• ☕[ JVM technical guide] (3) garbage collector of garbage collection system


    Series articles: ☕[ JVM technical guide] (1) garbage collection tag and object reference of garbage collection system ☕[ JVM technical guide] (2) common garbage collection algorithms of garbage collection subsystem ☕[ JVM technical guide] (3) garbage collector of garbage collection system ☕[ JVM technical guide] (4) G1 garbage collector SATB of garbage collection system If […]

  • For three nights, jvm77 high-frequency interview questions were analyzed in detail. Is that it?


    To facilitate your memory, remember to collect and pay attention to it. You need to download the PDF version. Please download the information in the official account space. You can also click on the WeChat scan two-dimensional code at the end of the article. 1. Will there be a memory leak in Java? Please briefly […]

  • sql_ Use of exporter


    1、 Background Sometimes, we want to see the number of logins in the system every day or the order data in the system, such as successful orders, abnormal orders, etc. These data are in our database throughsql_exporterWe can access these data toprometheusMonitor and alarm during. 2、 Use of SQL exporter 1. Download 1. Access download […]

  • Lock screen interview questions 100 days 100 brushes related to Tomcat optimization


    Lock screen interview questions will be brushed every day, and the interview questions will be updated every working day. The lock screen interview question app and applet are now online. The official website address is:https://www.demosoftware.cc/#/introductionPage。 It has included all the contents of the interview questions updated every day, as well as the features of unlocking […]

  • Garbage collector for beginners to learn java performance


    preface Garbage collection algorithm is the methodology of memory recovery; Garbage collector is the concrete implementation of memory recovery. Java virtual machine specification has no rules on how to implement the garbage collector, so different vendors and different versions of virtual machines provide different garbage collectors, and generally provide parameters for users to combine the […]

  • Implementation of Vue’s responsive system


    preface One of the most unique features of Vue is its non-invasive, responsive system. For example, if we modify the data, the views that depend on the data will be updated, which greatly improves our “brick moving” efficiency. Recall the massive DOM operations ~. ~…, Vue greatly liberates us from the tedious DOM operations through […]

  • JVM — garbage collector and memory allocation


    A series of articles: JVM — memory leak and memory overflow JVM — garbage collector and memory allocation 1. Overview This chapter is about the memory allocation and recycling of the JVMFirst of all, we know that there are five main memory areas in Java: program counter, virtual machine stack, local method stack, heap and […]

  • How to set monitor in win7 — win10 Professional Edition


    The computer is just like a car. When using it, we need to adopt the correct operation method. Sometimes, we need to deal with the situation that win7 system enables the monitor. If you are also the first time to encounter the phenomenon that win7 system enables the monitor, what should you do? If you […]

  • Open source project: Prome_ Shard: consumwatch + dynamic slicing for high availability of Prometheus


    Open source project address: project address:https://github.com/ning1875/prome_shard Project description Single point problem of Prometheus Collection type Collect machine level indicators Collecting k8s basic monitoring indexes Collect VM business indicators deployed behind LB Collect business indicators deployed in pod Collect indicators of various middleware, such as Kafka ZK Clickhouse, etc Faced with such a complex collection type, […]

  • MO_ Or using spring boot to build a project


    1、 Introduction Due to the development needs of the company last year, I was responsible for the technical selection and preliminary construction of the new framework, Now, and try to build the framework with the current popular technology 2、 Version recommendation 2.1 recommended version of spring boot Spring boot 2.1 uses spring framework 5.1 Spring […]

  • 30 interesting JVM interview questions


    catalog 1. JVN memory structure 2. Object assignment rules 3. Explains the usage of stack, heap, and static area in memory 4. What data is stored in Perm space? Will it cause OUTOFMEMORY? 5. What is class loading 6. How to define class loaders? Do you have any defined class loaders or scenarios that you […]

  • Introduction to JAVA memory leak


    Memory management is one of the most important advantages of Java. You just need to create objects, and the Java garbage collector will automatically allocate and release memory. However, the situation is not so simple because memory leaks often occur in Java applications. This chapter explains what memory leaks are, why they occur, and how […]