• GC garbage collection – Summary


    GC garbage collection JVM’s garbage collection mechanism, in case of sufficient memory, it will not garbage collection unless you explicitly call system. Gc(); in case of insufficient memory, garbage collection will run automatically Method of judging whether the object should be recycled Reference counting algorithm Add a reference counter to the object. Whenever a place […]

  • Secret of node.js memory leak


    By giovanny Gongora Crazy technology house Original: https://nodesource.com/blog/m No reprint without permission For a long time, tracking the memory leak of node.js is a recurring topic, and people always want to know more about its complexity and reasons. Not all memory leaks are obvious. However, once we determine its pattern, we must look for correlations […]

  • In depth understanding of Java virtual machine – using common VM parameters to analyze online project problems


    Not much to say, today we will analyze some common Java virtual machine parameter settings, and how to use them better! 1 Introduction to JVM parameters The first thing I want to say is that we are not unfamiliar with these parameters. We often encounter them in our daily development and use, but we lack […]

  • Kubernetes garbage collector source code analysis (1)


    Kubernetes version: 1.13.2 background Because of the redis cluster created by the operator, the redis cluster is deleted abnormally (including the redis exporter statefullset and redis statefullset) after the kubernetes APIs server is restarted. After deletion, the operator rebuilds and reorganizes the cluster, and the instance IP changes (middleware containerization, we developed fixed IP, when […]

  • JVM interview questions and answers to Java required questions


    JVM memory model First, let’s learn about the memory model of the JVM: 1. Heap: store object instances. Almost all object instances allocate memory here The heap memory is specified by – XMS, which is 1 / 64 of the physical memory by default; the maximum memory is specified by – Xmx, which is 1 […]

  • Learn JVM performance optimization


    Operational performance optimization 1 re recognize the JVM We have drawn a picture before, which is the process from class file to class loader, and then to runtime data area. Now we can enrich and perfect this picture to show the general physical structure of JVM.   Execution engine: used to execute JVM bytecode instructions […]

  • [summary of JVM knowledge system framework]


    JVM memory distribution Thread shared data area:Method area – > class information, static variableHeap – > array object Thread isolation areaVirtual machine stack – > methodLocal method stack – > local method library native Heap, program counter JVM run data Program counter Thread isolation, relatively small memory space, line number of bytecode executed by current […]

  • How to add bookmarks to safari in MAC system? The effect of adding common web pages to Favorites


    Mac Mac system with Safari browser is different from the ordinary win system, and the collection of commonly used web pages is also different. Here is a tutorial to add your commonly used web pages to the bookmark. 1. Turn on your Mac system computer and the safari browser under the stand-alone computer. Open the […]

  • The three Chrome bookmark management class extended to force, make your Chrome better use.


    Pinbox Cross-platform Network Collection Tool Pinbox is a Google Browser plug-in that can make users’Chrome bookmarks more vivid. After installing the Pinbox plug-in in Chrome, users can automatically save the current page to Pinbox by clicking on the extension button. When saving a web page, the thumbnails in the current web page are saved in […]

  • Ali Jvm Must Ask Interview Questions and Answers


    What is a Java Virtual Machine? Why is Java called a “platform independent programming language”? Java virtual machine is a virtual machine process that can execute Java bytecode. Java source files are compiled into bytecode files that can be executed by the Java virtual machine. Java is designed to allow applications to run on any […]