• Using flask to implement restful API


    Original translation, if you need to reprint, please contact the translator.My Jane Book blog: nummy Implementing a restful web API with Python & flask brief introduction First, install flask pip install flask Before reading this article, I assume you have understood the relevant concepts of restful API. If you are not clear, you can read […]

  • Explain two installation and deployment methods of redis in detail


    Redis is a common NoSQL database. We usually use redis for caching. This is an article about the installation of redis, so it won’t involve the advanced features and use scenarios of redis. Redis is compatible with most POSIX systems, such as Linux and OS X, but unfortunately it doesn’t support the installation on windows. […]

  • Use Linux SEQ command to generate number sequence (recommended)


    Linux’s SEQ command can generate a list of numbers at lightning speed, and it’s easy to use and flexible. One of the easiest ways to generate a list of numbers in Linux is to use the sequence command. In its simplest form, SEQ receives a number parameter and outputs a list from 1 to that […]

  • Oracle single instance patching


      Oracle instance hitPSU,OJVM PSUPatch quick reference Write before: ·         1. The operation of each patch by oracel is sometimes different, so no matter how familiar you are, you should read the attachedreadme。 ·         2. Oracle will update the latestPSU, the latest in this article refers to the current latest (i.eIssued by 0719PSU)。 ·         […]

  • There is no fastdfs · client.jar solution for Maven warehouse


    1、 First of all, we know that fastdfs_client.jar is open-source and hosted on GitHub, so first download the source code to local, download address: fastdfs_client source code 2、 The command line goes to the source package root directory:cd fastdfs-client-java/ 3、 Execute the Maven command:mvn package, start to download the dependency package, until you see:BUILD SUCCESSIndicates […]

  • Shell syntax


    variable Declare, use, read only, delete myUrl=”runoob.com” echo $myUrl ${myUrl} readonly myUrl unset myUrl 1. When defining variables, do not add$, between variable name and equal signNo spaces2. Using variables, precede the variable name with$ 。3、{ }Optional, with or without braces to help the interpreter identify the boundary of variables4、unsetCommand, cannot delete read-only variables String […]

  • Bash technique: introduce the usage of ten redirection operators such as redirection input and output


    In Bash, before executing a command, you can use the redirection operator to redirect the input and output of the command, get the input from other files, and write the command output to other files.See man bash’sREDIRECTIONSection. The following examples illustrate the specific usage of ten redirection operators. The concept of redirection stayREDIRECTIONThe concept of […]

  • Sublime text install git plug-in


    Install configuration Git Http://git-scm.com/ download and install, next all the way, this is easy.!! The path environment variable setting after installation is very important!!My computer – > properties – > Advanced – > environment variables – > system variables – > PathSemicolon interval add path.Find the address where Git is installed, such as the author’s […]

  • Job control mechanism in Bash


    Job control stayshellPass throughcommand &You can create background jobs byjobs -lCommand to view the currentshellThe list of jobs maintained in, including their job number, process number, and operation status. Among them, job number(jobIDorJOB_SPEC)Is the job in the currentshellUnique identification in Jobs and processes A job is a more advanced scheduling unit than a process, and […]

  • Starting redis through docker


    brief introduction Redis is an open source (BSD licensed), memory stored data structure server, which can be used as database, cache and message queue agent. It supports string, hash table, list, set, ordered set, bitmap, hyperloglogs and other data types. Built in replication, Lua script, LRU retraction, transaction and disk persistence at different levels. At […]

  • Objective-C design pattern analysis – command


    Pattern of picture reading Premise & scenario We have several legions. The Legion has several functions: 1. Attacking the target on land; 2. Bombing the target; 3. Protecting the target; 4. Retreating from the target, etc.The general can give orders to the Legion and use its functions. demand In a battle, the general masterminded and […]

  • Choerodon from v0.20 to v0.21


    ChoerodonPig toothed fish open source cloud technology platformIt is based on the open-source technology kubernetes, istio, knowledgeable, gitlab, spring cloud to realize the integration of local and cloud environment and the consistency of enterprise multi cloud / hybrid cloud application environment. By providing lean agile, continuous delivery, container environment, micro services, Devops and other capabilities, […]