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  • Cemotion NLP based Chinese sentiment analysis library


    Cemotion is a Chinese NLP Library in Python, which can be used for Chinese sentiment analysis. Cemotion’s model is trained by recurrent neural network, and it will return 0-1 confidence of sentiment tendency for Chinese text. You can analyze the emotions of Chinese Texts in batches and deploy them to Linux, Mac OS, windows and […]

  • An example of R language association mining (shopping basket analysis)


    Link to the original text:http://tecdat.cn/?p=16297 Association mining is usually used to recommend products by identifying products that are often purchased together. However, if you are not careful, rules can produce misleading results in some cases. Association mining is usually based on the transaction data of retail market or online e-commerce store. Since most of the […]

  • What is Q-test


    We talked about t test and F test before. In this article, we talk about Q test. Q-test, also known as discard quotient method, is mainly used to judge the suspicious value (abnormal value). For example, we have done several experiments and obtained several observation values: 10.14, 10.12, 10.25, 10.16 and 10.20. We can see […]

  • Association rule mining and Apriori algorithm


    Association rule mining is a common method in data mining, which generally refers toThe process of discovering frequent patterns and associations of items or objects from transaction databases, relational databases, and other data sets。 This method is generally used in market basket analysis. It was first used to find the relationship between different commodities in […]