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  • Analysis of CLI command line running mode of PHP


    When doing development, we not only do various websites or interfaces, but also often need to write some command-line scripts to deal with some back-end transactions. For example, data processing and statistics. Of course, for the sake of efficiency, when a transaction may consume a long time, it is often handed over to the timer […]

  • How to organize and build multi file C language programs! UNIX program and makefile programming!


    Prepare your favorite drinks, editors and compilers, play some music, and then start building a C language program composed of multiple files.   It is often said that the art of computer programming is partly dealing with complexity and partly naming something. In addition, I think “sometimes you need to add drawings” is largely correct. […]

  • Installing tesnsorflow 2. X with Anaconda under Windows


    By VladSource Vlad (official account: fulade_me) Download Anaconda First openAnaconda official websiteFind the bottom of the page. Since the latest Anaconda supports Python 3.8, and tesnorflow supports Python 3.7, I specially checked the release time of Python 3.8, so we need to click theachriveFind the historical version to download.Click to enter the historical version page […]

  • Django 1.8 official document translation: 6-4-2 write a custom Django admin command


    Write a custom Django admin command Applications can bemanage.pyRegister their own actions. For example, you might want to add one for the Django application you are publishingmanage.pyAction. In the documentation on this page, we willpollsBuild a custom applicationclosepollCommand. To do this, simply add one to the applicationmanagement/commandscatalogue Django will register one for each Python module […]

  • Django framework


    Django framework 1、 Django frame installation Version problem 1. X version 2. X version Recommended version 1. X:       1.11.09~1.11.13 pip3 install django==1.11.11     2、 Two ways to create Django projects 1. Command line creation 1) Create Django project Django admin startproject MySite # MySite is the project name File directory of the project: mysite: […]

  • Play the command line as “mini Google”: it can search, calculate and translate


    Still using the browser to open Google and Baidu to search? No,no,not fashion。 Directly letcommand lineSecond becomes “search engine”, understand? Not only can search and Q & a be done easily, but alsocalculationandtranslate。 “Pa” once suck (Zhang) eyes (x) have wood. Tuxi: instant Q & a command line tool This is the project on the […]

  • Learn go language and complete the first work


    Previously, I used c# to write a command-line tool for sending mail under windows to facilitate sending email reminders to my mailbox when some scripts have exceptions. But this is not frequently used by me, because some of my scripts still run under Linux, so I have another article to write an executable program to […]

  • Electron template and command line interface


    ElectronThe development of is not very rigid, that is, development, compilation, packaging and releaseElectronNone of the application’s methods can be called “the only standard”.ElectronAdditional features related to compilation and runtime can usually be found innpmCan be found in a separate installation package, so that developers can compile applications and applications at the same time according […]

  • Some plug-in configurations for sublime text 2 (MacOSX)


    Sublime Text 2(Hereinafter referred to as Subl)Is a very powerful cross platform code editor. It needs some configuration to make it more powerful.The configurations involved in this article are as follows: Set Subl to support command line startup Install package control to enable the Subl to support the installation of plug-ins Install ctags and ctags […]

  • Oracle view blocking (lock) information


    The SQL part for monitoring is sorted into a column to output the main content. I don’t like to disassemble it myself or add other column information that needs to be used. Resolution:1. Only the blocked and blocked persons are output, and the blocking time > = 60s;2. Chr (10) line feed output, the effect […]

  • Seed (2) – buffer overflow attack


    1. Vulnerability principle Vulnerability code example: #include void foo(char *str) { char buffer[12]; strcpy(buffer, str); } int main() { char *str = “This is definitely longer than 12”; foo(str); return 1; } When the contents of STR are copied into the buffer, the buffer will overflow because the length of STR is greater than 12. […]

  • Phpstudy installing the spool extension


    First, install phpstudy. You can go tohttp://lamp.phpstudy.netTo install, the whole process takes about 50-90 minutes. Look at your CPU. The better the CPU performance, the faster Then download the swoole extension download addresshttps://codeload.github.com/swoole/swoole-src/tar.gz/swoole-1.7.9-alpha Extract ittar -xvzf swoole-src-swoole-1.7.9-alpha.tar.gz cd swoole-src-swoole-1.7.9-alpha sudo vi /root/.bashrc Add in the last lineexport PATH=/phpstudy/server/php/bin:$PATH Save exit Run the following command on […]