• Digital potentiometer-x9c103piz


    The digital potentiometer is mainly used to establish the voltage to voltage ratio circuit, which is not suitable for series connection of pure variable resistor and external resistor 1. It can carry small current, generally in 1mA ~ 3mA 2. Its internal resistance is connected through MOS tube, so it is greatly affected by voltage, […]

  • [data structure] – polynomial multiplication


    Title Requirements The non-zero coefficients and corresponding exponents of two polynomials are input from the character file to establish the polynomial representationLinked Storage Structure To calculate the product of the two polynomials and to output the product of the polynomialsAll nonzero coefficients and corresponding exponentsTo another character file. Algorithm principle The multiplication of two polynomials […]

  • Using non convex penalty function regression (SCAD, MCP) to analyze prostate data in R language


    Link to the original text:http://tecdat.cn/?p=20828  In this paper, Lasso or nonconvex penalty is used to fit the regularization of linear regression, GLM and Cox regression models_ Minimum_ Most_ Fovea magna_ Degree_ Punishment_ Function_ (MCP)_ And smooth slice absolute deviation penalty (SCAD), as well as other L2 penalty options (“elastic network”). Utilities for performing cross validation […]

  • One variable polynomial addition calculator


    include <stdio.h> include <stdlib.h> typedef struct Polynode { Int coef; // coefficient Int exp; // index struct Polynode* next; }Polynode,*Polylist; //Input data, input while sorting into the linked listvoid InputDataAndSortingData(Polylist Polynomial, int n); //Initialize polynomial linked listvoid Init(Polylist &Polynomial); //Add two polynomialsvoid PolynomialAdd(Polylist A, Polylist B); //Output calculation resultsvoid DisplayResult(Polylist A); //Command input and judgmentint […]

  • Tensorflow course (first two) — polynomial regression


    Series articles: Tensorflow tutorial (first one) — linear regression Tensorflow course (first two) — polynomial regression Tensorflow tutorial (first three) — Logical Regression Tensorflow course (1) — linear model Standard equation method There is not only gradient descent method to solve the cost function, but also the gradient descent method needs to select the appropriate […]

  • Primary analog circuit: 8-4 controlled source circuit


    Back to the catalog With the characteristic that the output of ideal operational amplifier can output any voltage and any current, we can use ideal operational amplifier to build a variety of controlled power supply. Of course, in practical use, the output of op amp should not exceed the maximum value given in its data […]

  • Chapter 4 bjrobot linear speed correction


    BJROBOT Linear velocity correction   1.The carLay flatOn the floor, use a tape measure as the measuring scale,Select the front or rear of the car as the starting point of the car, Open the virtual machine in the data and open a terminal ssh In the past, the main control terminal started roslaunch znjrobot bringup.launch。 2.Open […]

  • Oracle Basics – simple query exercise (2)


    Practice based on the employees table under HR user in Oracle database HR needs to get the name of the employee whose salary is more than $12000 a month (last_ Name) and salary report, please complete the query statement select last_name, salary from employees where salary >12000; HR needs to identify groups of high-income and […]

  • How to judge whether your app is “healthy” through “user composition”?


    Do you know what period your app is in? Do you know if your app user mix is the best? Youmeng statistics provides the function of “user composition” for apps with “dau > 1W”, and helps developers understand the health status of apps more intuitively with the “coefficient of change” index of Youmeng! For developers, […]

  • Oracle foundation – simple query exercise (2)


    Practice based on the employees table of HR user in Oracle Database HR needs to be paid more than $12000 a month (last_ Name) and salary report, please complete the query statement select last_name, salary from employees where salary >12000; HR needs to identify high-income and low-income employee groups. Please show the name and salary […]

  • Derivation of PTA 1010 univariate polynomials


    Meaning of the topic There are only two output cases: Coefficient 0, index 0 – > output0 0 Coefficient is not 0, index is not 0 – > output is derivative Two points of attention The spaces in this test case are not necessarily unique, and there will be multiple spaces in the middle. Pay […]

  • The description of a polynomial


    Problem part Description: The standard expression of a unary polynomial can be written as follows: $f (x) = a {0} + a {1} x + \ dots + a {n – 1} x ^ {n – 1} + a {n} x ^ {n} $. Now we give the order of a polynomial $n $, and […]