


    Preface In the past decade, POW consensus protocol has been supporting the stable operation of the blockchain system safely, and the problems of energy waste and computing power concentration are also obvious. Therefore, fractal decided to explore in the direction of POS at the beginning of design in 2017, pursuing a more environmentally friendly, safe […]

  • Hyperledger fabric 1.4 order service


    Order service is a unique concept in fabric. It is mainly used to sort the received data, package the blocks, and distribute them to each node through consensus algorithm. So the consensus algorithm in fabric is embodied in the order node. If you want to learn fabric systematically, you can refer to the video tutorial […]