• How to crash and restart Apple OS x10.10.3 when previewing large JPEG images


    Apple OS x10.10.3 preview large image crash and restart what to do? After OS x10.10.3 was released last week, many users reported on the apple support forum that OS x10.10.3 caused kernel crash when previewing large-size JPEG image files, leading to various crashes and restarts. What if the large preview image of Apple OS x10.10.3 […]

  • Solution to crash when saving pictures to album in IOS app


    Environmental Science: iPhone Version 11.0.3 ,  Xcode Version 9.0 Question: When maintaining the app yesterday, it was found that the application crashed while saving the pictures after taking pictures. The output is as follows: This app has crashed because it attempted to access privacy-sensitive data without a usage description.  The app’s Info.plist must contain an […]

  • Solve the problem of margin: Top collapse in CCS


    The HTML structure is as follows: CCS structure is as follows: The rendering of the page is as follows: Now we can see that in the sub elements, 50px to the right and 50px to the down are clearly set, but the effect of page display is only the one that moves to the right […]

  • Native JS emulates the collapse plug-in in bootstrap


    In the past, I made a folding menu with the plug-in of bootstrap, collapse.js, because I was in a hurry. For a native controller, I prefer to write one myself. After all, introducing JQ and bootstrap for a folding menu is a bit too bloated So it’s time to test the stronghold’s ability again.In fact, […]

  • Understanding CSS Overflow: hidden – Overflow, Collapse, Clear Float


    Overflow: hidden is a magical use of overflow attributes, which can help us hide overflow elements, remove floats and remove collapses. When an attribute has so many functions, it’s hard to grasp, but don’t be afraid. Just believe: After reading this article, I believe you can absolutely master the usage of overflow: hidden. The following […]

  • Phenomenon of margin-top collapse and its solution


    What is margin-top collapse Margin-top collapse is a phenomenon that appears in the box model of CSS. It describes that when the parent element is wrapped with a child element, when the margin-top attribute is set to the child element, it just wants the border of the child element to be a distance from the […]

  • A line of CSS code that crashes Chrome


    Common CSS code only has minor problems with UI layout or compatibility. But here we’re going to share an interesting line of CSS that can directly hang up your Chrome page:) Reappearance Open a slightly more complex page in Chrome, like Knowing or Nuggets Open the developer’s tool and add style to page < body […]