• Four methods of printing lists in Python


    Original linkTitle: print lists in python (4 different ways) Print with a for loop a = [1, 2, 3, 4, 5] for x in range(len(a)): print a[x], result1 2 3 4 5 Print with * asterisk a = [1, 2, 3, 4, 5] #Separated by spaces by default print(*a) #Separated by commas print(*a, sep = […]

  • comma operator


    comma operator This is an operator that can easily be ignored, but the comma operator has a magical function that is ignored This operator is introduced on the MDN as follows: **The comma operator * * evaluates each of its operands (left to right) and returns the value of the last operand. Look at this […]

  • The third day of C language


    C language Supplement to last lesson — multi branch selection structure representative code int a = 3; switch (a) { case 1: { printf(“dayin =1\n”); } break; case 2: { printf(“dayin =2\n”); } break; case 3: { printf(“dayin =3\n”); } break; } Output of data Putchar — outputting a character to the screen — is […]

  • JSP from shallow to deep (7) — JSP directives


    In the previous tutorial, we have used java util. Date。 Some people will ask: why not just use import Java util.* And? In fact, the import statement can also be used in JSPS, but its syntax is somewhat different from that of ordinary Java. An example is given below: <%@ page import=”java.util.*” %> <HTML> <BODY> […]

  • Study day 8


    C language The general form of the for statement For — loop structure for( :) int a, sum = 0; for (a = 1; a <= 100; a++) { sum = sum + a; } printf(“sum=%d”, sum); A = 1 in parentheses is the initial value of the cyclic variable, a < = 100 is […]

  • Problems in splicing MySQL syntax in Python


    The value behind the in statement of MySQL is similar to the ancestor of Python. Under normal circumstances, it can be directly passed to the ancestor. For example, we have a ancestor: TMP_ tup = (“xiaoming”, “xiaohua”) The format string SQL = f “select * from TB where name in {tmp_tup}” is OK. However, if […]

  • Java enumeration classes, so that the use of elegant and easy to understand


    Java enumeration is a special class, which generally represents a set of constants, such as 4 seasons of a year, 12 months of a year, 7 days of a week, Southeast, northwest, etc. Java enumeration classes are defined by enum keyword, and constants are separated by commas.See implementation: @Test package com. foodie. enumeration; This work […]

  • Extension operator and rest parameter


    Today, I’d like to introduce an ES6 syntax that I don’t have much contact with at ordinary times, but it brings a lot of convenience to coding at ordinary times – three points. These three points are mainly for the format conversion of arrays. You can also focus on my WeChat official account, snail stack.1、 […]

  • Oeasy teaches you to play with VIM – 55 – # parameter substitution


    [GitHub address](https://github.com/overmind19…)[gitee address](https://gitee.com/overmind198…)[blue bridge experimental building invitation code fjwyimgb](https://www.lanqiao.cn/course…) Find details Recall the last lesson Batch replacement of pattern matching has been carried out Replace words :%s/\<a.*d\>/oeasy/g Escape character %s/^\/\/.*$/d Delete empty lines :g/^\s*$//d Are there any other ways to play? Markdown to HTML To putmarkdownIn the file*Italics* becomehtmlMedium<em>Italics</em> Write frame first s///gc Modify basic […]

  • Install tensorflow environment and jupyter under Anaconda


    Tensorflow has many versions, and there are great differences between different versions. To install tensorflow 1 4 as an example to introduce the creation process. The steps for installing other versions are similar. Install tensorflow1 four 1. Open Anaconda prompt 2. Create tensorflow1 4 environment The environment is named tensorflow1 4. My Python is 3.6, […]

  • Solve the problem of incomplete display of ecarts abscissa value


    Join in xaxis {}

  • MySQL stored procedures batch process strings with separators


    CREATE [email protected]% PROCEDURE updateMerchantOrderNo()BEGIN #Routine body goes here… declare orderstr text; declare ordernum int; /** Number of orders**/ declare i int default 1; declare orderno text; declare updateSql text; set orderstr = “ddd”; #Array length = number of commas select length(orderstr) – length(REPLACE(orderstr,”,”,””)) + 1 into @ordernum; /*Execute view order quantity*/ select @ordernum; while i […]