• JS determines whether it is an IE browser and gives the IE version


    No nonsense, just go to the code. For details, please refer to the code notes function IEVersion() { Var useragent = navigator. Useragent; // get the useragent string of the browser Var ISIE = useragent. Indexof (“compatible”) > 1 & & useragent. Indexof (“MSIE”) > 1; // judge whether ie < 11 browser Var isedge […]

  • Package source and Javadoc together during Maven packaging


    Package source and Javadoc together during Maven packaging Items to be configuredpom.xmlModule of file <build> <plugins> </plugins> </build> Add tomaven-source-plugin、maven-javadoc-pluginPlug-ins, where3.0.1、2.10.4Is its version: <! — configure to generate Javadoc package — > <plugin> <groupId>org.apache.maven.plugins</groupId> <artifactId>maven-javadoc-plugin</artifactId> <version>2.10.4</version> <configuration> <! — specify UTF-8 — > <encoding>UTF-8</encoding> <aggregate>true</aggregate> <charset>UTF-8</charset> <docencoding>UTF-8</docencoding> </configuration> <executions> <execution> <id>attach-javadocs</id> <goals> <goal>jar</goal> </goals> </execution> […]

  • Vscode and its plug-ins


    1. Introduction to visual studio code Sharp tools make good work. Software developers not only need to improve their soft power, but also need to find the right tools. The protagonist to be introduced today is visual studio code, or vscode for short, from Microsoft. Vscode is a code editor, and the core user group […]

  • Technical guidelines of react team


    This article is translated from Dan Abramov’s technology blog, a core member of react team. Address: https://overreacted.io/what-a This article starts with the official account: the expected CoyPan. During my time as a react team, I was lucky to see how Jordan, Sebastian, Sophie and other team members solved the problem. In this article, I will […]

  • Using websocket to realize chatting small application


    Introduction Original link I studied websocket in my spare time, and realized a simple chat system with Python and HTML, I hope it will help what I want to know. Please give me some good suggestions. Overview Programming language: Python, HTML Implementation function: open two dialog windows and chat in the browser Third party libraries […]

  • Implementation of JavaScript a simple promise


    Original address of this blog Most of us use it in the development processpromiseYou must be rightpromiseToday we are going to implement a simplepromiseIf there is any difference in the effect, correct it. Overall structure Let’s sort out the overall results first, so as to facilitate the subsequent operation class MyPromise { constructor(fn){ } resolve(){ […]

  • Configure | electronic + Vue + TS + SQLite configuration


    From the point of view of programming model, using declarative language to declare style and layout, and using functional programming language to write business logic is the best practice of GUI program. Recently I want to write a personal project, so I naturally want to use the front end to write the interface. With the […]

  • Remember the development process of an atom syntax completion plug-in that supports both fuzzy matching and static derivation: order


    brief introduction In the past week, I slept late, and finally made the API cloud syntax prompt and completion plug-in on atom: API cloud ﹣ autocompleteGPL-3.0Open source, so I can record some technical details that are difficult to understand and understand in detail. Apicloud currently has syntax completion plug-ins of studio, vscode, webstrom and sublime, […]

  • GitLab CI/CD


    Gitlab CI / CD is a tool built into gitlab for software development through a continuous approach: Continuous integration (CI) Continuous delivery (CD) Continuous deployment (CD) Continuous integration works by pushing small blocks of code into the application code base hosted in the GIT repository, and each time it is pushed, a series of scripts […]

  • C memory cache learning notes


    In many cases, we need to use cache. On the one hand, reasonable use of cache can improve the response speed of the program, and reduce the pressure of access to specific resources. In order to avoid every request to visit the background Generally, resources (such as databases) are considered to store the data that […]

  • Asp.net MVC core pipeline and interceptor


    Let’s take a look at the execution pipeline of asp.net core today. First look at the official instructions:     It can be polished from the above figure. The execution sequence of asp.net core is that after receiving a request, the request request will first pass through the registered middleware, and then enter the interceptor […]

  • High quality app architecture design and thinking!


    Recently, I have been working on a small number of apps with small functions and complex businesses. In the past, I found that I never considered some architectural problems when I was working on an app. I just wrote code according to my previous habits and ignored the design of the app. This sharing mainly […]