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  • Perfect solution for Baidu app IOS dark mode adaptation


    One background In the opening speech of WWDC in 2009, Apple announced the new features of the upcoming ios13 darkmode. This new feature can not only protect vision at night, but also help users save power consumption for the latest generation of devices using OLEDs. However, this feature only supports systems above ios13. In order […]

  • Vue realizes random verification code function


    Step 1 create a identify.vue Subcomponents of export default { name: ‘SIdentify’, props: { //Default registration code identifyCode: { type: String, default: “1234” }, //Minimum font size fontSizeMin: { type: Number, default: 35 }, //Maximum font size fontSizeMax: { type: Number, default: 35 }, //Background color minimum backgroundColorMin: { type: Number, default: 180 }, //Background […]