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  • File code, VIM modify code


    File encoding problem Concept: all text characters in front of us are Unicode character sets. How to save Unicode character sets? It is usually stored in bytes with different codes, such as UTF-8, GB2312, etc The default code of windows is GB2312 Latin-1 compatible with ASCII File garbled problem Garbled code usually occurs when we […]

  • Android studio utility settings


    Development environment of this paper: Android Studio 4.2.1Build #AI-202.7660.26.42.7351085, built on May 11, 2021 Windows 7 6.1 1、 Turn off case sensitive configuration Uncheck matchcase in code completion, that is, the code prompt is not case sensitive. image.png 2、 Set the default file encoding method UTF-8 Set in file encodings image.png 3、 Naming prefix Code […]

  • First reptile


    @ catalogue 1、 Installation of requests Library 2、 Seven main methods and simple use of requests Library 3、 Two important objects of requests Library 4、 Exception of requests Library 5、 HTTP protocol 6、 General code framework for crawling web pages 7、 Restrictions on web crawlers 1、 Installation of requests Library WIN platform: run CMD with […]

  • Angularjs form focus simple instruction


    preface AngularjsOur way of thinking is driven by dataDOMChange is usually realized by the cooperation of command and controller. It provides almost complete operation experience in form operation. For functions not implemented by the official, they can only be implemented by themselves. For example, when doing form verification, use the coding method to implement the […]

  • Code conversion


    Establishment date: May 3, 2020 Revision date: None Relevant software information: Win 10 Python 3.7.6 Note: please quote or change this article at will. Just indicate the source and author. The author does not guarantee that the content is absolutely correct. Please be responsible for any consequences preface Sort out all kinds of informationstrandbytesThe coding […]

  • Encoding error caused by GetBytes


    When the resttemplate is used to make a request, an interceptor is added internally to handle the decoding of the response body, and a new bytearrayinputstream (reply. Getbytes()) is returned to parse JSON into an object. There is no problem when the code runs in the IDE. After subsequent packaging, the bat script is used […]

  • Angularjs learning notes – Chapter 5 – routing


    Why use routing? What are the disadvantages of previous Ajax?1. Ajax requests will not leave a history2. The user cannot directly enter the page specified in the application through the URL (save bookmarks or connect to friends).3. AJAX is a disaster for SEO (search engine optimization) Routeprovider is a routing mechanism provided by angular itself, […]

  • Asp.net modifies the request body of HTTP post request by implementing ihttpmodule


    Demand causes In web development, it is usually necessary to filter and verify the data from the front end to the back end to prevent attacks such as SQL injection and XSS injection.In Java, the current request (HTTP request) can be repackaged and replaced by inheriting the httpservletrequestwrapper class. Its implementation is as follows: public […]

  • Introduction to new features of ECMAScript 2019 (ES10)


    brief introduction ES10 is a version issued by ECMA Association in June 2019. Because it is the tenth version of ECMAScript, it is also called ES10 Today we’ll talk about the new features of ES10. ES10 introduces two major features and four small features, which we will explain one by one. New methods of array […]

  • Character coding (1)


    Recently, when I was reading a book, I suddenly got entangled in Unicode related character coding. I looked up some information and wrote this article. By the way, I took notes, hoping to help some people. If there is something wrong or incorrect in the article, please correct it. Unicode encoding Unicode is a symbol […]

  • Remember once nodejs uses require (‘child ‘)_ Chinese garbled code problem in calling. Bat /. CMD script by. Splash


    According to the needs of customers, a front-end and back-end program is developed. The process is as follows: double-click start.cmd Start nodejs server; Users fill in some parameters on the web page and submit them to the background; The back-end uses nodejs to receive the front-end parameters, and then copy the configuration file on the […]

  • The solution of chrome can’t play MP4 video normally with video


    H5’s video tag allows front-end developers to play video and audio with one line of code. However, sometimes we suddenly find that some MP4 videos can’t play normally in chrome? What is the reason for this? This article mainly analyzes the reasons why some MP4 files cannot be played normally in chrome. Finally, the corresponding […]