• Multi es cluster data migration scheme


    preface On Tuesday, the second week after joining the new company, I met another project that needs technical support: I need to participate in the verification of ES multi cluster data backup scheme. In this project, I need to pay attention to the interoperability of the two clusters. Es clusters are deployed in different k8s […]

  • Gitops application practice series – Overview


    Hello, I’m Zhang Jintao. Next, we will bring you a series of articles on the application practice of gitops, which is the first one. What is gitops First, let’s learn about gitops: Gitops was first founded and proposed by weaveworks in 2017. It is a way of kubernetes cluster management and application delivery. Gitops uses […]

  • Modification of Rac architecture VIP based on different network segments


    –Confirm the current status of the cluster crsctl check crs crs_stat -t –Close the current service of the clustersrvctl stop database -d raw srvctl stop asm -n s1-11g srvctl stop asm -n s2-11g srvctl stop nodeapps -n s1-11g srvctl stop nodeapps -n s2-11g –To view the current configuration:[grids1-11g oracle]# oifcfg getif -global eth0 global […]

  • Performance comparison and pressure test before and after Nacos 2.0 upgrade


    Introduction:Nacos 2.0 improves the performance by about 10 times by upgrading the communication protocol, framework and data model, and solves the performance problems gradually exposed after the release of Nacos 1.0. In this paper, through the pressure test of Nacos 1.0, Nacos 1.0 and the process of upgrading Nacos 2.0, Nacos 2.0 makes a comprehensive […]

  • Mac installation kafka0.9.0.1


    install wget http://mirror.bit.edu.cn/apache/kafka/ tar -zxf kafka_2.10- cd kafka_2.10- sh bin/kafka-server-start.sh config/server.properties docs Kafka cluster construction

  • Apache APIs IX provides kubesphere with better gateway and k8s ingress controller


    Introduction to kubesphere Kubesphere is a deep cloud native application system built in kubernetes. It is completely open source, supports multi cloud and multi cluster management automation, provides full stack it operation and maintenance capabilities, and simplifies the Devops workflow of enterprises. Its architecture can easily integrate applications with cloud native ecological components for plug […]

  • [redis] cluster NETCORE practice


    Environmental preparation one   Redis cluster(Windows cluster setup) Start the redis cluster and add a title to each node start “Redis – 6379” /min redis-server.exe redis.6379.conf start “Redis – 6380” /min redis-server.exe redis.6380.conf start “Redis – 6381” /min redis-server.exe redis.6381.conf start “Redis – 6382” /min redis-server.exe redis.6382.conf start “Redis – 6383” /min redis-server.exe redis.6383.conf start […]

  • Problems caused by Mongo flowcontrol


    mongo flowcontrol When Mongo replica sets are deployed, Mongo writes to the default write priority. If the slave node lags too far behind or there are hung replicas, and the number of replicas is less than half of the replica set data, Mongo will actively appear the flow control. View the flowcontrol configuration of the […]

  • Principles and comparison of common registration centers of acquisition technology


    At present, Eureka, zookeeper, consul and Nacos are commonly used registration centers. Recently, I learned the overall framework and implementation of these four registries, and mainly learned the specific implementation of service registration and subscription from the perspective of source code for Nacos. Finally, the differences between the four registries are compared. 1、 Eureka Eureka […]

  • From code to deployment of microservices (I)


    Series articles: Reduce service response time through MapReduce The simplest go dockerfile writing pose, no one! From code to deployment of microservices (I) At present, microservice has become the mainstream architecture of server-side development, and go language is more and more favored by developers because of its simplicity, high built-in concurrency, fast compilation, small memory […]

  • Reactive spring practice — responsive Kafka interaction


    This article shares how to deploy a Kafka cluster using kraft and how to implement Kafka responsive interaction in spring. KRaft We know that Kafka uses zookeeper to store metadata such as broker and consumer group for Kafka, and uses zookeeper to select the master of the broker.Although the use of zookeeper simplifies Kafka’s work, […]

  • Hello’s practice in distributed message governance and microservice governance


    Introduction:With the continuous development of the company’s business, the traffic is also growing. We found that some major accidents in production are often crossed by sudden traffic. It is particularly important to control and protect the traffic and ensure the high availability of the system. Author Liang Yong ​ background ​ Hello has evolved into […]