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  • Python stunts Chapter 1 Introduction to password cracking with Python 3


    preface To me, the extraordinary thing about Wushu is its simplicity. The simple method is also the right one. At the same time, there is nothing special about Wushu. The closer to the essence of martial arts, the less waste on the performance of moves brief introduction Python’s unique skillsThe first chapter ispythonEntry syntax, the […]

  • Installing redis in Windows


      1、 Download address https://github.com/MicrosoftArchive/redis/releases   2、 Install redis 1. Open the download address, you can see that there are installation packages and compressed packages to choose from. I download the installation package here   2. Open the installation package, install and click next   3. Check the consent agreement and proceed to the next […]

  • Image classification task


    This paper is based on the completion of the “image scene classification challenge” released by AI Institute on October 30, 2020. It is mainly written from the perspective of how Xiaobai can run an image classification task with code. It is also a learning process of his own. Image scene classification challenge: https://imgs.developpaper.com/imgs/lili The label […]

  • Linux installing nginx and deploying Vue project


    Deployment environment: Ubuntu 20.04 LTSLocal environment: Windows 10 1、 Download nginx The version used is: nginx-1.19.4 tar.gzOfficial website address:http://nginx.org/en/download.htmlBaidu disk:Link:https://pan.baidu.com/s/1RNdH…Extraction code: 7349 2、 Install nginx 1. Connect to the server You can use the xshell tool to connect to the server, or a command-line tool (gitbash, CMD…). Use the command line tool to execute the […]

  • Stm32f107 porting Festival


    brief introduction The following is a record of transplanting the festival protocol stack when learning CANopen. The reference link is strongerhuang. Platform introduction MCU : STM32F107VCT6 RTOS : RT-Thread RTOS ST_Lib : STM32F1xx HAL Driver version number V1.1.4 Compiler: MDK 5.28 canfestival Source code: download from the official website of festival. Click the code option […]

  • Watching B station video in Ubuntu


    When learning with Ubuntu, I want to open the B station to watch the video, but I find that the flash plug-in is not installed Method 1: install the flash plug-in Click to download Flash Plug-in Then use the unzip command in the download directory Tar-zx – f [flash plug-in package name] After decompression, the […]

  • Problems encountered in installing event in Ubuntu


    Note: install socket extension before installing event First, I use the command: sudo apt install update & & sudo apt install php7.4-eventAnd then I saw in the official documents,Follow the prompts to expand the PHP networkLet’s download the latest version of the compressed package and go to the extended home page to have a look, […]

  • Installing WordPress in linxu system


    Make sure that nginx, PHP and MySQL are installed before installing WordPress There is no installation method in my previous blog Download the compressed package on the official website wget https://wordpress.org/latest.tar.gz decompression tar -zxvf wordpress-5.3.2.tar.gz Move to the specified directory mv wordpress/* /www/wordpress/ Give permission chown –R www.www /www cd /www/ View permissions ll The […]

  • Getting to know yarn2


    PnP Maybe those who haven’t used PHP don’t know about composer (PHP’s package manager). In fact, yarn2’s PNP actually refers to composer’s handling method when loading modules. Yarn creates a static mapping table that contains the following information: Which versions of which dependency packages are included in the current dependency tree How do these dependency […]

  • Creating Tomcat image in dockerfile


    A step of installing Tomcat image Prepare image file Tomcat package JDK packagePut it in the same folder as the dockfileThere’s no paper here. It’s everywhere Write dockerfile VIM dockerfile # officially recommended name #Type the following command in the VIM text edit box FROM centos MAINTAINER Yang<[email protected]> COPY /user/local/myInfo.txt /user/local/myInfo.txt ADD jdk-8ull-linux-x64.tar.gz /user/local/ ADD […]

  • This article takes you to understand the basic operation of alicloud server linux


    The original text comes from:http://suo.im/5LlR9B    Author: a little wanderer who loves to knock code 1. Turn on the security group 1.1 open security group 1.2 obtain public IP and change password (need to restart for the first time) 2. Use panel to build environment 2.1 building environment 1. Pagoda: Address:https://www.bt.cn/download/li… 2. Security group open […]