• What to do when the USB stick is inserted into the computer but cannot be recognized correctly?


    Today’s digital products are basically inseparable from the USB device, but if the system can not identify the USB device, it will cause us a variety of problems, so what should we do if the USB device can not identify it? Let’s introduce it in detail. Let’s have a look! To solve this problem, first […]

  • How to manage too many computer plug-ins


    When there are too many plug-ins in the computer, it will cause our computer to run slowly. For the plug-ins in the computer, we need to manage them. Only better management of the plug-ins in the computer can help us better use the computer. For the plug-in management in the computer, we need to find […]

  • How is the computer connected to the printer?


    Now most printers are USB interfaces. Plug its connecting cable into the USB interface of the computer, and then install the driver on the random disc. Specifically, in the printer settings in the control panel, there will be a dialog box that guides you step by step to complete the installation. Here is a detailed […]

  • VBS lists the computers in the intranet (working group can also)


    Copy codeThe code is as follows: ‘Handle Errors On Error Resume Next ‘Get the provider object Set prov = GetObject(“WinNT:”) ‘Examine the available domains the provider can reach For each dom in prov ‘Examine the objects in the domain and check for Computer objects For each o in dom If o.Class = “Computer” Then ‘Display […]

  • Windows Server 2016 PowerShell add domain and specify ou (2)


    In the previous chapter, netdom join is used to add domain and specify the corresponding ou. In this chapter, a ready-made PowerShell add domain and specify the corresponding Ou script is added for your work. $PlainPassword = [email protected] $UserName=”Administrator” $DomainName=”azureyun.com” $DomainUserName=”[email protected]”+”$DomainName” $SecurePassword = $PlainPassword | ConvertTo-SecureString -AsPlainText -Force $DomainCredentials = New-Object System.Management.Automation.PSCredential -ArgumentList $DomainUserName,$SecurePassword Add […]

  • What should I do when there is no sound in the computer?


    Sometimes there will be no sound in the computer. It is useless to repair it with 360, and it is useless to repair it with computer manager. Here is the solution. I found this method myself. 1. Turn on the computer, right-clickLower right Icon(as shown) 2, choiceTroubleshooting 3, clickHardware and sound 4, clickPlay audio 5, […]

  • [daily] basic concepts of xiaobailai installation BIOS and hard disk partition


    In the past two days, because of testing in Linux, the system of Linux was broken first, and then the boot was broken after reinstalling the Linux system. In the process of repairing the boot, the win8 system of the machine was damaged. After repairing the boot and reinstalling Linux again, Linux can access it. […]

  • When the computer runs the program, it prompts that the solution to the component cannot be found


    When the computer runs the program, it prompts that the solution to the component cannot be found First, download the corresponding missing file on the Internet, and put the file in the directory C: \ windows \ system32. Then open the run window and execute the command Regsvr32 msvcrtd.dll. After the system prompts to load […]

  • How to customize Linux peripheral file system?


    This article is published by cloud + community Author: I am a good baby Generally speaking, what we sayLinux systemIt’s all based onLinux KernelandGNU ProjectOperating system distribution for. In order to masterLinuxOperating system usage, understandingLinuxIn order to understand the operation process of the operating system, understand the relationship between the kernel and the peripheral support […]

  • Win10 auto update close method


      I. why do many people choose to disable win10 automatic update? 1. Win10 automatic update definition: The auto update function of win 10 is windows update. This function is intended to provide update services for some software, vulnerabilities, etc. Generally speaking, as long as the computer is connected to the wireless network, when you […]

  • [daily] magical guidance problems deep and win10


    After yesterday’s ups and downs, my computer can enter the boot interface of deep in as soon as it is turned on, or log in to deep in, but it will directly report an error when I visit windows. My windows has used PE to install win10. I still can’t open it. After studying the […]

  • How to deal with the sudden occurrence of Chinese disorder code on the computer?


    Sometimes when we use the computer, Chinese code appears suddenly. What should we do? Let’s share the solution step The first step is to click the“Start Menu”, select“Control panel”, as shown in the following figure: Step 2 click in and select“Clock, language and area”, as shown in the following figure: Step three: go in and […]