• These 10 GitHub projects that make you laugh and can’t close your mouth actually won 7W + stars!


    I’m sure that after reading the following items, you will have more websites in your favorites. The more you use them, the happier you will be. After using them, shout “GitHub Dharma is good” and “women’s clothing is justice!” For me, GitHub is a must brush every day. I have long treasured the items on […]

  • I often use vscode C: C + + plug-in!


    I usually use vscode codewords and often use some C / C + + plug-ins. Here I will share them with you. However, too many plug-ins will cause vscode stuck. Therefore, if the memory is not enough, it is recommended to turn off some unnecessary plug-ins. 1、 Themes and icons The following topics are all […]

  • On the problem of getting time Nan by date() in Apple IOS


    In the process of project development, it is inevitable to encounter countdown, time acquisition and other similar problems. However, when IOS gets the timestamp, it is found that the result Nan (non a number) is displayed, and the Android side display is OK.Cause: time format problem in date ()IOS uses the following method to obtain […]

  • New features of java8 — stream notes


    Stream object Stream<T> IntStream LongStream DoubleStream establish There are three common ways: Use list object: list.stream () − creates a serial stream for the collection. list.parallelStream () − creates a parallel flow for the collection. Arrays: Arrays.stream (t [] array) – creates a stream for an array (intstream, longstream, doublestream can be created). Stream: Stream.of […]

  • Input form input box focuses on animation effects


    Form animation 1 HTML source code <div class=”inputBox”> <input class=”effect-1″ type=”text” placeholder=”Placeholder Text”> <span class=”focus-border”> <i></i> </span> </div> CSS source code The InputBox class class is used for layout, which is an input container for easy viewing. Here, I set each row to be divided into three columns (which can be set according to my […]

  • Go language version test, a homicide caused by an error code


    Cause:Recently, I was learning to write docker, and saw a piece of code that would compile errors<!–more–> Process: Recently, I was learning docker and saw a sample code, which will report an error every time I compile it As a result, we can’t continue, so we have to search for solutions online,It takes a lot […]

  • QR code details (2)


    Fast response matrix code (2) Take the book back and move on to the second half. Error correcting code QR code uses error correction algorithm to generate a series of error correction codewords, which are added after the data codeword sequence, so that the symbol can be recovered in case of damage. That’s why QR […]

  • Tomcat embedded development (I) opening


    Project brief introduction Objective: to develop spring boot framework using embedded Tomcat simulation Development tool: idea2019.3 Tomcat version:Tomcat 9.0.29 for embedded Java version:java11 Official website of project blog: http://blog.seasedge.cn/category/tomcat_dev/ Developed features: Start embedded Tomcat The project will simulate some functions of the spring boot framework, but it does not mean that the design idea is […]

  • Tomcat embedded development (3) mapping registration and input processing


    brief introduction This chapter implements @ restcontroller annotation controller, @ requestmapping registration URL, @ requestbody parsing JSON request parameter, @ requestparam annotation request parameter. Create application startup class First we need an entry to configure and start Tomcat. Let’s talk about the Tomcat startup process Initialize Tomcat (basic parameter configuration) Scan all classes under the […]

  • “Nonsense article generator” topped the GitHub hot list?


    Preface GitHub is known as the world’s largest gay dating site , which has been with us for more than 10 years. It hosts a lot of software code, and also carries the endless joy of programmers. I shared one last week10 GitHub projects that make you laughAnd I took it70 thousand +A star Oh, […]

  • Two-dimensional code generation plug-in qrious


    1.Qrious is a pure JS two-dimensional code generation plug-in based on canvas 1.1What is a two-dimensional code? Two-Dimensional CodeQR Code,QRFull nameQuick ResponseIt is one of the most popular coding methods on mobile devices in recent years. It is more popular than traditional coding methods.Bar CodeBarcodes can store more information and represent more data types. QR […]