• Mongodb sharding + replica set


    1. Introduction Mongodb is basically a big data storage tool of NoSQL. Internal data is stored in bson (binary JSON) in the concept of document.All data storage concepts are inseparable from “fragmentation” (horizontal expansion of data to improve the performance of data storage and retrieval by means of separate storage), “replication” (high availability, including redundant […]

  • [elixir! #0042] first meeting with trust


    After watching many Amway trust videos, I decided to take a month to try trust. A week later, I was still confused about the concepts of ownership and lifetime, but I didn’t want to understand all the concepts in trust immediately, because other parts of it were also eye-catching A better way to learn a […]

  • CSAPP English Learning Series: Chapter 1: a tour of computer systems


    Series articles: CSAPP English Learning Series: Preface CSAPP English Learning Series: Chapter 1: a tour of computer systems CSAPP English Learning Series: Chapter 2: data representation CSAPP English Learning Series: Chapter 8: exceptional control flow CSAPP English Learning Series: Chapter 11: network programming CSAPP English Learning Series: Chapter 12: concurrent programming Reading CSAPP is based […]

  • How to understand cascading context? How to understand the cascading context ?


    How to understand cascading context? Concept description Cascading context is a three-dimensional concept of HTML elements that extend on an imaginary z-axis relative to users facing windows or web pages,HTMLElements occupy the space of the cascading context in priority order according to their own attributes. How? Triggering the following conditions produces a cascading context: Root […]

  • How do novices learn a field by themselves? Here is a full guide


    original   Lachel Mr. L said   I have written many articles related to learning before, but most of them focus on a certain point and lack systematicness.   Today, I want to briefly sort out the problem of “learning” through this detailed article.   Of course, this is a huge topic, and it is […]

  • Construction of common sense concept map and its application in meituan scene


    Common sense concept map is a kind of knowledge map built around common sense concepts and the relationship between entities, focusing on the scenes of meituan. This paper introduces the schema for the construction of meituan common sense concept map, the challenges encountered in the map construction and the algorithm practice in the construction process. […]

  • I’m in a hurry with anyone who compares idea’s project to eclipse’s workspace


    Hello, I’m your Batman. There is a point of viewIf a java developer can play idea 666, the technology will not be bad; But if you can’t play idea (such as can’t set, customize, solve daily problems, shortcut keys, etc.), the level of high probability is very general. Because a master usually has to look […]

  • Learn go and rust through examples — interface and trait


    Go’s interface and rust’s trait are often compared together. We can use them to calculate the area and perimeter of different geometric shapes. Go type geometry interface { area() float64 perim() float64 } type rect struct { width, height float64 } type circle struct { radius float64 } func (r rect) area() float64 { return […]

  • “Spark” 4. RDD of spark


    Original link Write on the front This series is a combination of my understanding records in the process of learning spark + some understanding of reference articles + some personal experience in the process of practicing spark. Writing such a series is just to sort out the notes of personal learning spark, so everything is […]

  • A free powerful online drawing software development tool


    ER model represents entity relationship model. It is an advanced data model diagram that defines the conceptual view of the database. It is the blueprint or design of the database, and will be used to realize the database in the future. The entity relationship model is based on objects (calledEntity)And the relationship between these entitiesrelationship. […]