• “This is the page bookmark. When I come back, remember to roll back as it is.”


    Page bookmark Simply put, you scroll through the current page. When you “go out” and come back, you need to restore the scroll position, just like the bookmark of a book. So describe your expectations for page bookmarks When I jump to another page, I come back to restore it. The restoration cannot be positioned […]

  • Download the TS video of online class


    Originally prepared to use crawler, open multithreading, to download a TS segment, and finally use ffmpeg synthesis complete TS video. from concurrent.futures import ThreadPoolExecutor import requests import logging import re import os url = ‘http://v3.julyedu.com/video/259/6390/01a311da6a2cd91-‘ def download(name): str_name = “%05d” % name print(str_name) file_name = str_name + ‘.ts’ print(url + file_name) try: res = requests.get(url=url […]