• Proc open(): fork failed – cannot allocate memory


    1. Problem Description: When the Linux server uses composer to deploy Yii project, the“proc_open(): fork failed – Cannot allocate memory” That is to say, “prompt for insufficient memory”. We can solve this problem by creating a swap partition. 2. Solution: Run firstfree -mLook at the space In the command line environment, run the following three […]

  • Introduction to the basic operation of composer


    Original text from wechat public No.: qq1005349393 About composer Composer is a < font color =’Red ‘> package dependency < / font > management tool for PHP. We can declare the dependent external tool library in the project, and composer will help you install these dependent library files. With it, we can easily use a […]

  • Detailed description of the basic operation of compoer


    The original text is transferred from Wechat Public Number: qq1005349393 Introduction to Composer Composer is a <font color=’red’> package dependency </font> management tool for PHP. We can declare the external tool libraries we depend on in the project. Composer will help you install these dependent library files. With it, we can easily use a command […]

  • Solution to slow installation of Yii2 composer


    It’s very convenient to use composer in the open source project that refers to PHP in yii. There are also composer plug-ins fxp-asset and asset Packagist in the open source project that refers to the front end. Before Yii defaulted to the former, now the new yii2 template defaulted to the latter, the author of […]

  • What if composer cannot be installed


    Compooser cannot be installed? Terms of settlement: 1. Open the OpenSSL extension of PHP Openssl extensions can be opened directly in the Wamp manager, or they can be opened using the PHP command, or they can be restarted by modifying php.ini. An example of command opening extensions is given below: From the following command line, […]

  • Composer Domestic Acceleration: Testing Acceleration Mirror Availability


    What methods can be used to detect availability when selecting full volume accelerated mirroring? Here’s how to select a full acceleration mirror to check if it’s available. The following methods can be used to detect whether the full acceleration image is available or not. 1. Use mirrors: $ composer config -g repo.packagist composer https://mirrors.cloud.tencent… 2. […]

  • Composer updates the specified dependency package


    compoesrOfrequire/updateYou can update the specified dependency packages (upgrade/downgrade). requireMore flexible, install without installation, and install according to the incoming version numberupgradeorDowngrade。updateCan’t pass in the specified on the command lineversion numberManual editing is requiredcomposer.jsonTo specify a newversion numberThen execute the update command. # Ignorance composer require google/protobuf –ignore-platform-reqs -vvv Require command Example // Installation package composer […]

  • Publish your own Composer package


    A Preface Because I and my colleagues have accumulated a lot of high-quality and practical codes in the process of development recently. These codes have been polished for several years. Some dozens or even hundreds of lines. When a project needs to use these codes, it can’t go anywhere or copy them. So I plan […]

  • Laravel Hprose RPC Service


    Open source address: https://github.com/flc1125/la… This project supports the use of Laravel and non-Laravel projects.php >= 5.3Version grammar Note:By default, you already know something about Hprose. The content is based on Laravel project introduction. install Environment Dependent C ExtensionhproseSee: Hprose official website, Hprose Pecl extension Server can install, client can not install pecl install hprose Installation […]

  • Composer/Packagist Latest Domestic Sources


    Preface Due to the recentlaravel-chinaThere was instability (it was not clear whether it had been restored) that prevented normal use.composer。 Cloud Service Provider packagist.phpcomposer.com packagist.laravel-china.org The above services are unstable (it is not clear whether they have been restored), and the major cloud service providers in China have provided relevant service support. Recommendation: Before changing […]

  • Compooser Server Installation Extension Failed (Low Version Upgrade Process)


    Ps: Server configurationLinux VM-0-9-ubuntu 4.4.0-91-generic #114-Ubuntu SMP Tue Aug 8 11:56:56 UTC 2017 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux 1. Failure Experience During the installation of easyswoole, it was found that it could not be installed through composer The error information is as follows: [email protected]:~/demo/easyswoole$ composer require easyswoole/easyswoole=3.x ./composer.json has been created Loading composer repositories with package […]

  • How to implement. env file in PHP project flexibly


    First composer installation composer require vlucas/phpdotenv Then look at the official phpdotenv documentation https://packagist.org/package… Example $dotenv = Dotenv\Dotenv::create(__DIR__, ‘.env’); $my_env = $dotenv->load(); var_dump($my_env);