• Explain Https with Cowherd and Weaver Girl


    foreword This article tries to use Cowherd and Weaver Girl to explain Https. Information exchange and transmission have existed since ancient times, but the transmission conductors and exchange methods are constantly changing. Modern information transmission is carried out through the network. The steps of information transmission are simplified: packaging —> transmission —> unpacking, and protocols […]

  • “Socket.IO” solves WebSocket communication!


    Hello everyone, I’m Xiao Cai~ This article mainly introducesSocket.IO WeChat official account has been opened,Good Food, students who didn’t pay attention, remember to pay attention! IntroducingSocket.IOBefore, let’s consider a problem, if there is a requirement at this time, similar to the implementationManual customer serviceHow to implement the function? Online customer service, the requirements are very […]

  • Tupu digital twin military exercise to build a cross-domain combat system


    ​ Preface The damage caused by war is indelible. Some people put forward the concept of “Battle Metaverse”, which allows people to experience the trauma of war in a virtual world, hoping to awaken the participants’ yearning for peace. With the development of technologies such as extended reality, digital twin, 3D rendering, high-speed network, blockchain, […]