• Distributed Foundation


    The way of architecture evolutionThe way of database evolution conceptOn distributed systemOn acidOn cap theoremOn base theoryOn two stage submissionOn three stage submission

  • Regular expression practice article


    Regular expressions in my eyes In depth understanding of regular expressions advanced tutorial Deeply understand the concept and usage of regular expression look around Regular expression practice

  • Getting started with Redux 0x104: action creators


    Overview of 0x000 It’s a bit tiring to write long articles. Write short articles occasionally Concept of 0x001 In fact, many frameworks are not too difficult in technology. What is really difficult is the thought, and the breakthrough in thought is much more difficult than that in technology.reduxIt brings me a new idea of applying […]

  • [technology blog] explain knowledge distillation by quantifying knowledge


    [technology blog] explain knowledge distillation by quantifying knowledge Introduction to knowledge distillation Knowledge distillation was first proposed by bulica in 2006, and Hinton summarized and developed knowledge distillation in 2014. The main idea of knowledge distillation is to train a small network model to imitate a large network or integrated network which has been trained […]

  • Is Python a strongly typed language or a weakly typed language?


    Preface In my last article, I analyzed why Python does not have a void type. After the article was published, some readers discussed with me another issue about type. However, we soon had major differences. Our main differences are as follows:Is Python a strongly typed language?I think so, and he doesn’t think so. He wrote […]

  • Group by implicit sort


    What is the concept of group by implicit sorting in MySQL? It is mainly because other RDBMS do not have such a concept. If you do not understand the concept carefully, you will feel a little confused about this concept. Let’s first take a look at the introduction of the official documents   In the […]

  • Linux Ubuntu basic operation objdump disassembly


    This chapter includes Objdump concepts and basic commands How objdump is used to disassemble binary files and other functions Objdump concepts and basic commands How to use objdump Other functions

  • The concept of object-oriented thinking in Ruby


    object-orientedIt’s a confusing phrase. It’s fashionable to call everything object-oriented. Ruby claims to be an object-oriented scripting language, but what is “Object-Oriented” We’ve got all kinds of answers, but all of them probably come down to the same thing. Instead of generalizing it quickly, let’s take a moment to think about traditional programming patterns In […]

  • Rudy inheritance concept


    In our daily life, we have a certain level of classification for all objects. We know that all cats are mammals, and all mammals are animals. The small ones are from the larger onesClass. If all mammals want to breathe, so do cats In ruby, we can express this concept as follows: ruby> class Mammal     |   def breathe     |     print “inhale and exhale\n” […]

  • 30 minutes to understand the core concepts of graphql


    Write in front In the last article RPC vs rest vs graphql, we made a macro comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of the three. Moreover, we will find that generally simple projects do not need graphql, but we still need to have a certain understanding and mastery of the new technology, so we will […]

  • The processes and threads that programmers must be aware of are here


    process When we open our computer control panel, we will see the existence of processes. The software we use in our daily life is in the form of processes, as shown in the following figure: Why there should be a process Here we need to understand the history of the operating system. In the early […]

  • Ruby accessor concept


    What is an accessor? We have discussed the real variables before, but not much. The real variables of an object belong to its properties, which is also the general difference between it and other objects from the same class. It is important to read and write its properties; To do this, we need to make […]