• Efficient data exchange between hashdata and HDFS


    Background and challenges Before the emergence and popularization of object storage technology, HDFS (Hadoop distributed file system) was one of the few open source, free and cost-effective Pb storage systems in the market (compared with expensive San systems), which was widely used in enterprise data archiving scenarios. At the same time, many distributed computing frameworks […]

  • Helm takes you flying


    Article catalog catalogue Article catalog Not in useHelmBefore, toK8STo deploy applications, we need to deploy them in turndeployment、 svcThe steps are cumbersome. Moreover, with the microservicing of many projects, the deployment and management of complex applications in containers become more complex,HelmThrough packaging, it supports release version management and control, which greatly simplifies theK8SApplication deployment and […]

  • 5-RocketMQ-NameServer


    Routing meta information Nameserver routing implementation class: org.apache.rocketmq.namesrv.routeinfo.routeinfomanager. Before understanding routing registration, let’s first look at what information nameserver stores. private final HashMap<String/* topic */, List<QueueData>> topicQueueTable; private final HashMap<String/* brokerName */, BrokerData> brokerAddrTable; private final HashMap<String/* clusterName */, Set<String/* brokerName */>> clusterAddrTable; private final HashMap<String/* brokerAddr */, BrokerLiveInfo> brokerLiveTable; private final HashMap<String/* brokerAddr */, […]

  • Cassandra and kubernetes


    This article will introduce how to integrate Cassandra with distributed applications and manage it with kubernetes. We will also provide many ready-made resources to help you learn quickly.       Cassandra and kubernetes   Are you developing applications on the cloud? Then you must belong to one of these two camps: you are using […]

  • From monomer to chaotic microservices, how was alicloud managed service grid born?


    Author Wang Xining   Alibaba senior technical expert Participate in Alibaba cloud’s original text end message interaction, that is, you have the opportunity to get book gift benefits! Before the use of service grid technology, in order to carry out business innovation faster and more flexibly, we often modernize the existing applications and divide the […]

  • 10000 word detailed explanation of redis cluster mission protocol


    Redis cluster mission protocol Hello, I’m Li Xiaobing. Today, I’ll talk about the mission protocol and cluster operation of IDS cluster. The mind map of the article is as follows. Introduction to cluster mode and mission In the field of data storage, when the amount of data or request traffic is large to a certain […]

  • 4-rocketmq Foundation


    architecture design 1 Technical Architecture Rocketmq architecture is mainly divided into four parts, as shown in the figure above: Producer: the role of message publishing. It supports distributed cluster deployment. Producer selects the corresponding broker cluster queue for message delivery through the load balancing module of MQ. The delivery process supports fast failure and low […]

  • You have to understand these principles of kubernetes


    Kubernetes has become the king of container choreography. It is a cluster choreography engine based on container. It has the ability of cluster expansion, rolling upgrade and rollback, elastic scaling, automatic healing, service discovery and other characteristics. This article will take you to quickly understand kubernetes and what we are talking about when we talk […]

  • [Alibaba cloud EMR actual combat] take EMR test cluster version as an example to explain the steps of using Flink SQL client to integrate hive


    Brief introduction: take the test cluster version as an example (emr-4.4.1) — Flink SQL client integrated hive use documentAuthor: Lin Zhicheng, technical support of Alibaba cloud EMR product team, has many years of open source big data experience 1. Take the test cluster version as an example (emr-4.4.1) 2. The execution order is as follows […]

  • Redis cluster (1)


    catalogue 1、 Introduction to cluster 2、 Redis cluster data partition principle 2.1 hash partition scheme 2.1.1 node redundancy partition 2.1.2 consistent hashing 2.2 redis cluster data partition scheme 3、 Build a cluster 3.1 preparation node 3.2 creating clusters 4、 Principle of node communication 4.1 visit message 4.2 communication node selection 1、 Introduction to cluster Redis […]

  • Kubenode: Alibaba cloud native container infrastructure operation and maintenance practice


    Introduction: at present, kubenode has covered all ASI clusters of Alibaba group. Next, with the project of “unified resource pool” of Alibaba group, kubenode will cover a wider range and more scenarios, so as to make the cloud native container infrastructure operation and maintenance architecture play a greater value. Challenges of Alibaba’s node operation and […]

  • How to realize data center to data center replication with Kafka?


    Absrtact: every company needs a disaster recovery plan for all important systems. This is true from a single process to the largest small cell of a distributed architecture. Especially for databases, this usually involves a mix of fault tolerance, redundancy, regular backup, and contingency planning. The larger the database, the more difficult it is to […]