• Oracle functions


    1. ASCII returns the decimal number corresponding to the specified character; SQL> select ascii(‘A’) A,ascii(‘a’) a,ascii(‘0’) zero,ascii(‘ ‘) space from dual; A         A      ZERO     SPACE ——— ——— ——— ——— 65        97        48        32 2. Chr gives an integer and returns the corresponding character; SQL> select chr(54740) zhao,chr(65) chr65 from dual; ZH C — –Zhao a […]

  • An example analysis of the usage of concat() in JS array method


    The example of this paper describes the usage of concat () in JS array method. To share with you for your reference, as follows: Array method concat() Concat () can create a new array based on all the items in the current array. That is, this method will first create a copy of the current […]

  • Detailed description of string function CONCAT of new functions in SQL SERVER 2012


    introduce SQLSERVER 2012 adds two string functions CONCAT and FORMAT. This paper first introduces CONCAT, the function of CONCAT is to return the result of multiple string splicing. CONCAT function can connect up to 255 character variables. When calling this function, it needs to receive at least two parameters. The parameter type is not necessarily […]