• Online JSON to CSV, TSV tool


    Online JSON to CSV, TSV tool Online JSON to CSV, TSV tool Online tool for converting JSON to CSV and TSV, which supports copying and downloading. JSON: (JavaScript object notation) is a lightweight data exchange format. It is based on a subset of ECMAScript (JS specification formulated by the European Computer Association) and uses a […]

  • MySQL combines multiple rows of results into one row with commas


    explain: 1.GROUP_ The value in concat () is the field name of the data you want to merge;  The separator function is used to separate the data to be merged. It is separated by commas by default;  ’is the symbol you want to use to separate; 2. Group by statement must be used for group […]

  • Django v1. X version startup error: syntax error: generator expression must be parentized


    Django v1. X version startup error: syntax error: generator expression must be parentized   Error message: Failed to get real commands on module “mysite”: python process died with code 1: Traceback (most recent call last): File “E:\JetBrains\PyCharm 2020.1\plugins\python\helpers\pycharm\_jb_manage_tasks_provider.py”, line 25, in django.setup() File “E:\PycharmProjects\python\venv\lib\site-packages\django\__init__.py”, line 27, in setup apps.populate(settings.INSTALLED_APPS) File “E:\PycharmProjects\python\venv\lib\site-packages\django\apps\registry.py”, line 85, in populate […]

  • Won 1.2k star in a month and claimed to be “the fastest C language JSON library”


    [introduction]: the C language JSON Library in accordance with ANSI standard is designed to make better use of modern CPU and pursue ultimate efficiency. brief introduction Yyjson is a high-performance JSON library developed in C language, which can make better use of the performance of modern CPU, so as to make the serialization and deserialization […]

  • 3、 XML configuration file (note)


    Cache – the cache configuration for this namespace. Cache ref – refers to the cache configuration of other namespaces. Resultmap – describes how to load objects from the database result set. It is the most complex and powerful element. SQL – a repeatable sentence block that can be referenced by other statements. Insert – map […]

  • Chrome command line switches supported by electron


    Let’s take a look at this sectionChromeBrowser andElectronCommand line switches supported in. We can develop these command lines inappModularreadyUse before eventapp.commandLine.appendSwitchTo add them to the applicationmainIn the script. Example: For example, add aremote-debugging-portTo applicationmainscript: const app = require(‘electron’).app; //Add command line switch to script app.commandLine.appendSwitch(‘remote-debugging-port’, ‘8315’); app.on(‘ready’, function() { // … }); command line switch […]

  • Go get timeout


    Consider the problem of agency Set first proxyProxy address go env -w GO111MODULE=on go env -w GOPROXY=https://goproxy.io,direct #Set private warehouses without proxy, and separate multiple with commas (optional) go env -w GOPRIVATE=*.corp.example.com #Set private organization without proxy (optional) go env -w GOPRIVATE=example.com/org_name The download was not successful, so the second one was used Proxy address […]

  • Eslint code specification for vue-cli3 project configuration


    preface Recently took over a project, because before in order to rapid development, did not do code checking. In order to make the code more standard and easier to read, it’s time for eslint. Installation dependency There are two ways to install dependencies: Add the corresponding dependency to devdependences in CMD, and then NPM install […]

  • Rust programming video tutorial corresponding to explain the content – function


    Video address Headline address:https://www.ixigua.com/i676544267458235648…Station B address:https://www.bilibili.com/video/av78062009?…Netease cloud classroom address:https://study.163.com/course/introduction…. Explanation content //1. Both function and variable names in trust use the style of snake case specification, otherwise there will be a warning //Trust does not care about the location of the function definition, as long as it is defined fn another_fun() { println!(“This is a […]

  • Import the contents of the. TXT file into the database


    1. Start →SQL Server 2019 importing and exporting data     2. Wizard Page Click next      3. Select data source data source   : Flat file source File name: click Browse to select the link where the file is located Locale: Chinese Code page: it’s very important here. Before the default UTF-8 for […]

  • mongodb: “invalid character ‘,’ looking for beginning of value”


    We get a super large JSON (800m) from the group, and need to import mongodb. Then we encounter a problem: $ mongoimport –db weibo –collection data –file test.json 2018-05-09T16:10:22.357+0800 connected to: localhost 2018-05-09T16:10:22.360+0800 Failed: error processing document #2: invalid character ‘,’ looking for beginning of value 2018-05-09T16:10:22.360+0800 imported 0 documents first At first, I went […]

  • C / C + + Programming Notes: operators – the basis of all programming languages! One article takes you to understand it


    Operators are the foundation of any programming language. Therefore, if operators are not used, the function of C / C + + programming language is incomplete. We can define operators as symbols to help us perform specific mathematical and logical calculations on operands. In other words, we can say that operators operate on operands.   […]