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  • Go series | 01, go environment building & development tool GoLand configuration


    1、 Preface When we begin to learn a new language, how to quickly enter the state and start, in addition to reading the official documents, the first task is to build a set of environment, and install the corresponding development tools. This paper will take MAC as an example to build a set of go […]

  • 20200728 – extract files from compressed package directly


    1. Background: Download a compressed file to the server memory through HTTP request (key: don’t save it locally), and then extract the compressed file directly through the code   (2) implementation idea: (Note: it needs to be installed in advance ICSharpCode.SharpZipLib.dll ) 1 download the compressed file to the server’s memory through HTTP request 2. […]

  • Nginx installation


    Download address http://nginx.org/en/download…. Select download stable version Upload to server Unzip to the installation directory and delete the package Try to compile nginx, first into the ngixn directory cd /opt/nginx1.61 ./configure –prefix=/opt/nginx Compilation will definitely fail. You need to install related dependencies. Install dependencies (CentOS 7.6) ==./configure: error: the HTTP rewrite module requires the PCRE […]

  • Installing node and NPM in deep V20


    Download 1 node.js Node website:https://nodejs.org/en/And decompress the downloaded node package and rename it node 2. Unlock folder Use the command of sudo Chmod – R 777 folder to unlock the local folder under usr 3. Move the node folder to the local directory 4. Create soft connection to realize global call Input the following code […]

  • 300000 bonus waiting for you! Introduction to Apache Flink geek challenge (with demo)


    Recently, they participated in the second Apache Flink geek challenge. The competition requires all teams to use big data + AI technology to help solve the challenge of epidemic prevention and control. The official computing framework is Apache Flink + analytics zoo. Due to the use of both big data technology and AI technology in […]

  • Tomcat (JDK + Tomcat + MySQL + nginx + redis + nodejs)


    Download Tomcat official website tar.gz package Upload tomcat8.5.23 compressed package to Ubuntu server through FTP install decompression sudo tar -zxvf apache-tomcat-8.5.23.tar.gz First create a new folder Tomcat under / usr, and then move the folder apache-tomcat-8.5.23 to the directory / usr / Tomcat mv apache-tomcat-8.5.23 /usr/tomcat/ Configure JDK environment vim /usr/tomcat/apache-tomcat-8.5.23/bin/startup.sh Add the following information […]

  • CDH Hadoop and spark suite installation


    1. Unzip JDBC and copy to CM directory tar -zxvf mysql-connector-java-5.1.43.tar.gz cp /opt/mysql-connector-java-5.1.43/mysql-connector-java-5.1.43-bin.jar /opt/cm-5.10.0/share/cmf/lib/ 2. Initialize CM5 database /opt/cm-5.10.0/share/cmf/schema/scm_prepare_database.sh mysql cm -hlocalhost -uroot -p123456 –scm-host localhost scm scm scm 3. Configure the server_ Host and copy vim /opt/cm-5.10.0/etc/cloudera-scm-agent/config.ini Note: insideserver_hostIt must be assigned to the name of the host, such asserver_host=spark001 scp -r /opt/cm-5.10.0 [email protected]:/opt/ […]

  • Installation and configuration of mysql8.0


    1、 Download MySQL There are two ways to install mysql. One is to download the installation package for installation, and the other is to download the compressed package decompression configuration. Here, the installation package method is used. Download address of official website: https://dev.mysql.com/downloads/installer/ After entering, click download below Click no thoughts to download 2、 Install […]

  • Installing tolua on Mac OS X++


    1. Download tolua + +:http://www.codenix.com/~tolua/ 2. Installing scons with brew brew install scons 3. Unzip the tolua package and edit the config_ posix.py File, delete the reference of lualib library. This is the special feature of MAC system 4. Execute the scons installation command scons scons install You can see the tolua + + program […]

  • NPM Developer Guide


    Introduction staynpm Getting startedAfter that, I found outnpm-developersThis document describes a relatively complete process from start, local testing, packaging to release. It feels likeGetting startedSo I translated the document into Chinese to deepen my impression. Original text:npm-developers。 Origin My GitHub sketch So, you’re ready to use NPM to develop (and possibly publish or deploy) your […]

  • Ubuntu18.04 global beautification


    Let’s beautify the finished pictures first Mainly make a record System environment: 1、ubuntu 18.04 2、VMware 14 3. Beautify the theme and icon needed by Baidu cloud Link:https://pan.baidu.com/s/1Om8n… Extraction code: 4axn Formal start of beautification It is recommended to use root to log in to the Ubuntu system directly The first step First install the corresponding […]

  • [skill] API post generates interface documents in word format, and interface documents are merged


    1、 Apipost export single interface word 1. After sharing URL links, apipost has a function to export offline documents. There are export HTML, export markdown and export word format. 2. Select export word documentThe download is in compressed package format Open it directly after decompression 2、 Multiple interfaces export to generate word document When generating […]