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  • Detailed explanation of producers and consumers of golang concurrent programming


    The most attractive thing about golang may be concurrency. Golang has absolute advantages in both code writing and performance Learn the concurrency characteristics of a language. I like to implement a producer consumer model. This model is very classic and suitable for many concurrency scenarios. Next, I will briefly introduce the concurrency programming of golang […]

  • Golang concurrent programming


    What is a process Process refers to the running program in the computer. Process is the basic operating unit of time-sharing system. In the process oriented system (such as the early UNIX, Linux 2.4 and earlier versions), the process is the basic execution entity of the program; in the thread oriented system (such as most […]

  • Process, thread and collaboration of necessary series for concurrent interview


    Coordinate Shanghai Songjiang high tech park, looking for senior front-end Engineer / Senior Java Engineer https://www.lagou.com/jobs/63… Process, thread and collaboration of necessary series for concurrent interview In the common interview questions summarized by “some interviews”, the knowledge of concurrency and asynchrony is the top priority in the interview, and the concurrent programming series is to […]

  • Using C + + to encapsulate mutex and conditional variables


    In this paper, C + + raii mechanism is used to encapsulate the mutex and condition variables, so that they can automatically manage the life cycle of mutex and condition variables, and avoid the resource leakage caused by manual maintenance. This article uses pthread Library under Linux. mutex MutexLock First, the mutex is encapsulated. The […]

  • Java Concurrent Design Pattern


    Java Concurrent Design Pattern I. thread local storage mode 1. Use of ThreadLocal Thread local storage indicates thread local storage mode. Most concurrent problems are caused by the sharing of variables. When multiple threads read and write the same variable at the same time, problems such as atomicity and visibility will occur. Local variables are […]

  • Leetcode concurrent problem solving report java version


    I. print in orderSuppose we have a class: public class Foo { public void first() { print(“first”); } public void second() { print(“second”); } public void third() { print(“third”); } } The same instance of Foo will be passed to three different threads. Thread A will call first(), thread B will call second(), and thread […]

  • Introduction to Concurrent Programming


    The introduction of concurrent programming is a summary of the series of distributed computing-concurrent programming https://url.wx-coder.cn/Yagu 8. Welcome to the Public Number: The Technological Path of a Bear. Introduction to Concurrent Programming With the rapid development of hardware performance and the coming of big data era, concurrent programming has increasingly become an important part of […]

  • Lock overhead optimization and a brief description of CAS


    Lock overhead optimization and a brief description of CAS lock Mutex is used to protect a critical area, that is, to protect a program fragment accessing shared resources, which can not be accessed by multiple threads at the same time. When a thread enters a critical section, other threads or processes must wait. When it […]

  • Java Concurrency Series (12) Explains Condition’s await and signal waiting notification mechanisms


    Author: github: CL0610 / Java – concurrencyDisclaimer: 1. The articles reproduced in this paper are all from the public network.2. If the origin labeling is wrong or infringes on the rights and interests of the original author, please contact and delete.3. Reprint the article, please indicate the link and author of the original text, otherwise […]

  • Concurrent Programming – Thread Safety


    Summary Concurrent programming means that multiple threads run at the same time. With the popularity of multiprocessor systems today, multithreading can play its advantages, such as: an 8-core CPU server, if only using a single thread, will have seven processors idle, can only play one eighth of the capacity of the server (ignoring other resource […]

  • Introduction to Erlang Concurrent Programming


    Process in Erlang – Processes are lightweight and not shared between processes. Looking up a lot of information, it seems that no one knows what the concept of lightweight process is and continues to look for it. Gossip aside, into the world of concurrent programming. This is a learning note, or a brief translation of […]