• CSS realizes column layout that can be stretched and resized


    Welcome to my official account:Front end detective In order to make full use of screen space, many page layouts, especially those of tools, such as editors and visualization platforms, provide drag and drop functions to adjust the size of each column, such as vscode Abstractly speaking, it is actually such a layout You can also […]

  • LeetCode 84. The largest rectangle in the histogram | the use of monotone stack | problem solving ideas and algorithms Java


    The largest rectangle in the histogram Original title:84. Largest Rectangle in Histogram Title Description: given\(n\)A nonnegative integer that represents the height of each column in the histogram. Each column is adjacent and has a width of 1.Find the area of the largest rectangle that can be contained in this histogram. Idea: For the largest rectangle […]

  • Add a contract grouping field to the list column of the contract settlement document in UFIDA U8 | [A / R management] A / R management


    Problem Description: Add a contract grouping field to the [contract settlement doc list] column in accounts receivable management Treatment method: (select max(cGroupName) as cGroupName from (select cGroupName,a.csysbarcode as djbm from CM_Balance a inner join CM_Contract_B b on a.GUID=b.GUID left join CM_Group c on b.strContractGrp=c.cGroupID) tmp where tmp.djbm=$ ) Add in column Click OK to finish […]

  • What is a monotonous stack?


    Recently, the author is brushing leetcode exercises, so I want to compile some classical algorithms and some classical data structures into a series to share with you and yourself in the future. This paper mainly involvesMonotone stack。 Monotone stack The concept of monotone stack itself is not difficult to understand, but it needs to be […]

  • Ubuntu tips


    To change the root password:sudo passwd rootThen enter the passwordEnter new UNIX password:Enter the new root password and confirmYou can then switch to the root operation with the Su command Hosts file location:/etc/hosts Shortcut keys:starterSuper opens the starter and displays the shortcut key.Alt + F1 turns on launcher keyboard navigation mode.Super + tab switches applications […]

  • Why do I brush a lot, meet new questions or be submissive, and can’t fight hard?


    Why do I brush a lot of questions, but when I encounter new questions, I am still submissive and can’t fight hard? Why is it that some will be discarded at first sight? What kind of secret is hidden in it? Is it the decline of morality or the distortion of human nature? Welcome to […]

  • [R language] – histogram


    Histogram introduction Histogram, also known as quality distribution diagram, is a statistical report diagram, which is composed of a series of longitudinal stripes or line segments with different heights to represent the data distribution. Generally, the horizontal axis (x axis) represents the data type, and the vertical axis (Y axis) represents the distribution (frequency of […]

  • Percolator model and its implementation in tikv


    1、 Background Percolator is a paper published by Google in 2010《Large-scale Incremental Processing Using Distributed Transactions and Notifications》A distributed transaction solution proposed in. In this paper, the scheme is used to solve the incremental index problem of search engine. Percolator supports acid semantics and implements the transaction isolation level of snapshot isolation, so it can […]

  • 6 pictures to help you understand the “web site test” in 20 minutes!!!


    Recently, a friend who has worked for more than a year asked me how to test a web page? My first feeling is shocked. I do web testing every day. Why don’t I know how to test it? On second thought, it may be that we are busy with testing and ignore testing every day. […]

  • Instructions for 159 common methods of Python pandas Library


    Instructions for 159 common methods of Python pandas Library Pandas library is designed for data analysis. It is an important factor in making Python a powerful and efficient data analysis environment. 1、 Pandas data structure 1、import pandas as pd import numpy as np import matplotlib.pyplot as plt 2、S1=pd. Series ([‘a’, ‘B’, ‘C’)) series is a […]

  • 2021-04-27 R’s lookup package


    The little friends who use Excel spreadsheet software know that lookup is an easy-to-use lookup function in Excel. Now with the R version of the package, you can use it directly! Home page:https://kwstat.github.io/lookup characteristic There are many useful functions in R, such asmerge()(https://rdrr.io/r/base/merge.html)The function is great for data frame merging. However, it often returns more […]

  • What data relationships can Python visual charts show?


    preface The text and pictures of this article come from the Internet and are only for learning and communication. They do not have any commercial use. The copyright belongs to the original author. If you have any questions, please contact us in time for handling. Author: Qu Xifeng, senior Python engineer, knows many columnists Source: […]