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  • Are you really suitable for NDK development?


    Recently, many people say that Android is becoming more and more difficult to find a job. Will it be better to learn NDK development? Let’s talk about this today. Should we choose to learn NDK? 1. Which scenarios need NDK development? Cross platform libraries, such as ffmpeg, skip, weex, Reinforcement, anti reverse Signature verification Image […]

  • Introduction to Java


    Java past and present Java was first developed by James Gosling (commander Gao, known as the father of Java) of Sun company (which has been acquired by Oracle) in the early 1990s. It was originally named oak. Its goal is to target at the embedded applications of small household appliances. As a result, the market […]

  • Sass mixing with parameters


    In this section, we will learn about mixing with parameters. In sass, mixing can accept parameters. We can use [email protected] calling mix, pass parameters to mix to define the exact style generated by mix. Pass parameters to the mixture Mixing can be usedSassScriptValue as a parameter, the given parameter is included in the mix and […]

  • Webassembly weekly


    A weekly newspaper a week late~ This issue of the weekly has very interesting news in it   WebAssembly Examples WebAssembly Examples Game Boy Advance simulator It’s still the familiar rust plus wasm formula. Written by rust, compiled into wasm, and then run in the browser. GitHub address: https://github.com/michelhe/r… Demo address: https://michelhe.github.io/ru… ​ Align sandbox In […]

  • Webassembly weekly report 0701


    Wechat h0923xw for wasm Chinese communication group Will wasm bytecode compiled into C code, for general bytecode! ? Alon zakai, founder of webassembly, started a new project, wasm2c. As the name suggests, the goal of wasm2c is to compile wasm bytecode into C (portable C), which can then be compiled into native executable files on […]

  • Webassembly weekly news 0708


    Please go to the end of the article to add wechat Editor’s note: This week, we will learn about new research on web assembly from academia. They ask: is webassembly secure enough? The answer may surprise you! We see more about the adoption of webassembly in the back end system. Also this week, rust is […]

  • Redis series (3): redisserver, redisdb, redisobject and SDS


    1、 Source code download: Download redis source code in Windows:https://github.com/microsoftarchive/redis/tree/3.2 According to the instructions on the official website, you can compile with vs2013, but you must update it to update5. Otherwise, there will be various compilation errors. Indeed, previous versions of vs2013 have various errors and cannot be modified. Open vs2013 — help — about, […]

  • Webassembly weekly report 0812


    Please go to the end of the article to scan the QR codeEditor’s note: in the past week, we’ve seen a lot of news on serverless webassembly. New services, new framework, and new practical application of webassembly on server side! We have also seen further adoption of rust by start-ups and large companies. WebAssembly A […]

  • Thinking and seeking the truth about the conclusion of the article of the refined code farmer


    1: Background 1. Tell a story Yesterday, in the front page of the editor in the garden, I saw an article written by the master of fine code agriculture, entitled:[C #. Net addendum] 10: understanding volatile keyword (https://www.cnblogs.com/willi…In a multithreaded environment, a bug that does not appear in debug but appears in release. The original […]

  • The first anniversary of bytecode alliance, serverless wasm, wagi – webassembly weekly 1028


    Note: the content of this release is actually the progress of the community last week, not the wrong date WebAssembly Bytecode Alliance: one year update Bytecode alliance blogs to celebrate its first anniversary. The big news is that fastly has acquired team wasmtime on the server from Mozilla. After the turmoil, the team returned to […]

  • Webpack principle (3) – core concept


    This article starts from my personal blog: https://teobler.com Reprint please indicate the source Entry Let’s take a look at a picture first From this figure, we can see that the top file is the entry of our entire app, and it is also the file that starts our entire app. This is the entry of […]

  • A tool to enable your website to support IOS 13 darkmode mode mode


    Recently IOS 13 released the darkmode mode mode. Although I think the voice of this function is greater than the reality, as a front-end with user experience as its own responsibility, of course, we can’t sit back and ignore, we should always do something. After a survey, we have several ways to support the darkmode […]