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  • HBase reading notes – Overview


    BigTable: solve the problems of massive structured data storage and efficient reading and writing within Google.HBase is a sparse, distributed and multidimensional map 1. Logical view Table: table contains more than one row of data.2. Row: row. A row of data contains a unique identification rowkey, multiple columns and corresponding values.3. Column: column. Different from […]

  • In the face of 10 billion data, why is the query speed of HBase still very fast?


    HBase is suitable for storing Pb level massive data (tens of billions of records). If queried according to the record primary key rowkey, the data can be returned in tens to hundreds of milliseconds. So how does HBase do it? Next, let’s introduce the idea and process of data query. Query process: Step 1: The […]

  • Hbase Shell


    Hbase Shell   1. Create table Syntax: create , {NAME => , VERSIONS => } Create a ‘table’ table with info as its column cluster         2. View the table list           3. View table details desc         4. Modify table alter   Add specified […]

  • Jave Hbase API


    Correspondence between HBase API class and data model       HBaseAdmin   Class: org.apache.hadoop.hbase.client.hbaseadmin Function: it provides an interface to manage the table information of HBase database. The methods it provides include: creating tables and deleting tables   In addition to tables, list table items, make tables valid or invalid, and add or delete […]

  • HBase learning 1 (basic introduction)


    1、 What is HBase? HBase is a distributed, column oriented open source database. This technology comes from the Google paper “BigTable: a distributed storage system of structured data” written by Fay Chang. Just as BigTable makes use of the distributed data storage provided by Google file system, HBase provides capabilities similar to BigTable on Hadoop. […]

  • HBase client programming (eclipse)


    Hadoop stepping on the pit (4) HBase client programming (eclipse) Environmental Science For the installation and configuration of HBase and the configuration of eclipse, please refer to the previous two articles The version of HBase used in this series is 1.4.13 The Hadoop version of this series is 2.8.5 Please pay attention to the personalized […]

  • Details of kylin’s cube building process


    1 foreword When using kylin, the most important step is to create the model definition of the cube, that is, to specify the measurement, dimension and some additional information, and then build the cube. Of course, we can also set the partition field according to a string field in the original table (the format of […]