• Python error message is: sudo: apt get: command not found


    1. Problem description The error message is: sudo: apt get: command not found 2. Causes and Solutions Use Yum install XXX under CentOS Differences between Yum and apt getGenerally speaking, famous Linux systems are basically divided into two categories:1. RedHat series: RedHat, CentOS, Fedora, etc2. Debian series: Debian, Ubuntu, etcRedHat collection1. The common installation package […]

  • Shorthand guide to Linux common files and network operation commands


    ls Copy code The code is as follows: $LS – view files in the current directoryconf lnmp_install.sh README vhost_ngx_pagespeed.shinit.sh ngx_pagespeed.sh source vhost.sh Copy code The code is as follows: $LS conf – view files in the conf directoryindex.html nginx.conf pureftpd-mysql.conf tz.phpinit.d.nginx pure-ftpd.conf script.mysql Copy code The code is as follows: $LS – a ා show […]

  • Set command of shell


    Introduction to set command Set command is a command that beginners seldom touch, but it is very usefulbash) Set command is a built-in command of shell interpreter, which is used to set properties of shell interpreter, so as to control some behaviors of shell interpreter. ➜ ~/programming/test $ type set set is a shell builtin […]

  • Oracle EBS restart concurrency Manager


    Oracle EBS restart concurrency Manager When Oracle EBS concurrency prompts invalid status, you can restart the concurrency manager to solve the current problem Steps: Access to the AP server of the current environment through terminal software; Input commandcd $ADMIIN_SCRIPTS_HOME, enter the script path; Input commandls, confirm that the script exists in the current pathadcmctl.sh ; […]

  • Special characters in shell command line and their escaping (removing special meanings)


    Special symbols and their escaping As we know, in a shell command, it consists of the command name and its parameters, such ascat testfileAmong themcatIs the command name,testfileIs a parameter. The shell willtestfilePass tocatCommand. However, if a parameter contains special characters, such as*, *As we know, it means any number of (including 0) arbitrary characters. […]

  • Basic command explanation


    Catalog 1. Preface 2. Command operation syntax format of Linux system 2.1 create a directory / Oldboy 2.2 view directory / Oldboy 2.3 change current directory / location 2.4 print current working directory 2.5 create file or modify file timestamp (file attribute) 3.stat command 4.vim 4.1 view document content 4.2more command 4.3 Linux shortcut key […]

  • W: GPG error: http://repo.mysql.com trust inrelease in APT get update


    I. Problems in useapt-get updateThe following error occurred while updating package resources in Ubuntu environment: Ign http://repo.mysql.com trusty/mysql-tools Translation-en Fetched 3,164 B in 1min 42s (30 B/s) Reading package lists… Done W: GPG error: http://repo.mysql.com trusty InRelease: The following signatures were invalid: KEYEXPIRED 1487236823 KEYEXPIRED 1487236823 KEYEXPIRED 1487236823 From the error information, it can be […]

  • djinn:1 Vulnhub Walkthrough


    Target download link: https://download.vulnhub.com/djinn/djinn.ova   Host port scan:   FTP found some file tips   Port 1337 is a game. Go and have a look   Ha ha, it’s a bit difficult. Let’s give up for now. Can I find anything on the 7331 HTTP server Using dirb dirsearch’s own dictionary, we didn’t find it. […]

  • Download, install and configure mysql-5.7.28 under Windows


    You need to change the version of MySQL database recently. Write an article and record it 1、 Download MySQL database There are two kinds of MySQL downloads, one is zip compressed file, the other is MSI installerOfficial version 5.7 zip file download pageOfficial version 5.7 MSI installer download page I choose 5.7.28-windows 64 bit Click […]

  • [redis5 source code learning] analysis of the life cycle of redis command execution


    baiyan Introduce First, let’s look at a very familiar redis command execution diagram:Then think about such a problem. When we connect to the redis server, enter and execute a redis command, such as set key1 value1. How is this command sent to the redis server, and how does the redis server parse it, handle it […]

  • Recovery of NOARCHIVELOG and archive modes under RMAN


    Resume atNOARCHIVELOGDatabase of patterns When the database is inNOARCHIVELOGIn mode, if there is a media failure, any operations on the database after the last backup will be lost. adoptRMANWhen performing a recovery, only therestoreCommand to repair the database file to the correct location, and then you can open the database. In other words, for theNOARCHIVELOGThe […]

  • vim


    Catalog Vim and programmer 2. What is VIM? 3. Use of VI / VIM 3.1 command mode: 4. Input mode 5. Bottom line command mode 5.1 VIM working mode 6.vim button Vim and programmer All UNIX like systems will have built-in VI document editors, while other document editors may not exist. But now we use […]