• java.lang.NullPointerException] with root cause


    General content of error report java.lang.NullPointerException] with root cause Write on the front Explanation: This is just one of the reasons I found. Maybe yours is different from mine. If the problem is not solved, spray gently.. Project brief SSM project, developed with eclipse. Background notes Add commodities in the background of the mall. After […]

  • Auction system design (knowledge transfer of seckill system)


    Since finishing the article of seckill system (PHP + golang commodity seckill) last time, knowledge migration is a new project, commodity auction. Technology: PHP, mysql, redis, laravel Business objects: goods, sessions and orders Bidding process: 1、 Crud of goods, auction sessions and orders;2、 The information of seconds, goods and inventory will be written into redis […]

  • E-commerce project 2020-11-26


    E-commerce projects Work content on November 26, 2020 Project introduction Project prototype reference Jingdong Mall, imitate a Jingdong Mall, analysis, clear function module modular function verification Graphic verification and SMS verification user Registration, login, user center Third party login QQ login Homepage ads Homepage ads commodity Product list, product search, product details Shopping Cart Shopping […]

  • Redis practice 03. Redis simple practice – Web Application


    demand Function:P23 Login cookie Shopping cart cookie Cache generated web pages Cache database rows Analysis of web access records Web application in high level viewP23 From a high-level point of view, web applications are servers or services that respond to requests sent by web browsers through HTTP protocol. Web requests are generally stateless, that is, […]

  • Django e-commerce website architecture design


    Function module (managed in the form of sub application to achieve the effect of high cohesion and low coupling)User module: registration, login, user center;Verification module: Graphic verification, SMS verification;Third party login: QQ login, wechat loginHome page: home page displayProduct: product list, product search, product detailsShopping cart: shopping cart management, shopping cart mergingOrder: confirm order, submit […]

  • Building beautiful architecture of laravel


    The company’s project may need to rebuild the architecture. The boss gave me a video to learn the ideas inside. After watching it, I felt that I gained a lot. The speaker had a very clear understanding of all levels of the laravel project, striving to achieve a single and clear responsibility and improve maintainability. […]

  • Business advisors join hands with quick Bi to let data drive store operation again


    Just in the past week, more than 200 stores have experienced the new functions of Alibaba’s official Omni channel, Omni link, one-stop data platform, including self-service analysis. As the first attempt of business staff and quick Bi, “self service analysis” provides self-service analysis solutions for stores, supports the production of personalized data reports for stores, […]

  • [open source project] new advanced functions of laravel shop E-commerce


    function Function list: High performance infinite level classification; Crowdfunding commodity management; Crowdfunding product order logic; Crowdfunding commodity end logic; Payment of orders by instalments; Calculate the installment overdue fee; Refund of installment orders; Adding attributes to commodities; Use elasticsearch to reconstruct the commodity search module; Faceted search; Similar goods inquiry; Index migration of elasticsearch; Second […]

  • React hook + TS shopping cart (performance optimization, closure trap, custom hook)


    preface This paper starts from a basic shopping cart demand, and takes you to understand the pit and Optimization in react hook step by step You can learn from this article: ✨ Write react hook + typescriptBusiness componentsThe practice of ✨ How to use React.memooptimize performance ✨ How to avoid the problems brought by hookClosure […]

  • Jitter video Api: tiktok related


    Titodata, a professional short video data acquisition and processing platform. For more information, please contact:TiToData Massive data collectionCollect 500 million pieces of data for customers every dayTiktok Kwai: covering the mainstream platform: TikTok, Zynn, YouTube, jitter, fast, 1688, little red book, lots of Taobao, American group, hungry, Taobao, micro-blog Interface Video random recommendation with goods […]

  • [xiaobaixue recommendation 1] zero basis of collaborative filtering


    The article is transferred from official account (machine learning alchemy), and it pays attention to “alchemy” to get massive free learning materials. Recently, when looking for a job, it is found that machine learning algorithm engineers often work with other engineersRecommendation algorithmI didn’t know about the recommendation algorithm before, so now I’m also a zero […]

  • The exquisite Taoke project is completely open source. Are you sure you don’t want to watch it


    This article has been included in GitHub warehouse https://github.com/silently9527/JavaCore Project introduction Mall coupons is a Taobao customer project that is completely open-source from front-end to back-end. After learning uniapp, I wanted to do a practical project, so I developed this project. As I usually mainly engaged in back-end research and development, the interface style is […]