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  • Spring boot first entered the Jianghu


    Hello, everyone. I’m xiaotanjun. Today’s sharing theme is about Springboot topic sharing. Actually, before writing this series of themes, I have thought about the order of sharing technology, because I started to create “IT dry warehouse” at the beginning of the public number, and I wanted to share some dry goods on the back-end technology. […]

  • Create the first core project (NETCORE learning note 1)


    Reprinted at: https://www.cnblogs.com/nozer1993/p/9042085.html1. installation The core and netframework are actually relatively independent, but the ide of the core is only supported in vs2017, and the installation environment of vs2017 must match. Net4.6, so: Step 1: install. Net4.6 Step 2: install vs2017 Tips: there will be multiple components for selection in the 2017 installation interface, so […]

  • Some brief introductions using Kafka: 1 clustering 2 Principle 3 terminology


    [TOC] Section I Kafka cluster Before inheriting If you are a developer and are not interested in building Kafka cluster, you can skip this chapter and look at tomorrow’s content directly If you think it’s no harm to know more, please keep reading As a reminder, there are many figures in this chapter Kafka cluster […]

  • Use websocket client and server of hyperf framework to push messages!


    Usage scenarios The company’s original business message push is completed by the front-end Ajax round eyebrow request back-end interface. Then my new comer, let me change to websocket two-way communication to push messages. Business scenario = > after the browser on the PC side opens the background system, if there is a business order, it […]

  • Web pack Engineering


    What is webback Webback can be regarded as a module packer. Its function is to package all the dependencies (such as. Jade,. Less,. PNG, etc.) into the so-called front-end static resources (such as JS, CSS, PNG, etc.) through a portal. (module module = > webpack = > static resource) Why use it and what it […]

  • Deep understanding of SPI mechanism in Java


    This article starts with vivo Internet technology WeChat public.Link: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/vpy5dj-hhn0ioyp747ol5aAuthor: Jiang Zhu SPI (service provider interface) is a built-in discovery mechanism of service provision in JDK. This paper introduces Java SPI mechanism from simple to deep. I. Introduction SPI(Service Provider Interface), which is a built-in type of JDKService provision discovery mechanism, which can be used […]

  • Redis vulnerability causes server intrusion – CPU surge


    Preface I set up redis on my server a few days ago, and I’m ready to show my skill. When I used the command redis cli yesterday, after 10s, it shows that the process has been killed. And then tried several times, all the same results, 10 seconds time, the process was killed. At this […]

  • SSM (Spring + springmvc + mybatis) framework integration


    1. Data preparation SET FOREIGN_KEY_CHECKS=0; — —————————- — Table structure for `admin` — —————————- DROP TABLE IF EXISTS `admin`; CREATE TABLE `admin` ( `a_id` int(11) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT, `a_name` varchar(20) NOT NULL, `a_pwd` varchar(20) NOT NULL, PRIMARY KEY (`a_id`) ) ENGINE=InnoDB DEFAULT CHARSET=utf8; — —————————- — Records of admin — —————————- — —————————- — Table […]

  • File upload of spring MVC


    SummaryFile upload is a common function in Java Web projects. If the purpose of file upload is not achieved, the following steps are required:1. The method property of the form must be set to post.2. The enctype attribute of the form must be set to multipart / form data (the browser will use binary flow […]

  • Replace nginx default port and configuration file location


    Preface Recently, in the preparation of graduation project, we have basically determined the architecture of front-end and back-end separation, so we need to use nginx. In the past, nginx was placed on docker, so there was no worry about port change or configuration file configuration. But now it is directly placed on the server, but […]

  • In depth analysis of spring 5 source code — use of AOP and AOP custom label


    We know that there are some disadvantages in OO programming. When we need to introduce the same common behavior for multiple objects without inheritance relationship, such as log, security detection, etc., we only need to introduce the common behavior in each object, so a lot of repetitive code will be generated in the program, so […]

  • Tencent cloud server centos7.7 builds LNMP


    Query system information cat /etc/redhat-release // return ## CentOS Linux release 7.7.1908 (Core) Switch Yum image to NetEase Download new source and backup local source cd /etc/yum.repos.d/ wget http://mirrors.163.com/.help/CentOS7-Base-163.repo mv CentOS-Base.repo CentOS-Base.repo.bak mv CentOS6-Base-163.repo CentOS-Base.repo Yum source update yum clean all && yum makecache && yum update -y Install nginx-1.16.1 Confirm whether GCC G + […]