• Ubuntu installation of win10 subsystem (including graphical interface)


    When I install the Ubuntu subsystem (WLS), I find that the posts on the Internet are uneven, so I can’t give the novice a simple and direct tutorial, so I summarize a simple installation tutorial for the novice’s reference.Next, let’s go straight to the topic1. Go to the Microsoft Store, search for Ubuntu, select Ubuntu […]

  • The first learning application example of angularjs Chinese community


    preface As we all know, angularjs has become a hot front-end framework. Angularjs has become the most popular open source JavaScript framework in the world of web application development. But although angularjs 2 has been released for a long time, the relevant learning documents and materials are not perfect. Following the introductory course of angularjs […]

  • Laravel7 uses auth for user authentication


    Original address: https://www.wjcms.net/archive… The laravel 7 version has removed auth. We all know that the previous version was used directlyphp artisan make:auth Can be used, but this version can not, then how to do it? Today I would like to talk about the specific steps. Laravel / UI package of laravel 7 provides a quick […]

  • Creating logical volume in Linux


    Create partition [[email protected] lohr]# fdisk /dev/sdb Welcome to fdisk (util Linux 2.23.2). The changes stay in memory until you decide to write them to disk.Think twice before using the write command. Device does not contain a recognized partition tableUse the disk identifier 0xa7a34d5d to create a new DOS disk label. Command (enter m for help): […]

  • HDFS of Hadoop (1) overview and common shell operations


    1. HDFS overview 1.1 introduction to HDFS HDFS (Hadoop distributed file system), Hadoop distributed file system, is used to solve the problem of massive data storage. 1.2 characteristics of HDFS advantage High fault tolerance: HDFS multi copy distributed storage, when a copy is lost, it can be automatically recovered, so HDFS has high fault tolerance, […]

  • Practice of building redis cluster environment


    preface This paper is the practice summary of redis cluster learning (based on redis 6.0 +). It introduces in detail the process of gradually building a redis cluster environment, and completes the practice of cluster scaling. Brief introduction of redis cluster Redis clusterIt is a distributed database solution provided by redisShardingTo share data, and provide […]

  • Upgrade and avoid pit guide of reactnative project


    As everyone knows, ReactNative project upgrading is a big problem. I believe that experienced iron old fellow who has experienced the upgrade of the version, Ku’s Bi ha feel fresh.Because the reactnative project is upgraded to Android project, IOS project and JavaScript project, it’s very troublesome to deal with the three aspects of modification. It’s […]

  • Creating swap partition in Linux


    Create partition [[email protected] lohr]# fdisk /dev/sdb Welcome to fdisk (util Linux 2.23.2). The changes stay in memory until you decide to write them to disk. Think twice before using the write command. Command (enter m for help): P Disk / dev / SDB: 5368 MB, 5368709120 bytes, 10485760 sectors Units = sector of 1 * […]

  • Crontab, get started


    CrontabIt is a time-based task management tool in UNIX system. This command is different from the traditional UNIX command. The following will introduce its rules and usage one by one. Crontab or cron crontabstillcron? Students who first contact crontab may be confused by these two words. In fact, it can be understood as follows:crontabnamelycronService, andcronIt’s […]

  • How does git store data


    How does git store data Git is one of the tools that we use most every day. It is a new version control tool created by Linus Torvalds, the earliest author of Linux kernel. It is as simple and easy to use as Linux. This article will briefly talk about how git works requirement I […]

  • Refuse to delete library and run! Getting started with docker container data management


    This article is written by members of Tuque communitymRcWelcome to join the Tuque community to create wonderful free technical tutorials for the development of programming industry. If you think our writing is good, rememberLike + follow + commentSan Lian, encourage us to write a better tutorial Data is the core of all applications and services, […]

  • Machine learning (4): Wu Enda’s notes


    Preface to octave language In the large-scale machine learning in Silicon Valley, people usually use octave to realize the basic idea of the algorithm, and then rewrite it with other languages (Java, C + +). This is because machine learning languages such as python, numpy and R are more complicated than octave and MATLAB. Using […]