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  • IntelliJ idea quick delete history open project


      After starting idea, the open historical items will be displayed in a list. If you want to quickly clear the historical items, you can delete the corresponding historical items in the configuration file be careful:In the file directory belowtestCorresponding to the Current Windows user name: C:\Users\test\AppData\Roaming\JetBrains\IntelliJIdea2020.1\options\recentProjects.xml search copy

  • Springcache caching framework


    Redis6 overview https://www.jianshu.com/p/901dc5a0c683 file https://docs.spring.io/spring-framework/docs/current/reference/html/integration.html#cache catalogue 1. Introduction2. Build project3. Annotation, expression syntax4. Custom cache and cache penetration solution brief introduction 1. Overview Spring has defined org. since 3.1 springframework. cache. CacheAnd org springframework. cache. CacheManager, an interface to unify different caching technologies; It also supports the use of jcache (jsr107) annotations to simplify our […]

  • Introduction to spring springmvc mybatis project


    Introduction to spring springmvc mybatis project Spring is simply integrated with springmvc+mybatis, which requires the simplest configurationProject code acquisition: https://github.com/pysasuke/s… Project structure  main Controller: in the control layer, usercontroller shows two return types: jump page and return object //@RequestMapping(“getUser”) @RequestMapping(value = “getUser”, method = RequestMethod.GET) public String getUser(@RequestParam(“id”) Long id, Model model) { User user […]

  • Spring boot actuator service monitoring


    After the dependency is added, the exposure or hiding of related nodes is managed through the YML configuration file. Localhost:port/actor can access navigation

  • Using supervisor in laravel


    1 superviosr installation sudo pip install supervisor 2 supervisor configuration //Run this command to generate a default configuration file echo_supervisord_conf > /etc/supervisord.conf //After successful generation, open and edit this file, open the comments of the last include block, and modify them as follows: [include] files = /etc/supervisor/*.conf The newly added supervisor configuration file is placed […]

  • Unit file configuration description of SYSTEMd in CentOS system


    SYSTEMd uses units to manage system services and programs. System units use configuration files to control their related operations. There are three types of cell profiles: default cell profiles, system specific cell profiles, and runtime cell profiles.The paths of three types of unit configuration files are listed below:Default unit configuration file – /usr/lib/systemd/systemRuntime configuration file […]

  • Introduction to spring springmvc mybatis Shiro project


    Introduction to spring springmvc mybatis Shiro project After the previous mybatis integration project, new logs and simple integration Shiro are added. The previous code will not be shown and introduced. For more information, please refer to the mybatis integration projectProject code acquisition: https://github.com/pysasuke/s… Project structure Java: Code Controller: the control layer, shirousercontroller, mainly includes login […]

  • NPM private server installation tutorial – getting started with verdaccio


    0x00 Preface Recently, I wanted to set up an NPM private server. I searched the online information and found two items: sinopia cnpmjs.org Sinopia seemed to be very popular before, but the author abandoned it. From an issue in the project (see the end of the article), it was found that someone forked a project, […]

  • Creating virtual machines using multipass


    Official website:https://multipass.run/ Show all virtual machines multipass list multipass stop primary multipass delete primary Create a virtual machine default multipass launch –name foo Specify core and memory multipass launch -n bar -c 4 -m 4G -d 40G multipass launch -n vm01 -c 4 -m 4G -d 40G Modify configuration (file address): sudo vim /var/root/Library/Application\ Support/multipassd/multipassd-vm-instances.json […]

  • Shiro project introduction


    Shiro project introduction After the previous Shiro integration project, the Shiro function has been improved. The previous code will not be shown and introduced. Please refer to the Shiro integration project for informationProject code acquisition: https://github.com/pysasuke/s… New functions User registration Limit of login errors (using redis as cache) Shiro annotation configuration Dto import Data validation […]

  • React /sockjs node/info reports an error


    Front end react local development always prompts /sockjs-node/info? T=1641363929095 request exceptions do not affect normal development, but as a programmer, how can you tolerate errorsThen open the browser google Com input /sockjs node/infoWowMany solutions, and then try one by one, devServer: { disableHostCheck: true, port: 4000, public: ‘’ } no way…Change IP addressno way….Finally, there […]

  • Create kubeconfig file for user authentication authorization


    Create kubeconfig file for user authentication authorization After installing the cluster, if we want to give the kubectl command to the user, we have to authenticate the user’s identity and restrict their permissions. The following is an example of creating a CBY user and binding it to the CBY and chenby namespaces. Create build Certificate […]