• “Spark” 4. RDD of spark


    Original link Write on the front This series is a combination of my understanding records in the process of learning spark + some understanding of reference articles + some personal experience in the process of practicing spark. Writing such a series is just to sort out the notes of personal learning spark, so everything is […]

  • A free powerful online drawing software development tool


    ER model represents entity relationship model. It is an advanced data model diagram that defines the conceptual view of the database. It is the blueprint or design of the database, and will be used to realize the database in the future. The entity relationship model is based on objects (calledEntity)And the relationship between these entitiesrelationship. […]

  • On the implementation of blockchain with. Net core


    Blockchain is so hot, let’s follow the wind.   1、 Preface Recently, the head office of the bank has heard a lot about the upcoming launch of digital currency, which has brought a wave of rebound to BTC. With this wind, we also study blockchain.   When we talk about blockchain, it actually includes two […]

  • Technology blog explains knowledge distillation by quantifying knowledge


    Technology blog explains knowledge distillation by quantifying knowledge Introduction to knowledge distillation Knowledge distillation was first proposed by bulica in 2006. In 2014, Hinton summarized and developed knowledge distillation. The main idea of knowledge distillation is to train a small network model to imitate a pre trained large network or integrated network. In his paper […]

  • JS function anti shake and function throttling


    Function debounce Concept: the callback is executed N seconds after the event is triggered. If it is triggered again in this N seconds, it will be timed again.function debounce(fn, wait) { var timer = null; return function() { var context = this; var args = arguments; if (timer) { clearTimeout(timer); timer = null; } timer […]

  • Don’t know VO, Bo, Po, do, dto? This one is enough


    At present, the industrialization level of programming is getting higher and higher, and there are more and more various programming models, such as MVC, mmvc and so on. Together with these programming models, we need to understand a variety of object definitions, such as VO, Bo, Po, do, dto, etc. if we do not understand […]

  • Analysis of the concept, principle and usage of UrlRewrite


    URL Rewrite, or URL rewriting, is the process of redirecting incoming requests to other URLs. The most common application of URL Rewrite is pseudo static URL, which is a technology to display dynamic pages as static pages. such as http://www.123.com/news/index.asp?id=123 After using UrlRewrite conversion, it can be displayed as http://www.123.com/news/123.html What’s the use of URL […]

  • What is the component object model (COM)?


    This paper mainly introduces the basic knowledge of COM, tends to theoretical understanding, for beginners, a little bit. 1. What is com Com’s full English name is “component object model”. Its official concept is: the Microsoft Component Object Model (COM) is a platform independent, distributed, object-oriented system for creating binary software components that can interact. […]

  • Introduction to swoole 2 – requirements before learning swoole


    Knowledge requirements before learning swote Basic Requirements Proficient in basic knowledge of PHP language Familiar with OOP object oriented Familiar with dependency injection and inversion of control Proficient in PDO and mysqli Familiar with NoSQL such as redis Familiar with composer dependency management tools Familiar with MVC layered thought Familiar with PHP cli mode Specific […]

  • Data science statistics: what is skewness?


    By Abhishek SharmaCompile | VKSource | analytics vidhya summary Skewness is an important statistical concept in data science and analysis Understand what skewness is and why it’s important for you as a data science professional introduce The concept of skewness has been integrated into our way of thinking. When we see an image, our brain […]

  • Distributed Foundation


    The way of architecture evolutionThe way of database evolution conceptOn distributed systemOn acidOn cap theoremOn base theoryOn two stage submissionOn three stage submission

  • Regular expression practice article


    Regular expressions in my eyes In depth understanding of regular expressions advanced tutorial Deeply understand the concept and usage of regular expression look around Regular expression practice