• Opencv get image properties


    shape Shape can obtain the shape of the image and return tuples containing the number of rows, columns and channels.Grayscale: returns the number of rows and columnsColor: returns the number of rows, columns, and channelseg: import cv2 import cv2 Number of pixels Size can get the number of pixels of the imageGrayscale: Return: number of […]

  • CSS3 linear gradient


    CSS3 linear gradient Definition and usage The linear gradient() function creates an “image” of a linear gradient. To create a linear gradient, you need to set a starting point and a direction (specified as an angle). You also define the termination color. The stop color is the transition you want gecko to smooth, and you […]

  • Learn the use of GD Library in PHP (2)


    In the daily development process, the most commonly used function of GD library is to help us deal with pictures. Of course, in addition to dealing with existing pictures, it can also draw pictures directly, just like our most common picture verification code. Today’s content is mainly related to drawing, so finally we will also […]

  • Uncover the secrets of 3D visual color design


    3D visualization is a very popular direction at present. The so-called “the text is not as good as the table, and the table is not as good as the picture”. 3D visualization has rich display forms and effects. Beauty and design sense have also become an increasingly important part of the current 3D visualization industry.In […]

  • How does UltraEdit set the background color?


    If UltraEdit wants to change the background color, how to change the theme color? Let’s take a look at the detailed setup tutorial. Software name: UE editor (ultraedit32) v26.20.0.68 Chinese Green Special Edition Software size: 73.1MB Update time: 2019-12-05Download now 1. Open the software in our computer and click on the above“view”, as shown in […]

  • 1、 Webcam + PHP take and save photos


    Series articles: 1、 Webcam + PHP take and save photos 2、 Nginx configuring HTTPS downloadWebcam.js file HTML page <! DOCTYPE html> PHP code <? php PHP generate verification code <? php effect This work adoptsCC agreement, reprint must indicate the author and the link to this article

  • Output reports using pandas dataframe


    By Christopher TaoCompile VKSource: towards Data Science As a data scientist or analyst who uses Python as the main programming language, I believe you must often use pandas. It is very frequent to output pandas dataframe on jupyter notebook. However, have you ever thought that we can visualize the dataframe itself? In other words, for […]

  • Analysis of uilabel class


    For the properties and methods of a label’s uilabel class.First, there are two methods to initialize a labelone object: //First initialize the object, and then set the position and size of labelone on the parent view when necessary UILabel * labelOne = [[UILabel alloc]init]; //UILabel * labelOne = [UILabel new]; The same is to initialize […]

  • Global static variables in rust (involving match and lazy)_ static! 、 phf)


    1、 Global variable Generally, avoid using global variables. Instead, build an object somewhere as early as possible (such as in main), and then pass a variable reference to the object where it is needed. This usually makes your code easier to read. Think carefully before you decide that you want global variables. In rare cases, […]

  • Write a Tanabata confession artifact in Python


    Today is Tanabata day. Compared with the 502 created by modern people, it’s 520. Tanabata is the traditional Chinese Valentine’s day. This article shares several Python confession programs. Couples can learn and use it now. If they are single, they can collect it first, and maybe use it next time. Love tree First, let’s draw […]

  • 3.6k Star! Easy to use, powerful online image editor


    [introduction]: toastui image editor is a picture editor based on HTML5 canvas. It is very simple to use and has built-in rich picture editing functions. brief introduction Toastui image editor is a picture editor based on HTML5 canvas. It is very simple to use and has built-in rich picture editing functions. It supports native JavaScript, […]

  • Pop up window assembly imitating IOS mode [development summary of lovers list]


    Because the default pop-up window is ugly. So I decided to write a modal pop-up component imitating IOS First look at the renderings: Code scanning experience At present, only some functions are simply realized: the text, color and display order of OK and Cancel buttons can be controlled. usage method: 1. Add components in the […]