• Module concept in typescript


    Modules JavaScript has a long history of dealing with modular code. Typescript has implemented support for many of these formats since its launch in 2012, but over time, the community and JavaScript specifications have been integrated into a format called es module (or ES6 module). You may know that it is import / export syntax. […]

  • AI reasoning of real-time data stream with wasmedge and YoMo


    YoMoIt is a programming framework used to assist developers to facilitate the construction of geo distributed cloud system. YoMo’s communication layer is built on quic protocol, which brings high-speed data transmission. At the same time, YoMo has built-in “stream function” of streaming serverless, which greatly improves the development experience of distributed cloud system. The distributed […]

  • Notes on RT thread learning — (2) analysis of RT thread startup process


    In some single-chip software engineering without operating system, in addition to the assembly startup file, it is generally believed that the program entry is the main function, and many program codes are analyzed from the main function. For RT thread real-time operating system, before running to the main function, the program actually carries out a […]

  • Quickly understand the language features of nullable reference type in C # 8.0


    Visual C # 8.0 introducesNullable reference type(nullable reference type), through the powerful functions provided by the compiler, helps developers to avoid the code problems caused by null references as much as possible. Here I’ll give you a brief introduction to the basic content of nullable reference types.It may not be easy to understand when you […]

  • exception handling


    When should an exception be thrown When a type of action member cannot complete the action task, an exception should be thrown to notify the caller. *Action members refer to the operations that can be performed by the type itself or the type instance, such as append and insert defined in StringBuilder in C # […]

  • Rust disable lint warning by property


    The compiler provides dead_ Code lint, which will warn unused functions and can be disabled with an attribute.example: fn func1() { println!(“func1”); } #[allow(dead_code)] fn func2() { println!(“func2”); } fn func3() { println!(“func3”); } fn main() { func1(); println!(“Hello, world!”); } Note: there will be a warning if func3 is not used, but there will […]

  • Rust learning notes 001 – first acquaintance


    Rust is a systems programming language that runs blazingly fast, prevents segfaults, and guarantees thread safety. Rust is a system level programming language with three characteristics It runs fast Prevent segment errors Ensure thread safety C and C + + are the most popular system programming languages in the industry. The positioning of rust is […]

  • How to get an offer from Tencent? Master these 20 ways to benefit for life!


        1. How to declare constvoid (void) function as library function in C program in. C + +? Correct answer: Add an extern “C” declaration before the function. Due to the different compiled names, C + + programs cannot call C functions directly. 2. The difference between class in C + + and struct […]

  • How many ways can AOP be implemented?


    1. Review what is AOP? Wikipedia explains as follows: Aspect oriented programming (AOP) is a kind of programming idea in computer science, which aims to further separate crosscutting concerns from business entities, so as to improve the modularity of program code. By adding an additional advice mechanism to the existing code, the code blocks declared […]

  • Bug free! Tsinghua alumni create Python debugging artifact


    Write code with thousands of lines, but debug with low efficiency Almost every programmer can’t escape this kind of entanglement. It’s a waste of time to find bugs line by line through the compiler. So, a Tsinghua alumni, Google engineerlaike9mTo develop a powerful Python debugging toolCyberbrain: Be able to record key information such as project […]

  • Make a JIT AOP with Roslyn


    0. Preface Up: there are several ways to implement AOP Next, let’s talk about how to do AOP demo. First, use CSharp to talk about dynamic weaving and static weaving. When you have time, let’s talk about the corresponding content of Java. In the first part, I will talk about how Roslyn can make a […]

  • C + + object model analysis (2)


    C + + object model analysis (2) Inherited object model Within the C + + compiler, classes can be understood as structs Subclass is obtained by adding new members of subclass to member function of parent class class Derived : public Demo { int mk; }; Programming experiment 1: a preliminary study of inheritance object […]