• Still generating sprite manually? Just use it in webpack


    preface In CSS, we often introduce pictures as the background, but a large number of pictures will cause too many HTTP requests. In order to avoid this situation, we need to synthesize multiple pictures into one picture, that is, we often call sprite picture. Let’s talk about how to automatically synthesize sprite diagrams in webpack […]

  • Advanced application of functions in less, a good medicine for PC, web and mobile terminal adaptation


    Multi terminal adaptation Familiar with front-end development will encounter this problem, screen adaptation! Some projects require adaptation to PC, tablet and mobile terminal at the same time. Should we write several different styles or only one? Which is the best? In fact, there is no best one. It still has to be determined according to […]

  • VW adaptation at moving end


    There are many mobile end adaptation schemes, each with its own advantages. Here I only introduce the VW + REM adaptation scheme Start with a simple solution:1. Set meta<meta name=”viewport” content=”width=device-width,initial-scale=1,user-scalable=no”>2. UI design draft size (1)375 html{ font-size:26.67vw } (2)750 html{ font-size:13.34vw } Yes, it is (100 / design draft size) * 100 = HTML […]

  • Online byte conversion tool g, m, byte


    Online byte conversion tool g, m, byte Online byte conversion tool g, m, byte Online byte conversion tool, which can convert byte, GB, KB and MB byte units online https://tooltt.com/byte-convert/

  • Android smart refresh framework smartrefreshlayout


    Android smart refresh framework smartrefreshlayout Smartrefreshlayout is a “smart” or “smart” drop-down refresh layout. Because of its “intelligence”, it supports not only all views, but also multi-layer nested view structures. It inherits from ViewGroup instead of FrameLayout or LinearLayout, which improves performance.Add dependencyImplementation ‘com. Scwang. Smart: refresh layout kernel: 2.0.3’ / / the core must […]

  • [design pattern] Abstract Factory


    Abstract factory of design pattern In the previous article, we learned about simple factories. We know that simple factories are places where different classes are created. How are these factories created? With the increase of our business logic, we may need many such simple factories. We can’t take the initiative to create each one. Although […]

  • Redis has three special data types


    Geospatial geographic location Positioning of friends, people nearby, calculation of taxi distanceRedis geo is available in redis3.2! This function can calculate the geographical location information, the distance between the two places and the people within a few miles!You can query some test datawww.jsons.cn/lngcode/There are only six commands geoadd #Add geographic location #Rule: two levels cannot […]

  • 3D web page experiment – RTS unit behavior based on multithreading and Sprite animation


    1、 Purpose of the experiment: 1. On the basis of “RTS unit control” in the previous article, logical threads are added to realize AI calculation for each unit; 2. The corresponding action effect is displayed in the behavior of Sprite animation. 2、 Operation effect: 1. The units in the scene are divided into red and […]

  • CSS units


    CSS unit 1. px What is it? The most commonly used unit, absolute unit Usage: .test-box{ font-size: 14px; } Disadvantages: It is a fixed value. Once set, it cannot be changed to adapt to the page size 2. rem: What is it? It is a new relative unit in CSS3. It refers to the unit […]

  • Express 100 – express information query subscription push / tracking API interface case code


    1、 Subscription interface 1.1 subscription request address <p>https://poll.kuaidi100.com/poll</p> 1.2 subscription request type post 1.3 subscription input parameters Request parameters (header) name type Default value Content-Type string application/x-www-form-urlencoded Request parameters (body) name type Required Example value describe schema String yes json Returned data format Θparam param yes ​ Spliced by other fields └ company String yes […]

  • How was a php programmer with 1 year working experience abused by the interviewer?


    preface First of all, I’m just an ordinary PHPer with one year’s graduation and one year’s work experience. My ability is limited. This article just shares my feelings and experiences in recent weeks, hoping to bring some harvest to many novices like me or in the Internet industry, Of course, where is wrong or insufficient, […]

  • 5 years ago, the front-end technician will tell you how to prepare for the technical interview


    The interview is divided into three parts Technical interview: ask technical questions. Person in charge interview: investigate the comprehensive ability. For example: project control capability, project depth, project architecture, business, etc. HR interview: focus on personality, communication, potential, etc. Each round of interview is about an hour. Knowledge points of each round of interview one […]