• The use of word cloud in Vue


    1、 Echarts, wordcloud versionAfter installation, install in package View in JSON2、 Renderings3、 CodeBecause each word cloud in the UI diagram only gives two random colors, prepare the random colors first.Before the interface review, let the back end process the data into this format:const data = [{Name: ‘sleep’, value: 1228},{Name: ‘play mobile’, value: 981},{Name: ‘eat’, value: […]

  • R language — draw a heat map of a triangle


    Method 1Using Gaston packagereference resources: https://cran.r-project.org/web/packages/gaston/gaston.pdf # Load data data(AGT) x <- as.bed.matrix(AGT.gen, AGT.fam, AGT.bim) # Compute LD ld.x <- LD(x, c(1,ncol(x))) # Plot a tiny part of the LD matrix LD.plot( ld.x[1:20,1:20], snp.positions = [email protected]$pos[1:20] ) image.png Here you can replace x with an ordinary matrix,LD here X is a matrix with the same […]

  • Online text comparison tool


    Online text comparison tool Online text comparison tool This tool supports comparing the list data of two text lines, and identifies the similarities and differences of text with different colors. If you need to extract text intersection, text difference and text Union, please use relevant tools. https://tooltt.com/txt-diff/

  • Three code examples of drawing Christmas tree in Python


    preface The annual Christmas is coming soon. Many children in the circle of friends have begun to show off their Christmas trees. Today, I’d like to share with you how to draw a Christmas tree with the turtle library through pythoy. The turtle library is a very popular function library for drawing images in Python […]

  • You can also change the PNG icon color with CSS?


    Icons are inseparable from us in development. Before we start, let’s talk about some digressions,What does the icon do? The general icon can replace the text description, which can more concisely express the intention of a design, so that users can know what it represents when they see the icon? What’s the use? Logo icons […]

  • CSS implementation triangle


    In actual programming, we often encounter the lower triangle of the drop-down menu and some special graphics, so how to implement these with CSS? Example 1Example 2Example 3 Principle: Think about it carefully. The principle is very simple. Use CSS border and its attribute value transparent to realize triangles. The most important thing is to […]

  • The original CSS background can also be played like this


    As a front-end developer, the background is a frequent visitor in development. As big as the theme background of the whole website and as small as the background of a button. CSSbackgroundAttributes are basically encountered every day in development. In most cases, we only use solid color background or picture background. If you want to […]

  • 20000 star! A powerful and simple JS painting Library


    From front-end Superman, author Rong Ding Introduction When we want to draw a basic simple shape on the canvas, using canvas won’t feel cumbersome. However, when any form of interaction is required on the canvas, drawing complex graphics and changing pictures in specific situations, it will become very difficult to use the native canvas API. […]

  • Wechat applet project, developed with taro + react hook


    brief introduction The wechat applet project is developed using taro + react hook. The simple version of editing pictures is realized through canvas. In addition, a color selector is encapsulated with reference to the colorpicker component of element UI.In case of any inconsistency between wechat developer tools and the real machine, the real machine shall […]

  • Shutter — switch, switchlisttile and cupertinoswitch components


    1、 Introduction to switch, switchlisttile and cupertinoswitch Switch: material style switch component Switchlisttitle: a combination control of switch and listtile, which can set the description of switch Cupertinoswitch: IOS style switch component 2、 Source code introduction of switch, switchlisttile and cupertinoswitch 2.1 source code of switch const Switch({ Key key, @required this. Value, // current […]

  • IOS skin adaptation


    Skin profile creation 1. Skin color resource and picture path configuration Skin profile Create the light. As shown in the figure JSON and dark JSON (the light and dark configuration paths are the same as the key, and the corresponding values are different) light. JSON configuration example { “statusBarStyle”: “black”, “colors”:{ “mainFunction”:”#E92424″, “gradientStockUp”:[ “#0FFFFFFF”, “#0FE92424” […]

  • You have to quietly learn 3D city and surprise everyone (4)


    In the process of 3D city construction, different effects are needed to realize different functions, such as adding water system, road, thermal map, etc. At this time, you need to understand the layer types of citybuilder. The layer types are divided into point layer, line layer and surface layer. Different types of layers have different […]