• How to define and validate parameters of restful requests efficiently


    Go zero serialization and deserialization of text are mainly used in three places Deserialization of HTTP API request body Serialization of HTTP API return body Deserialization of configuration files For a complete example, please refer to the following article: Quickly build high growth and micro services 1. Deserialization of HTTP API request body For the […]

  • Xiaoai children’s shoes @ you, let’s roll out a small program


    preface Since the release of the applet, it has been singing all the way and becoming more and more popular with the advantages of no installation, run out of time, within reach, no registration, no login, and social fission. It has revolutionized the development cost of mobile applications and catered to the habits of users. […]

  • Is Amazon sp-api document tired? That’s it!


    We do cross-border e-commerce, do Amazon API development all understand, the first thing is the document thing, Amazon’s Chinese document is very pit, there is wood( Originally, the English documents are quite boring. Keep your voice down (BB ~) OK, make complaints about it. Now we are entering the topic. Our team considers that many […]

  • Source code analysis of the project of “pintuan mall” developed by apicloud


    This project is a group shopping mall type. Its main functions include commodity classification, commodity details, commodity search, group shopping, order management, etc.Project source code inhttps://github.com/apicloudcom/group-ecIn the widget directory of the warehouse. The front end of the project adoptsAVM multi terminal development technologyThe key points include tablayout, swiper carousel, rich text, scroll view, pull-down refresh, […]

  • Redis – Chapter 8 – application scenarios


    catalogue summary Detailed explanation 1. Overview Redis supports five data types: string, hash, list, set and Zset. 2. Detailed explanation 1. String (string) definition:String is the most basic type of redis. A key corresponds to a value. The string type is binary safe. Because the underlying implementation of string is simple dynamic string SDS, which […]

  • Four common methods of promise.


    preface I saw that many people used it in the projectPromiseSuch as Bluebird, Q, jQuery. Deffered, etcpolyfill promise Way, when using the long document, really tired feel do not love.With the development of Es5, node0.12Version is already supportedpromiseOn the client side, most browsers also support itPromiseIf you want to be compatible with lower version browsers, […]

  • Three ways to implement distributed lock


    1、 Basic concepts 1. Introduction Traditional locks are all solutions with JDK official locks, that is to say, these locks can only be valid in one JVM process. We call this kind of lock a single application lock. However, with the rapid development of the Internet, can single application lock meet our needs? New reading […]

  • Double 12 is approaching, how to use Vika wig watch to collect wool!


    If you don’t know what to buy, don’t worry~I’d like to present you with the double 12 shopping list (which has been authorized to share) made by Vika user @ never, a thrifty housekeeper. Let’s copy the homework together~Link:https://vika.cn/share/shro62a…Stamp it and save it as a template~ – dividing line – As a new content collaboration […]

  • Django e-commerce website shopping cart design


    1. Because the shopping cart is a high-frequency refresh part, and the requirements for data relational structure are not very complex, NoSQL is selected as the storage tool;2. The front end and the back end need to dock four parameters, which are user ID and commodity code, namely SKU_ ID, how many items count and […]

  • CDN working principle and its application in Taobao double 11 picture service


    1. Reading guide In Taobao’s image access, 98% of the traffic goes through the CDN cache, and only 2% goes back to the source station, saving a lot of server resources. However, if the image content changes in large quantities during the peak period of user access, a large number of users’ access will penetrate […]

  • Vivo global mall: from 0 to 1


    Consignment is a mature business of vivo mall. This paper provides readers with the docking experience and architecture ideas of business integration of two heterogeneous systems in the consignment business of vivo mall. 1、 Business background In the past two years, the development of domestic mall business is very rapid, and the architecture of vivo […]

  • Commodity background management — commodity modification / deletion


    Product modification Page URL analysis parameter analysis Return value result determination Edit itemcontroller /** *Product modification *1. URL address: http://localhost :8091/item/update *2. Parameter: form submission *3. Return value: sysresult object */ @RequestMapping(“/update”) public SysResult updateItem(Item item){ itemService.updateItem(item); return SysResult.success(); } Edit itemservice @Override public void updateItem(Item item) { //The update time is automatically filled in […]