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  • Go language: Master Emoji thoroughly


    A series of articles: In depth analysis of reflection + actual combat cases Go language: Master Emoji thoroughly Keywords: Emoji, Unicode, utf8, go, expression What is Emoji Emoji is just some ideographic symbols. Implementation of Emoji First, you have to be able to distinguishunicode、utf8andcharacterThe differences between them are as follows: unicodeA character set is a […]

  • 5-String adding method


    String.fromCodePoint() because String.fromCharCode It is used to return the corresponding character from the Unicode code point, but it is not allowed if the code point is greater than 0xFFFFtherefore String.fromCodePoint It can recognize characters with code point greater than 0xFFFF Stirng.raw() String.raw () is essentially a function that can be used as a basic method […]

  • Notes on understanding ES6 — strings and regular expressions (2)


    Compared with the declaration of variables in Chapter 1, the content of this chapter is a little deeper, but it is not difficult to understand. This chapter mainly talks about two knowledge points,character string、regular expression character string String is the big raw data type of JavaScript 6. The others are Boolean, null, undefined, number and […]