• [API advanced road] save 200000 research fees for the company! How to use sentiment analysis API to realize user preference survey


    Abstract:Since learning API, it seems to unlock a new skill. Don’t underestimate a small API interface. If you use it well, you will have infinite ability. This is not, using emotional analysis API to do user preference research, did not expect such a small idea to save the company 200000 research costs. Last time, I […]

  • So far, various multi terminal and cross end solutions of large front end are integrated


    So far, a variety of large front-end multi terminal, cross end, solution collection Note: the popularity ranking is not in any order. If there are others, you can comment in the comment area and add it when you have time. The language and frame type used are in brackets Google(Dart):https://github.com/flutter/fl… FaceBook(React):https://github.com/facebook/r…https://github.com/facebook/r… Vue, rax:https://github.com/apache/inc… Tencent (react, […]

  • JavaScript serialization 37 – switching tab styles and building a comment system


    1、 Tab Use the function to dynamically display the style of the tag, or use the animation effect of HTML to achieve the following operation html>        D37_ 1_ OptionCard    <br>        *{<br>             margin:0; <br>             padding:0; <br>        }<br>        a{<br>            text-d ecoration:none; <br>            color:#000000;<br>        }<br>        #tab{<br>             width:498px; <br>             height:120px; <br>             border:1px  solid #ccc;<br>             margin:100px  auto;<br>        }<br>        #tab_ header{<br>            background-color: #e8e8e8;<br>             padding:0  1px;<br>            border- bottom:1px  solid #cccccc;<br>             cursor:pointer; <br>        }<br>        #tab_ header ul  li.selected {<br>            background-color:#fff;<br>            border- bottom:none; <br><br>/ * […]

  • Larave with query list limit


    1. Demand Requirements, query article list, and comments under the article list. However, only two comments need to be found for each article (there may be hundreds of comments in an article). 2. Implementation Configure association model //———————The associated table configuration of article model is as follows———————————- public function comments(){ return $this->hasMany(‘Modules\Type\Entities\comments’, ‘article_id’, ‘id’) ->select([‘id’,’name’])->limit(2); […]

  • App social sharing component sharesdk won a $10 million a + round of financing


    Sharesdk is the largest app sharing service provider in China. Since the IOS version was launched in January 2013, it has rapidly accumulated nearly 20000 app users. The super fast user accumulation has won the favor of the capital market for this start-up company. In July 2013, sharesdk obtained a round of financing of RMB […]

  • Python-Django


    preparation New Django project #Create a Django project $ django-admin startproject mysite #Create an app $ django-admin startapp blog Project structure ├── blog │   ├── admin.py │   ├── apps.py │   ├── __init__.py │   ├── migrations │   │   └── __init__.py │   ├── models.py │   ├── tests.py │   └── views.py ├── manage.py └── mysite ├── __init__.py ├── […]

  • Implementation of laravel 5 ~ nested comments


    Often we see that there are many forms of comment display, such as’ @ ‘so and so, or like Zhihu’s contractive comment, or nested comment. Then the most common form of comment is nested comment, because this is more eye-catching preparation1. Design three tables: users, posts and comments. The table structure is as follows: users […]

  • Spring boot + SQL / JPA practical pessimistic lock and optimistic lock


    [please indicate the source of reprint]: https://segmentfault.com/a/1190000022527244 Business restoration First of all, the environment is: spring boot 2.1.0 + data JPA + MySQL + Lombok Database design For a blog system with comment function, there are usually two tables: 1. Article table 2. Comment table. In addition to saving some article information, the article table […]

  • Livewire blog (an open source blog built with laravel 8 + jetstream)


    background Laravel 8 has been released for nearly a month, and this change is more attractive to meJetstreamFamily bucket. I didn’t touch it before it was releasedLivewireAnd the front endTailwindcss,alpinejs。 But I’m a person who prefers to try new technologies. It is obviously not advisable to practice in commercial projects. So I plan to make […]

  • “It male grade” comparison table, which grade are you??


    《It male 1-10 scoring standard》Out of the furnace, 10 points male is simply a myth level, come to see what level they belong to!! Come and have a look. What’s your score? Is salted fish, or Da Na, their respective seats, welcome to comment and forward message. Today Friday, tomorrow weekend, ah?? what?? Does Manon […]

  • How to receive and transfer to Base64 in the background when the front-end Ajax C transmits formdata


    The front end is Ajax of jQuery, and the background is C ා MVC. The code is as follows: var formData = new FormData(); formData.append(“File”, files); $.ajax({ url: “/Publish/TempDescUpLoad” , type: ‘POST’, data: formData,//Tell jQuery not to process the sent data processData: false,//Tell query not to set the content type request header contentType: false,BeforeSend: function() […]

  • Use Python to crawl the information of Netease’s strict selection of younger sister’s underwear, and explore their preference


    Netease product reviews crawling Analyze web pages Comment analysis Enter the official website of Netease, search for “bra”, and then click into a commodity at random. ​ On the product page, open the chrome console, switch to the network page, and then switch the product page to the evaluation tab, select a comment text, such […]