• Method of code refactoring — Analysis of method refactoring


    Method of code refactoring — Analysis of method refactoring Intro If you want to write good code, you need to be alert to the bad smell in the code. Today, I want to write an article to introduce how to analyze your method and whether refactoring is necessary A method usually consists of three parts: […]

  • Implement a Redux (perfect version)


    Last time, we have written to implement a mini Redux (basic version). This time, we will continue to improve Redux and continue to write the example in the previous article. middleware Redux has an API called applymiddleware, which is specially used to use middleware. First of all, we have to know what it is used […]

  • [using weex and Vue to develop native applications] 1 how to configure the development environment


    The contents of the series are here Before you start Before each project starts, we will talk about how to set up the environment. Weex and Vue have talked about it. In fact, after a framework is launched, there will be more articles about “how to configure the development environment”. Everyone writes differently. The best […]

  • Learning webpack module dependency analysis through bundler


    Do you know how webpack analyzes the dependencies of modules? How to compile ES6 code into browser executable code? Project initialization create folder mkdir bundler cd bundler Create related files Create a SRC folder in the bundler and create a new one in the SRC folder index.js , message.js , word.js 。 The contents of […]

  • Embracing fastapi: three parameters and verification


    A few days ago, I wrote an advanced multi application management blueprint apirouter about fastapi. It may seem a little confused to some friends who have no foundation, so we will update them in the order from shallow to deep. Remember to pay attention to it Let’s take a look at the outstanding features of […]

  • Tips | debugging application in Android studio


    As developers, we are sometimes trapped by problems that make us spend more time in the debugger than we spend writing code. That’s why we recently took the opportunity to learn about some of the techniques used by the Android studio team to speed up debugging. Next, we’ll show you some tips that we think […]

  • Use with caution time.After Can cause memory leak (golang)


    preface Hi, everyone. I’m asong. I’m here again today. Yesterday, I published an article: teach my sister to write message queue hand in hand. A piece of code was discovered by careful readers that there is a risk of memory leakage. It is true. I did not notice this aspect. I pursued perfection and immediately […]

  • Clever use of CSS variables to make your CSS more exciting


    Author: Joway youngWarehouse: GitHub, codepenBlog: nuggets, Sina, Zhihu, Jianshu, headlines, CSDNOfficial account: IQ front-endContact me: I will pay attention to the official account.WeChatYo!Special statement: original is not easy, no authorization is allowed to reprint or plagiarize this article, otherwise, according to the infringement, if you need to reprint or open the official account list, you […]

  • Don’t know how to encapsulate code? Take a look at these design patterns!


    Why encapsulate code? We often hear that “write code with good encapsulation, high cohesion and low coupling”. So what is good encapsulation? Why should we package it? In fact, encapsulation has the following advantages: Encapsulated code, internal variables will not pollute the external. It can be called externally as a module. External callers don’t need […]

  • How to build a small, easy to use, safe and stable message push SDK?


    A good news push SDK should be stable, easy to use, safe, compact and flexible. As an early entrant of the domestic third-party push market, Getu has been committed to providing developers with efficient and stable push SDK. After years of grinding and innovation, getui has accumulated rich technical experience. This issue will share the […]

  • You are not wrong, crawling web data, C ා can also be like jQuery


    1: Background 1. Tell a story Some time ago, I created a local people’s livelihood information number. I copied all the information from you, and you copied it from the official media. Ordinary people like anecdotes. Therefore, there is a demand. How to capture the news on the local number of anecdotes is very simple. […]

  • Automatic construction and deployment of Jenkins + Vue project


    Jenkins Update address: https://sunseekerx.yoouu.cn/common/jenkins.html Update time: 2020-05-05 20:39:33 Automatic construction of Vue project JenkinsInstallation viewDockerChapter. JenkinsThe first time the installation is completed, it is better to restart it, because if the language pack is installed, some places are still in English. It should be a bug. premise VueProject+Git YesJenkinsEnvironmental Science Server with deployment project domain […]