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  • Git windows installation tutorial (version


    1. Git Download Go to git official website to download the software of the corresponding system. The download address isgit-scm.comperhapsgitforwindows.orgGit SCM above is the official git, which contains installation packages and source codes for different systems and platforms, and gitforwindows Only the installation package of windows system is available in 2. Git installation The version […]

  • Webload installation tutorial (Windows)


    1. What is webload? A shooting range based on common Java vulnerabilities is very suitable for Xiaobai’s learning. 2. Jar Download Download address:https://github.com/WebGoat/WebGoat/releases This is used as a shooting range. It’s enough to choose webload-server-8.2.2.jar. Webwolf can be used normally only when webload-server-8.2.2.jar is running. It can simulate an attacker cooperating with the local host […]

  • Tips for installing win11: this computer can’t run Windows 11


    TPM (trusted platform module) is a trusted platform module. The technology is designed to provide hardware based safety related functions. TPM chip is a secure encryption processor designed to perform encryption operations. The chip contains multiple physical security mechanisms to make it tamper proof, and malware cannot tamper with the security functions of TPM. Some […]

  • Android debug bridge (ADB)


    preface reference resources English version recommendedhttps://developer.android.google.cn/studio/command-line/adb?hl=zh-cn ponder a problem Why use ADB (under what circumstances)? What are the advantages of using ADB at work? What is ADB Android debug bridge (ADB) is a versatile command-line tool that allows you to communicate with devices. (computer connected to Android device for communication) The ADB command can be […]

  • MySQL installation + initialization


    First go to the official website to download the appropriate version. Here I choose to download the windows 64 bit version. This isDownload address。     1. download mysql, step ① = = > step ②         2. after downloading, unzip it to a disk other than the system disk (Disk C) […]

  • Creating windows services for MySQL + creating users and authorizing


    In the previous essay, I detailed the installation of the windows 64 bit version of MySQL, as well as initialization operations, starting the server, client connections, and some basic file operations. However, during these operations, we need to enter a long list of paths and commands to succeed. Is there a simple method to replace […]

  • Install and configure multiple versions of JDK


    Preface: there are multiple versions of JDK. Sometimes it is necessary to switch different versions for development. To install multiple jdks on a computer, you only need to configure them as follows, and you can easily use them each time. The following environments are windows10 Install JDK Install jdk8 Configure environment variables Configuration requiredJAVA_HOME CLASSPATH […]

  • Basic principles of Linux


    Basic principles of Linux: 1. It is composed of small programs with single purpose: combining small programs to complete complex tasks; 2. All documents; 3. Try to avoid capturing user interfaces; 4. Save the configuration file in plain text format;   There are two interfaces for users to interact with the operating system: GUI interface: […]

  • Solution to failure of win10 command prompt / black window / CMD


    Some friends of win10 will close the command prompt due to misoperation. Here are two repair methods 1. Use the registry to repair(time consuming2min) 2. Enter the system configuration command prompt option(time consuming2min) 3. You can downloadmedia creation toolHarmless file upgrade and repair system (time consuming)30min) Let’s take a look at the specific repair steps Registry […]

  • How to check if the windows system port is occupied


    Sometimes when we use win10 system, we want to check which process occupies the port and how to check it. Let’s share the methods below Method / step The first step is to enter the command in the search box of win10 system task bar. After searching the command prompt, right-click the mouse and select […]

  • Shell: command prompt


    Blog:Blog Garden personalreference resources:command prompt catalogue summary Environment variable PS1 colour Environment variables PS2, PS3, PS4 summary After the user enters bash, bash will display a command prompt to prompt the user to enter a command after the location. Environment variable PS1 The command prompt is usually a dollar sign$For the root user, it is […]

  • xonsh tips(qbit)


    preface github:https://github.com/xonsh/xonsh TIPS install pip install pipx -i https://mirrors.aliyun.com/pypi/simple/ pipx install xonsh[full] -i https://mirrors.aliyun.com/pypi/simple/ Avoid Chinese path garbled code under Windows CMD set “$LANG=zh_CN.UTF-8” && xonsh configuration file~/.xonshrc #Command prompt format $PROMPT = ‘\n{env_name}{BOLD_GREEN}{user}@{hostname}{BOLD_BLUE} {cwd}\n{BOLD_YELLOW}{curr_branch:{} }{RESET}{BOLD_BLUE}{prompt_end}{RESET} ‘ #Avoid Chinese path garbled code under Windows CMD $LANG=zh_CN.UTF-8 #Ll alias aliases[‘ll’] = ‘ls -al’ This article comes […]