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  • Installation, configuration and localization of eclipse


    1. Baidu search eclipse It is usually the first to find the website of the official website. There is the portal of the website belowEclipse Official WebsiteClick the position as shown in the figureFind this location and click 2020-06;It seems that the latest version of eclipse only supports jdk11. The specific reason is unknown. If […]

  • Rocketmq installation and configuration process


    Official website Official website:http://rocketmq.apache.org Download the source package:https://www.apache.org/dyn/closer.cgi?path=rocketmq/4.8.0/rocketmq-all-4.8.0-source-release.zip Github:https://github.com/apache/rocketmq Linux+JDK1.8 Server configuration Configure the JDK environment in the server and upload the compressed package to / usr / local for decompression tar -zxvf jdk-8u231-linux-x64.tar.gz /usr/local Configure environment variables vim /etc/profile #Insert content export JAVA_HOME=/usr/local/jdk1.8.0_231 export JRE_HOME=$JAVA_HOME/jre export CLASSPATH=.:$JAVA_HOME/lib:$JRE_HOME/lib export PATH=$JAVA_HOME/bin:$PATH #Immediate effect source /etc/profile Enter […]

  • Installing Tomcat service for Ubuntu


    environment Linux/Ubuntu20.04LTS Tomcat8.5.68 technological process Download the Tomcat service installation package,https://tomcat.apache.org/dow…, select the version you want to download. The version you want to download here is 8.5, and the compressed package in tar.gz (PGP, SHA512) format. Enter the download directory, open the terminal, start decompressing the downloaded compressed package and decompress it to the user’s […]

  • Capacitor cross platform


    Android applications. I use Android studio. At first, gradle needs to be downloaded. If it can’t be downloaded, I’ll go to China to download a compressed package and put it in the C:: (users, users. Gradle, wrapper, dists) long English folder to delete the downloaded compressed package. For IOS applications, Xcode is required. Gem and […]

  • The most detailed Python batch dictionary brute force crack zip password


    Tool cracking Two days ago, a wave of project cases came down on the Internet, and the results were all encrypted compressed packets. So I went to the Internet to find a tool to crack compressed packetsBecause the tool is too slow to crack, it takes a long time to compress a package. After decompressing […]

  • Developing flutter settings on Ubuntu


    1. Install the flutter SDK You can directly download the GitHub Library of GIT clone flutter or download the compressed package from the official website, but it’s relatively slow. It’s better to download the compressed package from theChinese imageDownload the compressed package. Unzip to$HOME/opt/flutter/, and update the path:export PATH=”$PATH:$HOME/opt/flutter/bin” It’s slow to download and install […]

  • Building tomcat7 image


    1.Dockerfile Docker Manual:Free Chinese Manual [docker – from introduction to practice]https://vuepress.mirror.docke… get ready:Download Image:https://hub.docker.com centos:7 imageJDK package: jdk-8u212-linux-x64.tar.gzTomcat7 package: apache-tomcat-7.0.96.tar.gz In the root directory, create the tomcat7 directory mkdir tomcat7 Put jdk8 and tomcat7 into tomcat7 directory, and create dockerfile file cd tomcat7 vim Dockerfile Dockerfile file (Chinese note)When dockerfile cannot be written in Chinese, […]

  • Summary of Linux commands commonly used by operation and maintenance personnel


    directory structure catalogue explain /bin Store executable files /boot Core and startup related documents /dev Equipment related documents /etc Related configuration information /etc/rc.d Store script files used in the process of switching on and off /etc/rc.d/init.d So the default startup script for the service is here /etc/xinetd.d The startup service can be found here /etc/X11 […]

  • Python stunts Chapter 1 Introduction to password cracking with Python 3


    preface To me, the extraordinary thing about Wushu is its simplicity. The simple method is also the right one. At the same time, there is nothing special about Wushu. The closer to the essence of martial arts, the less waste on the performance of moves brief introduction Python’s unique skillsThe first chapter ispythonEntry syntax, the […]

  • Installing redis in Windows


      1、 Download address https://github.com/MicrosoftArchive/redis/releases   2、 Install redis 1. Open the download address, you can see that there are installation packages and compressed packages to choose from. I download the installation package here   2. Open the installation package, install and click next   3. Check the consent agreement and proceed to the next […]

  • Image classification task


    This paper is based on the completion of the “image scene classification challenge” released by AI Institute on October 30, 2020. It is mainly written from the perspective of how Xiaobai can run an image classification task with code. It is also a learning process of his own. Image scene classification challenge: https://imgs.developpaper.com/imgs/lili The label […]