• How to add new fields to sap e-commerce cloud login interface


    Component selector in login interface:cx-update-profile Find the corresponding component name:UpdateProfileComponent: Component has only one formgroup instance. When is the value assigned to the form of the service? Copy in the service class. Instead of using the form builder, create the formgroup instance manually. ShouldFormGroupConstructor, the received parameters are JSON objects, the key is the name […]

  • Vue plug-in reference (element UI / SASS)


    element-ui Installation: NPM I element UI – S /* main.js */ import ElementUI from ‘element-ui’; import ‘element-ui/lib/theme-chalk/index.css’; Vue.use(ElementUI); sass Install the specified version: NPM install sass loader — save dev Install node sass (specified version): NPM I – D node- [email protected] Sass load uninstall: NPM uninstall sass load If an error is reported:gyp verb check […]

  • Why is rust the most popular language for stack overflow?


    Reddit recently launched a discussion: why do you like rust? How to persuade others to use rust? There are several answers: Cargo, pattern matching, iterator, fearless concurrency, rayon, traits system, performance; The installation under windows is very convenient, high-performance, cargo, usually more effective compilation error prompt, enums and pattern matching, memory security, and declarative programming […]

  • Module resolution in typescript


    Module Resolution Module parsing is the process used by the compiler to determine what is being imported. Consider importing {a} from “module a”; Such import statements. In order to check any use of a, the compiler needs to know exactly what it represents and check its definition, module a. At this point, the compiler will […]

  • [C + + advanced path] three methods for C + + to prevent header files from being repeatedly introduced!


    Previously, we introduced in detail how to use macro definition (#ifndef / #define / #endif) in C language to effectively avoid repeated #include of header files. This method is also commonly used in C + + multi file programming. For example, the following is a C + + project with school H and student H […]

  • Introduction to the basics of typescript


    preface The official documents of typescript have long been updated, but the Chinese documents I can find are still in the older version. Therefore, some newly added and revised chapters are translated and sorted out. This article is compiled from “typescript Handbook”The Basics“Chapter. This article is not translated strictly according to the original text, and […]

  • Reference to C + +


    preface Recently, I have been writing projects in C + +. Since the basis of C + + was 0 before, I have a very simple understanding of references and have always regarded them as pointers. However, now I have great doubts about them, including: Why is the reference always related to const keyword How […]

  • Gopher to rust hot eye grammar ranking


    Gopher to rust hot eye grammar ranking Author: Zhongyi – sealos author, sealer initiator Top 10 often forget to write semicolons fn add_with_extra(x: i32, y: i32) -> i32 { let x = x + 1; // sentence let y = y + 5; // sentence X + Y // expression } When you first turn […]

  • JSP quick start


    JavaServer pages (JSP) is a cross platform web development language based on Java. JSP is compatible with Microsoft’s active server pages, but it uses HTML like volume labels and Java program code snippets instead of VBScript. When the web server you are using does not provide local ASP support, that is, Apache or Netscape server, […]

  • [C + + memory management] 11_ G2. 9 STD:: alloc concept sorting


    Concept sorting Supplementary notes Memory size requested by the list node from the allocator: sizeof (foo) + sizeof (node < foo > *) x 2 Critical struggle Conference Learn to use:”Constant = = variable”Format. When the equal sign is leaked, the compiler will issue a compilation error prompt Note: newer compilers are available in”Constant = […]

  • Five Minutes! Take you to understand the custom annotation again. If you don’t understand it after reading it, I’ll lose!


    preface Various annotations are used in daily development, such as @ override, @ param, @ Autowired, @ service and so on. These are built-in by frameworks such as JDK or spring. You can annotate classes, methods, variables, parameters, and packages with annotations. Many small partners may still stay at the use level and know how […]

  • Eliminate performance bottlenecks through precompiling of JSP


    Welcome to “management”horn”This edition, the new issue of the monthly column, focuses onManagement, configuration, processing and development of WebLogic Server. The purpose of this column is to introduce you to the use ofWebLogic SeverCan be widely used in nonJ2EEDevelopment issues. Developers and managers will also find this column very valuable because these articles are applicable […]