• About idea git only commit without push


    Recently, I found a problem about the operation of idea~ Let’s see what’s going on. We all know that using git distributed version control tool, there will be a local temporary storage area, that is, a local warehouse for lifting and pulling code. This means that our commit is submitted to our local warehouse, and […]

  • How to add a green icon to GitHub commit


    There is nothing left in the recent wave of system reloading. The most commonly used git configuration must be arranged. I remember that I signed git’s commit before. Why did I sign git’s commit? Because it can make GitHub’s commit history more attractive? Let’s look at what it’s like before you sign: Let’s take a […]

  • Git commit — amend submit information operation


    amendTranslation into Chinese: modification 1. Modify the submission that has not been pushed //Modify last submit git commit –amend //Enter the comment page and modify it //Save and exit after modification 2. Modify the pushed submission //Modify last submit git commit –amend //Enter the comment page and modify it //Save and exit after modification //Force […]

  • Git cancels the commit information operation that has been pushed to the remote warehouse


    For the method of modifying git commit information, please refer to: git commit – amend modify commit information Sometimes, after git push, it is found that there are still some small code changes that need to be made. In principle, these changes should not be considered as a new submission. At this time, we need […]

  • Whether MySQL needs commit details


    MySQL does not need to commit when performing insert operations. It depends on your storage engine, If it is an engine that does not support transactions, such as MyISAM, whether or not commit is not effective. If it’s a transaction engine, such as InnoDB, you need to know whether your transaction supports automatic transaction commit […]

  • Git message submission template


    Regardless of the reasons or history of using git message templates, there are a lot of them on the Internet. I believe everyone who has read this article knows that in the current version management, when retrospectively submitting the log, the information is messy and even inappropriate. So there’s the idea of a unified submission […]

  • How does GitHub record contributions


    github contributions Generally speaking, anyone’sgithubThe home page has a grid like this. Each cell representsone dayDifferent color depths represent different color depths.contributionsHow to calculate the number of times? The translation of this article is Learn how we count contributions in the blue link at the bottom of the picture above. Text of translation Why MinecontributionsNot […]