• “Weekly canvas animation” — canvas special effects plug-in


    I haven’t updated the article for a long time. After several months, things are finally busy. Today, I’d like to share with you three special effects plug-ins of canvas. They are not so much for sharing as for convenient use. They encapsulate some effects of the previous chapters. 1. Martrix.js Click to view demo | […]

  • Using canvas to achieve interactive circular mosaic effect


    When looking at D3. JS, I came across aexampleI think it’s very interesting, like a circular mosaic that will split. Look at the code, using SVG to complete, but the specific implementation makes it impossible to play in the mobile terminal, so I implemented a version of canvas. Code is very simple, canvas beginners can […]

  • Dandelion and dandelion; Jelly technology weekly Vol.22: NPMI [email protected]


    Dandelion · jelly technical weekly Vol.22 Recently, react router has released the beta version of 6. X, and the official version is not far away. As an important part of react ecology, react router is widely used in various react projects, and its every version iteration is also concerned. What are the specific changes of […]

  • Online design tools worth collecting


    Author: Abhi projectz Crazy technology house Original text: https://dev.to/abhiprojectz/t… No reprint without permission introduce These are some carefully selected online tools that have been tested and I find very useful to share with you. background 1. SVG BACKGROUNDS Like PNG, JPG or GIF, SVG images can also be used as background images in CSS. This […]

  • IOS drop down label selector


    Drop down label selectorDropDownMenuViewSimple drop-down label selector, provides check and deselect, single linked list and double linked list combination, supports proxy configuration picture, can customize configuration Warehouse address:https://github.com/gu0315/Dro… Let’s see the effect first: design sketchRealization ideaThe style of each column is set by proxy, the original data is transferred to tableview by proxy, the data […]

  • How to use setconsole extattribute() function to control the color of output characters in C / C + +


    When we output characters on the command line, we think, if only we could control the color of the output characters.Now, to satisfy you, there’s a function that can help us realize this idea. ↓↓↓↓↓ SetConsoleTextAttribute(); As a rule, let’s look at the composition of this function. SetConsoleTextAttribute( _In_ HANDLE hConsoleOutput, _In_ WORD wAttributes ); […]

  • Use of wechat applet catch:touchstart Will result in child elements bind:tap Event cannot run


    In our use catch:touchstart This can prevent the page from scrolling behind the mask layer, but it also brings another problem, that is, the sub element event is invalid. Take the click event as an example: use catch:touchstart Code for 1 catch:touchstart=”prohibit”> 2 3 4 5 6 {{‘¥509-699’}} 7 {} please select color net content}} […]

  • Tkinter (02) button


    Creation of button part and its options import tkinter as tk w = tk.Button(parent, option=value, …) activebackground The background color displayed when the button is pressed activeforeground The foreground color displayed when the button is pressed anchor Character orientation bd or borderwidth Border width bg or background Normal background color bitmap A standard dot matrix […]

  • Vs Code common plug-ins


    In normal development,VS CodeIt has almost become the main development tool. Here are some plug-ins that I think are easy to use. Vs Code common plug-ins 1.Auto Close Tag Automatic closing of HTML / XML tags 2.Auto Rename Tag Automatically rename paired HTML / XML tags 3.Bracket Pair Colorizer Adding different colors to brackets makes […]

  • Tkinter (08) labelframe


    Creation of tagged frame parts and its options import tkinter as tk parent = tk.Tk() w = tk.LabelFrame(parent, option, …) option explain bg or background background color bd or borderwidth The outer frame width is 2 cursor The pattern of the mouse when it is over the part fg or foreground Color of label font […]

  • Three.js learning 4_ Light source related


    Three.Light catalogue Three.Light lighting 1. Light 2. AmbientLight 3. DirectionalLight 4. HemisphereLight 5. PointLight power : Float 6. RectAreaLight 7. SpotLight Auxiliary object 1. DirectionalLightHelper 2. HemisphereLightHelper 3. PointLightHelper 4. RectAreaLightHelper 5. SpotLightHelper shadow 1. DirectionalLightShadow First of all, it shows the effect of using hemispherical light reference. The light source is directly placed on […]

  • Making online graffiti board with Vue


    Effect display Introduction to canvas API Call method getImageData()returnImageDataObject that copies pixel data for a specified rectangle on the canvas putImageData()Transfer the image data (from the specifiedImageDataObject) back on the canvas clearRect()Clears the specified pixels within the given rectangle toDataURL()Returns the URL of the canvas image lineTo()Add a new point to create a line from […]