• MySql-Day-02


    MySQL query DQL & multi table relation Ability to query data using SQL statements Ability to use SQL statements for conditional queries Ability to sort using SQL statements Ability to use aggregate functions Ability to use SQL statements for grouping queries Be able to complete data backup and recovery Be able to use visualization tools […]

  • Application of five data types in redis


    Five data types and usage scenarios of redis String type String type is mostly used for caching Set key value (value can be JSON string) Setnx is mostly used for distributed locks (detailed later) Counter Incr article: {article ID}: readcount Get article: {article ID}: readcount Web Cluster session sharingRedis realizes session sharinghttps://www.cnblogs.com/cxx8181602/p/9759645.html Global serial number […]

  • Auction system design (second kill system knowledge transfer)


    Since the last time I sorted out the articles on seckill system (PHP + golang commodity seckill), a new project of knowledge migration, commodity auction. Technology: PHP, mysql, redis, laravel Business object: commodity, session, order Bidding process: 1、 Crud of commodities, auction sessions and orders;2、 Regularly write the second kill times, commodities, inventory and other […]

  • Method of fast page caching with live


    Or in consideration of performance, avoid rendering repeatedly to reduce performance. Instead, you want components to be cached to maintain their current state. At this time, you can use the keep alive component. Trigger the created hook,StarpoolPoor user experience. There is a multi-level relationship in the menu, which is often seen in the scenarios of […]

  • Elasticsearch project actual combat, product search function design and implementation!


    Springboot e-commerce project Mall (30K + star) address: https://github.com/macrozheng/mall abstract Last time, I wrote an article “quick start to elasticsearch, just master these!” to take you to learn the basic usage of elasticsearch. This time, we will write a practical tutorial tomallTake commodity search in the project as an example and use elasticsearch! Chinese word […]

  • JSON server 30 seconds no code to build a complete rest API Service – basic introduction


    scene During the development of the company’s react or Vue project, when the back-end interface is not ready, we need to conduct data mock to realize page rendering and simulate front-end and back-end interaction. That’s what we did before: 1. The local static data JSON method is used to simulate the interface data, but in […]

  • Building auction system with SSM


    Like and watch again to form a habit Project introduction and process The auction system is built with SSM architecture, and the page data rendering adopts JSP primary simple auction system. The auction process is that after ordinary users register and log in, after entering the personal center to publish goods, the system administrator reviews […]

  • Analysis and implementation of commodity subsystem under springboot project


    1. Business description:Query the commodity information in the database from the database, and then delete, modify, add and other operations. 2. Technical architecture design: the whole is still based on the design idea of “divide and rule”, and MVC is used to realize the business technology in layers. 3. Technology selection based on specific architecture:1) […]

  • How does idle fish make the accuracy of second-hand attribute extraction reach 95% +?


    How does idle fish make the accuracy of second-hand attribute extraction reach 95% +? First effect Figure 1 – demo of second-hand attribute extraction algorithm (1) background As a c2x app, free fish has the following characteristics compared with Taobao from the perspective of commodity release: Insufficient product information due to light releaseLeisure fish adopts […]

  • Protective pause mode


    Series articles: Two stage termination mode Protective pause mode Production consumer model Protective pause mode Guarded Suspension Pattern Inter thread communication model, implementation principle of future and promise Code implementation: class GuardedSuspension { private Object response; public Object get () { synchronized (this) { while (response == null) { try { this.wait(); } catch (InterruptedException […]

  • Curd summary of node and MySQL


    Introduction: I’ve done a small project before, in which node and MySQL are used. Now I’ll make a summary of the operation combined with the two. Curd is an abbreviation in database technology, representing create, update, retrieve and delete operations, which are used to process data and other operations. catalogue preparation in advance Actual combat […]

  • React hook + TS shopping cart actual combat (performance optimization, closure trap, custom hook)


    preface This article starts with a basic shopping cart requirement, and takes you step by step to deeply understand the pit and Optimization in react hook Through this article, you can learn: ✨ Write react hook + typescriptBusiness componentPractice of ✨ How to use react.memooptimize performance ✨ How to avoid hookClosure trap ✨ How to […]