• Java adds background color to word document


    preface When we make a word document, we can add background color to the whole document or a specific text / paragraph if we want to make the boring text appear lively or highlight the specified paragraph or text in the document. This article will use theFree Spire.Doc for JavaControl to demonstrate how to add […]

  • Seven useful techniques of CSS backgroundimage


    Author: Ryan McDermottTranslator: front end witSource: GitHub Today send 5 front-end books, the day after tomorrow, lottery addressclick here https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/nb…Good luck. Like it and see it again, wechat search[moving to the world]There is no big factory background to pay attention to this person, but he has a positive attitude. this paperGitHub https://github.com/qq44924588…On has been included, […]

  • 10 beautiful vscode Light Themes


    The first official account is “front-end developer”. The first time to read the latest article, it will give priority to two days to publish new articles. When selecting topics for vs code, the number of topics available is almost unlimited. I wrote an article before, introducing the beautiful theme of vs code. However, one attentive […]

  • Responsive Jekyll theme for mobile development


    simple This is a responsive Jekyll theme developed for mobile terminal. The effect is shown in demo. The source code is in GitHub. I think it’s a good star. Theme features include but are not limited to: Edit, create and publish articles online GitHub official grammar writing Mathjax supports attribute formula rendering Mermaid provides flow […]

  • CSS changes input cursor color


    When using the input field, we may encounter the situation that we need to set the cursor color for it. How to change the color of the white cursor on the CSS browser?The scenario described above can be implemented in two ways: 1. Use color to implement The color of the cursor is inherited from […]

  • How to use less


    Add material to CSS~ Less (abbreviation of leader style sheets) endows CSS with dynamic language features, such as variables, inheritance, operations, functions, etc. it is a backward compatible CSS extension language. Current latest version:Less 3.0 Official documents:http://lesscss.org Quick start:http://www.bootcss.com/p/lesscss Source code address:https://github.com/less/less.js <!– more –> 1. Browser usage 1.1. Compile to *. CSS node.js ➜ […]

  • Using overlayentry to implement toast (Advanced)


    Preface and effect I wrote an article beforeUsing overlayentry to implement toast in flutterBecause it’s just a start-up, there are still many deficiencies. In recent days, I use my spare time to improve it, adding the status of success, failure, news and waiting, and adding the judgment of dark mode First of all, let’s list […]

  • Leetcode 546. Remove box | Python


    546. Remove the box subject Some boxes with different colors are given. The colors of boxes are represented by numbers, that is, different numbers represent different colors.You will go through several rounds to remove the boxes until all the boxes are removed. Each round you can remove consecutive K boxes with the same color (k […]

  • Leetcode 733. Image rendering | Python


    733. Image rendering Source: leetcode https://leetcode-cn.com/problems/flood-fill subject There is a picture represented by a two-dimensional array of integers. Each integer represents the size of the picture’s pixel value, ranging from 0 to 65535. Give you a coordinate (SR, SC) to indicate the pixel value (row, column) at the beginning of the image rendering and a […]

  • Details of LSB steganography


    I gave you training last weekendlsbHowever, due to the lack of time, speaking may be too fast, leading to some students can not understand, so this article is made to help students understand!         First of all, let’s talk about bitmap     We might as well enlarge the picture of guanxi […]

  • [shell script] output table data visually in terminal


    Final effect 1. Custom table style 2. Custom theme color Support three series of common colors Rainbow color support 16 Single color support Review the shell syntax Pass shell parameter 1 We can implement itshellIn the script, parameters are passed in real time to specify some specific parameters (including the style and color of the […]

  • Ring progress bar component of taro applet


    /src/components/CanvasProgress/index.jsx import Taro from “@tarojs/taro”; import React from “react”; import { View, Canvas, Image } from “@tarojs/components”; import styles from “./styles.module.less”; class CanvasProgress extends React.Component { static defaultProps = { Style: {}, // container style Progress: 0.6, // progress [0-1] BackgroundColor: “#cccccccc”, // background ring color Linecolor: “ා02a101”, // foreground ring color Linewidth: 5, // […]