• Echars related chart control properties


    statement1) This article collates the selfless contributions of Daniel and experts from the Internet. Please refer to the references for the specific references.2) This article is for academic exchange only, non-commercial. If a certain part violates everyone’s interests, please contact Haihan to delete it.3) The blogger is short of talent and learning. If there are […]

  • High pressure grid of 2 small artifact, with good flow monitoring don’t worry!


    In the daily operation and maintenance environment, we will definitely meet the following requirements: 1. Network traffic is abnormal, do not know which program traffic explosion? 2. Daily need to monitor network real-time traffic data Interview series this article, let the operation and maintenance monitoring no longer become your short board! Learn these 18 tools, […]

  • Git management of Android client team


    Two days ago, the test group asked me how to manage the GIT version of the company‘s Android client 5-person team. Think about it. Don’t draw a sequence diagram.

  • Wei’an weekly: Issue 1 (December 6, 2019)


    Share weekly noteworthy trends, entrepreneurship, finance, open source projects, etc. Help readers get in-depth content efficiently. Open source in this week( Github:MengWeiAn/weian-weekly)Welcome to submit issues, submit suggestions and recommend your own projects. At the same time, this week will be published in: (my blog: Meng Wei An)/For Ann weekly)There are more wonderful articles. Cover picture: […]

  • HR: from 4000 to 100000 in three years, what have I experienced


    Eight years ago, it was born in Jinqiu homestead on Zhichun Road. By the end of this year, byte beat is expected to have 100000 employees in more than 200 offices around the world. After experiencing the rapid growth of byte beat, HR often describes its job as “changing engines while driving airplanes”. ▍ how […]

  • General description of CSS units


    First: px There is no doubt that I learned for the first time that yearCompanyIt’s 1px, commonly known aspixel。If someone has used itPSYou should know that the square of the picture is made up of PX one by oneTo be more blunt, my laptop screen is 1920px1080px Second: REM The REM actually depends on HTML, […]

  • Front end: before 30


    preface I’m going to my 29th birthday and I’m going to my 30th birthday. I’d like to write an essay here. grow up There are many extraordinary people in this world, and there are more ordinary people. Which one do you belong to? start At the beginning, I always do something with enthusiasm and vigor, […]

  • Arabic Chinese character digit conversion


    explain This paper implements a conversion algorithm from Arabic numerals to Chinese numerals and from Chinese numerals to Arabic numerals.At the same time, vuejs and angularjs are implemented at the same time, and the advantages and disadvantages of the two frameworks are compared. In this case, vuejs is more convenient and flexible than angularjs. source […]

  • Redis’s 8 data types are well written!


    NoSQL development will be used more or less, but also the interview must ask knowledge. I have been asked about every interview in recent days. But I feel that the answer is not good, and there are still many knowledge points that need to be sorted out. You can view the following commands on the […]

  • Let’s talk about the difference between REM and EM and how to do mobile terminal adaptation


    What’s the difference between REM and em remIt’s based onhtmlThe font size of the element, andemIt is determined according to the size of the element using it, which is generally called relative length unit. It is calculated according to the font size of its parent element16px = 1em If the parent elementfont-size:16px, child elementmargin:0.8em. So […]

  • Fast layout of CSS viewport unit


    **CSS viewport units * * have appeared in the past few years, and as time goes on, more and more developers begin to use them. The advantage of them is that they provide us with a way to dynamically adjust the size without using J avascript. Moreover, if it fails, there are many alternatives. In […]

  • Chain home programmer delete library running failure! He was sentenced to seven years


    Once again, programmers run away from the library. Do you remember the case of Weimeng employees maliciously destroying the company‘s data in February 2020? He directly made the market value of Weimeng evaporate more than 1 billion yuan in one day with his own efforts. At that time, the programmer who deleted the database was […]