• How to use air to overload code automatically


    Air can monitor the code of the project in real time, and automatically recompile and execute after the code changes Install air (Windows) (1) , inhttps://github.com/cosmtrek/air/releasesYou can download the air at, put it into the bin directory under the go installation directory, and rename it toair.exe (2) In the windows command window, you can also […]

  • Technical weekly report of 20210322-20210326


    preface The main technical content of this week is to share the basic knowledge of JVM and some production accident cases JVM First ask a question: in the company, what is the number of parameters of the project JVM you are responsible for? For example, the size of the heap, maxheapsize, the size of the […]

  • Use of NPM scripts


    NPM script concept NPM allowspackage.jsonFilescriptsField definition script: { // … “scripts”: { “build”: “node build.js” } } Execute script: $ npm run build To view all available scripts: $ npm run Principle of script execution Whenever executednpm run, the command will automatically create a new shell in which to execute the specified script command. Therefore, […]

  • The locate command of one Linux command per day


    Locate allows users to quickly search whether there are specified files in the file system. The method is to establish a database including all the file names and paths in the system, and then when searching, you only need to query the database, instead of actually going deep into the file system. In general distribution, […]

  • Clear the log file being written (qbit)


    Test environment of this paper Ubuntu 20.04 MongoDB 4.4 command >Mongod.log # recommendation true >mongod.log echo >mongod.log echo “”>mongod.log truncate -s 0 mongod.log cat /dev/null > mongod.log cp /dev/null mongod.log dd if=/dev/null of=mongod.log These methods can also be used for emptyingtomcatOfcatalina.out This article comes fromqbit snap

  • Redis learning notes (11) server


    Redis server is responsible for establishing network communication with multiple clients, processing command requests sent by clients, saving data generated by client executing commands in database, and maintaining the operation of server itself through resource management.   Command request process (take set command as an example)   1. The client sends a command to the […]

  • PHP + spool + redis source code compilation and installation


    1. Download PHP source packagehttp://php.net/get/php-7.2.4…. tar -zxvf php-7.2.4.tar.gz cd php-7.2.4 ./configure –prefix=/usr/local/php make && make install 2. Download swoole source package git clone https://gitee.com/swoole/swoole.git cd swoole /usr/local/php/bin/phpize ./configure –with-php-config=/usr/local/php/bin/php-config make && make install Finally, add extension = spool to php.ini, PHP – M view the extension, and if spool appears, the installation is successful 3. […]

  • Android repo tips: explain how repo sync synchronizes one or more warehouses separately


    implementrepo syncThe command will synchronize all git repositories of Android source code by default. If you want to synchronize one or more git repositories separately, you can provide one or more project parameters to specify the path of GIT repository to be synchronized. The specific command format is as follows: Usage: repo sync [<project>…] The […]

  • Common window commands


    Open DOS window Open the run dialog box (Win + R) Enter CMD to open the console command window You can also run the command directly through the CMD / C command and the CMD / K command Note / C means to close the CMD window after executing the command/ K means to keep […]

  • Netstat is not easy to use on Mac. Try lsof


    Here I mainly talk about the use of netstat and lsof, as well as the lack of many functions of netstat in the MAC system. In this scenario, lsof is a good supplement. I prefer lsof, and for netstat, even under Linux, I recommend SS instead netstat Netstat command lists the detailed information about your […]

  • Docker practice


    Docker practice Author: Hackett WeChat official account: overtime ape 1、 Prepare tools Cloud server I use Tencent cloud’s centos7.5 64 bit cloud server, which costs less than 100 yuan a year. You can also use a virtual machine 2、 Login server tool MobaXterm 1. The main reason why we use this as SSH client is […]

  • Linux redirection usage


    Hello, I’m Liang Xu. I believe that you usually need to copy and paste data, if you open the file to copy and paste, it will inevitably need more mouse and keyboard operation, it will be more cumbersome. So is there a copy and paste method that can save these tedious operations? The answer is […]