• Step by step realization of nest particle effect


    This article first appeared on my blog. This is my GitHub. Welcome to star.   this blog is imitation nest.js Implement ademoFrom simple to complex, step by step. Here is the preview of the effect. There are many other front-end ones in my GitHubdemoYou can order it if you likestarYour support is my motivation. Start […]

  • Telecom network topology based on HTML5 canvas


    Telecommunication network structure refers to the combination logic and configuration form of various network units in telecommunication network according to technical requirements and economic principles. Combinational logic describes the architecture of network functions, and configuration describes the adjacency of network elements, that is, the topology composed of switching centers (or nodes) and transmission links. The […]

  • Using connection class to open / close database code instance in C ා


    In order to access the database, the database connection class is provided. In C ා, it is implemented by the connection class Four types of connections SQLConnection ADOConnection OractleConnection ODBCConnection Connect the database in SqlConnection mode: SQL Server database Windows authentication Steps: Reference namespace using system.data.sqlclient; Declare the connection method in the value string Create […]

  • Canvas simple line animation


    Introduction: the simple line animation of canvas animation introduction series. Although it’s simple, there are quite a lot of wired animation application scenes, so I made a small demo, which is all in one. Step1: draw points Create tags first<canvas id=”canvas” width=”400″ height=”400″></canvas>Set the coordinates of several points const points = [ [200, 100], // […]

  • How does Viterbi algorithm work in CRF?


    Before, we introduced Bert + CRF for named entity recognition, and introduced the concepts and functions of Bert and CRF. However, for the calculation principle of the optimal tag sequence in CRF, we only mentioned Viterbi algorithm, without further explanation. This paper will give a popular explanation of Viterbi algorithm, so that you can better […]

  • Processing method of Vue integrated jtopo


      Jtopo help Notes website http://www.jtopo.com/index.html       Use example: http://www.jtopo.com/demo/helloworld.html It is not recommended to install the code on GitHub directly, because the code version is not up-to-date and some functions are not implemented.   Download the latest JS class library file and put it in the public folder of the Vue project. […]