• Introduction to strings package of go string


    Strings package Usually in the development process, there are many ways to deal with strings, such as segmentation, removal, replacement and so on. These are provided by strings package. Let’s see the use of strings package division s := “I_Love_golangCaff” res := strings.Split(s, “_”) for value := range res { fmt.Println(value) } I LoveGolangcaff / […]

  • Notes on regular expressions (3)


    String.replace Careful readers may find that we missed the last articleString.replaceThis is the way.String.replaceIt has more powerful usage and flexibility in JS, so it’s separated here and introduced separately. API String.replace(searchValue, replacement) String.replaceAt the same time, support regular expression or string replacement, and return a new string. Because our topic is regular expressions, the following […]

  • MySQL learning notes (15): SQL mode


    This article is updated on June 29, 2019, using MySQL 5.7 and operating system deepin 15.4. Unlike other databases, MySQL can run in different SQL modes. [email protected]@sql_modeView or set the current SQL mode. Here are some common SQL modes: ANSI: make the syntax and behavior more consistent with standard SQL. It is a non strict […]

  • Vue / cli4 refers to static pictures


    preface This tutorial is for Vue cli V3 v4 Online tutorial scattered, so here I make a summary, may be deviated from your code, hope to point out, but do not spray. Thank you! get ready Because ANN has many packages, I think this tutorial is enough to install these twoAfter testing, these two packages […]

  • Sequence execution of Linux multiple commands


    cd /tmp/abc/ab mv a.txt a.txt.bak mv a.txt.new a.txt chmod 777 a.txt Equivalent to cd /tmp/abc/ab && mv a.txt a.txt.bak && mv a.txt.new a.txt && chmod 777 a.txt   The details are as follows: When we need to execute more than one command at a time, the commands need to be connected by connectors. Different connectors have different effects. […]

  • The difference between echo, print and print pur


    1. Echo can output one or more strings separated by commas 2. Print can also output one or more strings, and multiple connectors are used 3. Print_r() can print arrays; objects bool print_r ( mixed $expression [, bool $return ] ) Parameter Description: $expression: the variable to be printed. If a variable of type string, […]

  • Mongodb Bi connector Practice Guide


    Mongodb uses Bi connector to support Bi components to directly access mongodb using SQL or ODBC data source mode. In the early days, mongodb directly used PostgreSQL FDW to realize SQL to MQL conversion, and later implemented a more lightweight mongosqld to support Bi tool connection. Install Bi connector Refer to install Bi connector wget […]

  • Compound sentence connectors for batch command teaching (&, & & and | |)


    Help information: Copy codeThe code is as follows: & […] command1 & command2 is used to separate multiple commands on a command line. Cmd.exe runs the first command, and then the second command.&& […] command1 & & command2 is only used to run the command following the symbol & when the previous command succeeds. Cmd.exe […]