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  • Ten common errors of Java developers when writing SQL statements


    The coordination degree between object-oriented programming thinking and command-line programming thinking of Java developers depends on their abilities as follows: Tips (anyone can write command line code)Dogma (some people use the “pattern pattern” approach, that is, patterns are ubiquitous and identified by name)Emotional state (in the early days, real object-oriented code is more difficult to […]

  • Examples of eight common SQL errors in MySQL


    preface MySQL still maintained a strong database popularity growth trend in 2016. More and more customers build their applications on MySQL database, even migrate from Oracle to MySQL. But there are also some customers in the process of using MySQL database, such as slow response time, CPU full and so on. Alibaba cloud RDS expert […]

  • Redis common commands, common errors, configuration skills, etc


    1. Redis view all current keys Copy codeThe code is as follows: KEYS * 2. View the current redis configuration information Copy codeThe code is as follows: CONFIG GET * 3. MISCONF Redis is configured to save RDB snapshots, but is currently not able to persist on disk. Commands that may modify the data set […]

  • Five common errors in Perl


    I’ve been using Perl + mdbm + spread recently. PHP has been used for a long time. Python and Ruby have been used together. Perl, the classic scripting language, has never been touched. Now it’s nibbling at textbooks like a primary school student. It’s really much more difficult to find Perl. Other things didn’t make […]