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  • Webback4 from scratch


    Webpack4 tutorial from scratch Prerequisite Install node.jsCurrent node.js version: v12.13.1Current NPM version: 6.12.1 Update on January 6, 2020, go through the document again, find some omissions, and supplement This article starts from scratch to build a webpack. It only needs to follow the steps step by step. Finally, it can be built successfully. Please feel […]

  • Kubernetes pulls image from private image warehouse


    When we try to pull the image from the private warehouse, we may receive the following prompt: requested access to the resource is denied Error response from daemon: pull access denied for xxx repository does not exist or may require ‘docker login’: denied: requested access to the resource is denied This is because credentials are […]

  • Hadoop series (I) Hadoop installation configuration and problem solving


    The version of Hadoop is2.7.5, MAC system. 1、 Configuration: 1) SSH environment configuration:First checkssh localhostWhether it can be connected normally. If there is an error, firstSystem Preferences – > ShareMiddle hookRemote login, enter againssh localhostVerify 2) SSH password free login configuration:Execute command:ssh-keygen -t dsa -P ” -f ~/.ssh/id_dsa,ssh-keygen -t rsa -P ” -f ~/.ssh/id_rsa,Theid_dsa.pubandid_rsa.pubAppend toauthorized_keysChina:cat […]

  • Danted / Socks5 agent service multi IP multi exit configuration


    Danted / Socks5 agent service multi IP multi exit configuration Reprint note source: link to blog from osnosn, written on March 1, 2020 The configuration file for danted is / etc / danted.confSee the description of external.rotation in man danted.conf. For example, you have three network ports, eth0, eth1, eth2 Let Dante listen to 1080 […]

  • Set the root directory of the Wamp project


    After the installation of Wamp, the default www directory is my local D: wampwww. In this directory, I put some small examples written by myself to test PHP. But the projects I work on are all on other d-disks and e-disks. Repeatedly setting Apache’s DocumentRoot path is not a good solution. Of course, this small […]

  • SSM integration and construction (I)


    This SSM integration is built by referring to the SSM integration of shangsilicon valley. The guys who need video can go to station B to find out Our project uses Maven to build, so first create a maven project Then choose a simple project   Changing the following jar to war represents a dynamic web […]

  • MySQL containerization detailed tutorial


    Preface:  The previous article introduced the installation of docker tool and the use of common commands. In this article, we will introduce how to run MySQL instance in docker. Some small partners may ask: why run MySQL in docker? Because it is easy to deploy MySQL instance in docker, it does not need to consider […]

  • [original] data science course: how to use airflow to schedule data science workflow


    Summary Airflow is a workflow scheduler we are using. Compared with traditional crontab task management, airflow is a good way to clarify the complex task dependency and monitor the execution of tasks. We like it because it’s so easy to write code, debug, maintain, and reuse inheritance, rather than using configuration files like XML to […]

  • MacOS compilation nginx1.17


    background Most developers who use MAC install all kinds of software through brew command, such as PHP, python, nodejs, and nginx. By default, nginx is installed in the/usr/local/Cellar/nginxThroughbrew link nginxAdd soft connection to/usr/local/bin/nginx, although it fully meets the requirements of development and conforms to the management of mac software, but it is not convenient to […]

  • Redis cluster building ~ redis-x64-3.2.100


    Reference documents: https://www.cnblogs.com/yaopengfei/p/12418227.html https://blog.csdn.net/weixin_42694286/article/details/92974535 https://blog.csdn.net/qq_42815754/article/details/82912130 https://blog.csdn.net/u010963948/article/details/78963572   1. Configure redis service Download redis-x64-3.2.100 in ZIP format, unzip it to the root directory of disk D, and then copy 6 configuration files, namely 6279 ~ 6384Download Directory: https://github.com/msopentech/redis/releases/ The contents of the main configuration file are as follows: take [redis. Windows-service6379. Conf] as an example, the […]

  • C memory cache learning notes


    In many cases, we need to use cache. On the one hand, reasonable use of cache can improve the response speed of the program, and reduce the pressure of access to specific resources. In order to avoid every request to visit the background Generally, resources (such as databases) are considered to store the data that […]

  • The way of front-end engineering (1) – using verdaccio to build private NPM Library


    Server installation and deployment install When this article is writtenverdaccioThe latest version is4.4.1It depends on nodejs 8. X and above, python 2.7 and above. It is recommended to install the latest Open the terminal and install it globally: #Open CMD in administrator mode under Windows npm install -g verdaccio #Mac or Linux sudo npm install […]