• Compile method of regexp object of JS regular expression


    Function Description: this method can compile the specified regular expression, and the execution speed of the compiled regular expression will be improved. If the regular expression is called multiple times, calling the compile method can effectively improve the code execution speed. If the regular expression can only be used once, it will not have obvious […]

  • Explain Xcode compilation options


    All of the following compilation options are based on Xcode 4.6. This article is based on Apple Xcode documents, professional Xcode 3, and Google search results. I know little about compiling. If there is any improper explanation, please understand. In some places where the translation may not be appropriate, the original English text is attached. […]

  • IOS side ijkplay compiler tutorial


    Step 1:Open ijkmedia player, find edit scheme, select release in build configuration under info and close the window. Step 2:Compile ijkmedia player under the simulator and the real machine, and find the corresponding IJKMediaFramework.framework 。 As follows: Step 3:In this way, we can use the framework under the simulator and the simulator at the same […]

  • Implementation of conditional compilation in JavaScript (JS conditional compile loader plug-in based on webpack)


    Conditional compilation refers to the process of selectively compiling the specified code according to the set conditions with the same set of code and the same compilation and construction process, so as to output different programs. Generally used in C + +, Java, C ා, and other compiled execution languages. For JavaScript, we can also […]

  • Notes on compiling and installing Ruby 2.0 under CentOS 6.3


    Linux operating system: CentOS 6.3 64bit Ruby: ruby-2.0.0-p247 1、 Install development pack (use default CentOS update source) Copy codeThe code is as follows: # yum install openssl* openssl-devel zlib-devel gcc gcc-c++ make autoconf readline-devel curl-devel expat-devel gettext-devel 2、 Turn off iptables and SELinux Copy codeThe code is as follows: # service iptables stop # setenforce […]

  • C language you don’t know — the first part — compiling and running


    I believe that many students of science and engineering have more or less learned C language in college, but due to the carelessness of teachers or the limitation of our knowledge at that time, we have many misunderstandings about C language. And when we learn C language, in order to be convenient and convenient, most […]

  • Talk about the compiling process and compiler in Xcode


    Compiling process The basic compilation process is divided into four steps: Pre process: replace macro, delete comment, expand header file, generate.iPapers. Compiling: converting the previous.iFile into assembly language, generating.sPapers. Assembly: convert assembly language files into machine code files, and generate.oPapers. Links: Yes.oReferences to other libraries in the file to generate the final executable file (including […]

  • Compiling java project instances with maven


    Overview This article demonstrates compiling Java projects with maven Need Time: 15 minutes Text editor or IDE JDK 6 or later Create project The main purpose of this example is to show maven, so the Java project is as simple as possible. Create project structurechoose Select a project directory and use the following statement on […]

  • Dynamic compiling code based on. Net standard


    At the end of the previous article [alternative implementation based on. Net core microservice], it is mentioned how to automatically generate the client agent of microservice, make it transparent to the caller, and integrate the boring things with the framework to improve the convenience of use. After trying the emit intermediate language, we finally decided […]

  • Principle and implementation of MVVM — Vue


    MVVM framework When talking about MVVM framework, we can’t get around MVC framework. MVC framework The whole front-end page is divided into view, controller, modal, and the view changes. The response is passed to the model (data source) through the controller (control), and the data above the view is changed by the data source.However, because […]

  • OpenBSD 3.6 Compiling Kernel Method


    First, download the packages needed for installationThe source code can be obtained on the official OpenBSD CD-ROM, and of course the src.tar.gz, sys.tar.gz, ports.tar.gz documents can also be downloaded from the Internet.   cp /home/jjp/src.tar.gz /usr/src/   tar zxvf src.tar.gz   cp /home/jjp/sys.tar.gz /usr/src/   tar zxvf sys.tar.gz   cp /home/jjp/ports.tar.gz /usr/   tar xzvf ports.tar.gz You can install cvsup to […]

  • Question of Event Binding in Angular Directive


    Recently, in the implementation of the angular project, the instruction ui-tree was customized, and a problem was found in the test phase:First, describe the function of instructions: request the first level data of the tree from the server when the instructions are initialized, trigger the click event to request the corresponding sub-node data from the […]