• Error reported by ojdbc.jar in Maven (unable to download)


    I. Problems Because of the copyright problem of Oracle, Java connects Oracle’s jar(ojdbc.jar)Unable to download in Maven’s central warehouse, and then the Maven project reported an error. Two, solve Step 1: Downloadojdbc.jar Because it’s my own computer installation, just go to the installation directory of the Oracle database and find it here Step 2: copy […]

  • Create your own private library with cocoapods – the first step of IOS componentization


    At present, the common solution for IOS componentization is pod + routing + continuous integration. Usually, the first step after the completion of architecture design is to decompose the modules in the original project into independent pod projects (components) according to the architecture diagram. Today, we will see how to create a pod private library. […]

  • File descriptors and redirection


    Introduction to file descriptors:The file descriptor is a non negative integer in form. Each file descriptor corresponds to an open fileFile descriptors are used to access files. The most well-known file descriptors are stdin (standard input), stdout (standard output), stderr (standard error). The system reserves three file descriptors 0, 1, 2 for them respectively in […]

  • How to delete MySQL service in a service


    You can check MySQL service in windows management, stop it or stop it with DOS command1. If you want to uninstall mysql, execute the following command: DOS >mysqld -remove mysql 2. Start MySQL: DOS>net start mysql 3. Stop MySQL: DOS>net stop mysql You type in the run firstCMDUnder DOS>net stop mysql

  • Artifact of human integration: teach you to enter the system only with command prompt


    But it seems that we all don’t understand the way that Xiaobian teaches technology. If we bully me even more, I’m sorry. Today, their computers will only be black when they log in. Only command prompt can enter the system!!! I want black people to do it with Xiaobian“Win+R”Enter “regedit” to enter the registry editor, […]

  • Linux command – JDK and MySQL installation operation


    1. VMwarevirtual machine VMWareVirtual machine software is a“fictitiousPC”Software that allows you to run two or more machines at the same timeWindows、DOS、LINUXSystem. 1.1.  vmware15Installation configuration Workstation 15 Pro The following support has been added in: support for new client operating systems Windows 10 1803 Ubuntu 18.04 Fedora 28 RHEL 7.5 CentOS 7.5 Debian 9.5 OpenSuse Leap 15.0 FreeBSD […]

  • Git practical skills: git stash


    We often encounter the following situations: BeingdevThe branch develops new functions, and when it’s half done, someone comes to give feedbackbug, let it be solved immediately, but when the new function is half finished, you don’t want to submit it, then you can use itgit stashThe command saves the current progress first. Then switch to […]

  • Publish a single EXE file in. Net core 3.0


    Suppose I have a simple “Hello world” console application that I want to send to a friend to run. My friend doesn’t have. Net core installed, so I know I need to build a stand-alone application for him. Simply run the following command in the project directory: dotnet publish -r win-x64 -c Release –self-contained How […]

  • Linux basic-01-linux basic command


    1. Linux command format 1) syntax format of Linux command: Command options parameters 2) specific meaning of command, option and parameter in command format A) command: tell the Linux (Unix) operating system what to do (execute). B) option: describes the way the command is run (the function of the command can be changed). The options […]

  • Detailed explanation of Linux VIM utility command


    Linux common commands – learned CD RM (followed by RF to delete files or folders) ls (view files and folders under the current path) MKDIR (create folder) touch (create file)Cat MV rmdir whoamI PWD– / ා the root directory Linux system has no drive letter, only the root directory /.– CD directory jump– CP ා […]

  • Linux system basic optimization and common commands


    Linux basic system optimizationThere is no introduction, only one picture. The network function of Linux is quite powerful. For a while, we can’t understand all the network commands. When we configure the server’s basic environment, we should first understand the network parameter setting commands.Ifconfig query, setting network card, IP and other parametersIfup, ifdown script command, […]