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  • Mac automatically turns on chrome cross domain


    Command line execution open -n /Applications/Google\ Chrome. App / — args — Disable web security — user data dir = / users / chensiyuan3 / documents / configure / Chrome / Chrome access control allow origin Use the automatic operation script provided by MAC, as shown in the figure, to add an application Select Run […]

  • Laravel sail add mongodb


    The sale itself does not include the expansion of mongodb and PHP mongodb, but the sale is created using docker, so we can easily modify anything Install PHP extensions First, execute the command in the directory to publish the configuration file to the current directorydockerDirectory sail artisan sail:publish Enter the docker directory, find the corresponding […]

  • The difference between git Bash and git CMD in Windows operating system


    After installing git client in Windows 10, we noticed git bash in the installation folder Exe and git CMD Exe two executable files. What’s the difference? Refer to this stackoverflow discussionlink. Git CMD is like a regular windows command prompt with the GIT command. It allows you to use all git functions from the command […]

  • Etcd practice (I)


    Series articles: Etcd practice (II) Etcd practice (I) I’ve been looking at etcd related things recently. In order not to “see in vain” and deepen understanding, I immediately turn on the output of this series. What is etcd Etcd was written by go. It is a highly consistent distributed key value storage, which provides a […]

  • Simulate amiibo without ntag 215 card


    Amiibo is a NFC doll released by Japanese game manufacturer Nintendo. It is mainly used on Nintendo switch game console. It can upload or receive stored game data in the game. Previously, simulating amiibo required an Android phone, tagmo program and several ntag 215 cards. Now it only needs a Linux host with Bluetooth module. […]

  • Mac solves the problem of linking Mysql to database server


    After MySQL is installed locally, it can be accessed directly through the command line, but the following error occurs when connecting through JDBC in Java: com.mysql.jdbc.exceptions.jdbc4.MySQLNonTransientConnectionException: Could not create connection to database server. After checking the local MySQL version, it is found that the MySQL and MySQL connector Java versions are inconsistent, as follows:,Therefore, inhttps://downloads.mysql.com/a…Download […]

  • Windows Server 2019 installation summary (vs 2019 build tool) – continued


    The Essentials: After Windows Server 2019 Evaluation Installed – PART II I wrote it last timeWindows Server 2019 installation summary (vs 2019 build tool)Then, the basic post installation configuration work is described. However, this is far from my goal – a lightweight (22gb light) MSVC build environment. So continue to add the problems encountered in […]

  • Rapid development of oneos Lite operating system using oneos cube


    Last articleHow to quickly compile and run oneos Lite, passOneOS-CubeCompiled and run quickly. Therefore, this article focuses onOneOS-LiteThe most commonly used development tools inOneOS-Cube。 At present,OneOS-LiteThere are two main development environments: Command line basedOneOS-CubeDevelopment environment; MDK development environment. Both development environments support running under windows (win7 or win10) operating system,OneOS-CubeSupport Linux operating system. 1. Recommendation […]

  • Using fastdfs in spring boot


    Using fastdfs in spring boot POM configuration <dependency> <groupId>org.csource</groupId> <artifactId>fastdfs-client-java</artifactId> <version>1.27-SNAPSHOT</version> </dependency> 1. Because Maven warehouse doesn’t havefastdfs-client-java-1.27-SNAPSHOT.jarFor this dependency package, Maven cannot download fastdfs client Java dependency, Dependency org.csource:fastdfs-client-java:1.27-SNAPSHOT’ not found. How to solve it 1.1 download fastdfs client java development kit GitHub address github.com/happyfish100/fastdfs-cl… 1.2 unzip fastdfs client Java master 1.3 enter the […]

  • Quickly build the hyperf framework under the docker container in the local development environment of windows system


    Introduction to hyperf framework HyperfIt is a high-performance and flexible progressive PHP collaboration framework with built-in collaboration server and a large number of commonly used components. Its performance is better than that based on traditional PHPPHP-FPMThe framework has been improved qualitatively, providing ultra-high performance while maintaining extremely flexible scalability. Standard components are based onPSR standardImplementation, […]

  • Rapid integration of Huawei AGC cloud storage service nodejs


    Huawei appgallery connect provides a cloud storage service, which claims to provide a convenient cloud storage service. When application developers use it, they can use it directly without paying attention to the deployment of the server. This service has recently launched the SDK of server nodejs. I tried it first. You can also be interestedDownload […]

  • Recommend a MySQL command line artifact


    start Generally, the MySQL command line tool we use is the built-in MySQL cli. The display effect under the command line is as follows Enter the prompt of the operation interface and enter show. You press tab and there is no response at all. Let’s say I have an ordergrant privileges on *.* to [email protected]’%’This […]