• . net core 2.0 migration tips of web.config configuration file example explanation


    preface I believe we all know that. Net core no longer supports the original web.config configuration file, but uses JSON or XML configuration file instead. The officially recommended project configuration method is to use the appsettings.json configuration file, which may not be acceptable for some existing projects that heavily use web.cofig configuration. But the good […]

  • Simple understanding of spring cloud build config process instance


    This article mainly introduces a simple understanding of the spring cloud build config process example, the article through the example code is very detailed, for everyone’s study or work has a certain reference learning value, need friends can refer to Using spring cloud’s spring cloud config server component to build its own configuration center config […]

  • Log4 net.config Summary of common methods for enabling configuration


    In the above, a simple log4 configuration is built, and the log4net configuration is enabled in the actual operation. Here is a summary. Method 1: The code is as follows: class Program { private readonly static ILog log = InitILog(); //private readonly static ILog log = LogManager.GetLogger(MethodBase.GetCurrentMethod().DeclaringType); public static void Main(string[] args) { var gp=log4net.LogManager.GetRepository().Configured; […]

  • Configuration and acquisition of thinkphp5.1 config


    First of all, the Config class needs to be introduced into the controller. Here, the new facade in 5.1 is used. Through the facade, you can statically call methods that need to be inherited before they can be used. Get configuration: namespace app\index\controller; use think\facade\Config; class index { public function index() { //Get all the […]

  • What kind of process is config.exe? Is the config process a security program


    Process file: config or config.exeProcess name: Configuration UtilityProcess category: process with security riskEnglish Description: config.exe is process associated with the Windows Access (WAC) Server. It provides the user with an UI ( console ) to remotely access the server configure basic settings. Chinese reference:Config.exe is a Windows access (WAC) service related program.Produced by Foxit software […]

  • Git config configuration multi-user scenario practice


    git Git is a distributed version control software, which was originally created by Linus towaz and released by GPL in 2005. The initial goal is to better manage Linux kernel development. It should be noted that this is different from GNU interactive tools, a file manager similar to the Norton commander interface. The initial development […]

  • Analysis of common parameters of GIT configuration file


    Sometimes we use thegit statusCommand you are likely to see a large file change record. In fact, don’t worry, these files that are only permission changes will also be displayed. If your project directory doesn’t need to consider file permissions, we can turn off this feature: git config core.filemode false Today we will introduce some […]

  • Git powerful.gitconfig


    Git powerful configuration file, continuous discovery [http] postBuffer = 24288000 [user] name = cruise email = [email protected] [merge] summary = true tool = vimdiff [diff] renames = copy [color] diff = auto status = true branch = auto interactive = auto ui = auto log = true [status] submodulesummary = -1 [mergetool “vimdiff”] cmd = […]

  • Handwritten springcloud project from 0 (module building continued with springcloud config + springcloud bus)


    Preface We set up several services (https://segmentfault.com/a/11…) and then put down the related services of springcloud config. Today, we take the time to complete this part and realize the dynamic refresh configuration (hot deployment, no restart) through the bus message bus. First let’s see why spring cloud config is used. (PS: This article is suitable […]

  • Solve the problem of SDK injection permission verifying that Android is normal and IOS has config fail


    The actual measurement effectively solves the problem of jssdk injection permission verification of wechat viewer and enterprise wechat viewer, and the IOS shows config fail At the beginning, we thought about the bug on wechat, but we thought about it. Because it may involve the underlying principle of IOS, it may not be controlled by […]

  • Confman – Configuration File Loading Module for Node Applications


    One sentence introduction Confman is a powerful configuration file loader. Whether you like yaml, cson, json, properties, plist, ini, toml, XML or js, it can satisfy your desire, and it is simpler and more powerful. Supported features Support multiple configuration file formats, including yaml/cson/json/properties/plist/ini/toml/xml/js by default Supports cross-reference of configuration files. Any format can “refer […]

  • EditorConfig


    Reference material: EditorConfig EditorConfig Properties Using Editor Config in sublime Example # EditorConfig is awesome: http://EditorConfig.org # top-most EditorConfig file root = true # Unix-style newlines with a newline ending every file [*] end_of_line = lf insert_final_newline = true # Matches multiple files with brace expansion notation # Set default charset [*.{js,py}] charset = utf-8 […]