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  • Go practical preparation: creating database connection pool


    This project rewriting is created according to personal habits. The actual project preparation work is in no sequence. It’s OK when it’s ready. There’s no need to worry about this. This project belongs to the company’s internal project, only to provide ideas and key code, the required source code can be added to my wechat: […]

  • Multi data source configuration of spring boot mybatis


    The case of configuring multiple data sources in the spring boot project is often encountered in the development. In this paper, we use spring boot + mybatis to build a MySQL + PostgreSQL dual data source project. Please refer to: https://gitee.com/senn-wen/my… 1、 Dependency configuration staypom.xmlFilepostgresqland mysqlThe driver file for. <dependency> <groupId>org.postgresql</groupId> <artifactId>postgresql</artifactId> <scope>runtime</scope> </dependency> <!– […]

  • Go actual combat project – Session of beego, use of log file and selection of redis


    Go actual combat project – Session of beego, use of log file and selection of redis Simple use of session Go standard library doesn’t realize this function. It can only be realized by itself. Oh, no, it’s a third-party library. Fortunately, beego has its own session function, which has been mentioned before. We only use […]

  • Shardingsphere will support PostgreSQL agent soon


    About the author Zhang Yonglun, Senior Software Engineer of Jingdong Digital Technology Co., Ltd., Apache shardingsphere (incubating) PPMC. Engaged in high availability and high concurrency of distributed system for a long time. Keen on technical challenges of network IO and performance optimization. At present, we focus on the continuous optimization of sharding proxy and the […]

  • Getting started with rabbitmq


    Message queuing(Message Queue, hereinafter referred to as MQ) is often used in asynchronous system data transfer. If we don’t use MQ, we can only use polling or interface callback [in the application layer], which is not satisfactory in efficiency or coupling. Of course, we can also maintain a long connection between the systems and send […]

  • Python pymysql


    install The installation of MySQL database is almost as difficult as that of Oracle database. The installation steps are as follows: Install MariaDB Yum install MariaDB MariaDB server #, the default MySQL of centos7 is MariaDB Systemctl start MariaDB # start MariaDB Systemctl enable MariaDB mysql_ secure_ Installation # set the root password MySQL – […]

  • Configuring mongodb connection pool with springboot


    application.yml to configure mongodb: address: localhost:27017 database: soms username: admin password: 123456 #Connection pool configuration ClientName: SOMs task # identification of the client, used to locate the source of the request, etc Connectiontimeoutms: 10000 # TCP connection timeout, MS Readtimeoutms: 15000 # TCP read timeout, MS Poolmaxwaittimes: 3000 # the waiting time of client blocking […]

  • [go] golang realizes MySQL connection pool


    To connect mysql database in golang, you need to use a third-party class library github.com/go -SQL driver / MySQL, the connection pool of MySQL is implemented in this class library, and only two parameters need to be set Generally, you need to call MySQL first sql.Open Function, but at this time did not really connect […]

  • Springboot integrates Shiro


    In any enterprise level system, authority is essential The article about Shiro (basically based on SSM framework (Spring + spring MVC + mybatis) written in my early years is as follows (for reference only)Introduction to Shiro series (1)Introduction to spring (2)Introduction to Shiro series (2)The structure of Shiro series (3)Configuration of Shiro series (4)Authentication of […]

  • Details of JDBC


    1、 Related concepts 1. What is JDBC DBC (Java Data Base Connectivity) is a Java API for executing SQL statements, which can provide unified access for a variety of relational databases. It consists of a group of classes and interfaces written in Java language. JDBC provides a benchmark for building more advanced tools and interfaces […]

  • IMI’s PHP development framework based on spool is memory resident, asynchronous and non blocking


    introduce IMI is a PHP development framework based on spool, which has the advantages of resident memory, asynchronous and non blocking io. IMI framework is rich in documents and easy to use. It aims to make developers as easy as using traditional MVC framework. The underlying development of IMI framework uses strong type, which is […]

  • Druid configuration


    Druiddatasource configuration is compatible with DBCP, but the semantics of individual configurations are different. to configure Default value explain name The significance of configuring this property is that if there are multiple data sources, they can be distinguished by name when monitoring. If there is no configuration, a name will be generated in the format […]