• Managing multicloud kubernetes with lens


    Did you fill it out? 10 people will receive a gift certificate of $100 from CNCF store! To participate in the CNCF China Cloud native survey in 2020 Questionnaire link(https://www.wjx.cn/jq/9714648…) Guest Author: nimal kunnath, nutanix System Reliability Engineer A large number of reports continue to show that today’s enterprises take hybrid and multi cloud as […]

  • Bocloud won round C + strategic investment from CLP fund and Weilai capital


    Recently, bocloud (Suzhou Bona Dynamic Software Co., Ltd.) completed   C + round of strategic financingCLP Fund Management Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as CLP Fund) and Weilai capital investment。 Founded in 2012, Boyun is a leading enterprise in the field of cloud computing PAAS and CMP multi cloud management in China. Provide customers with […]

  • R-language hidden Markov model HMM recognition of changing stock market conditions


    Link to the original text:http://tecdat.cn/?p=3784 Understanding how different market conditions affect your strategic performance can have a huge impact on your earnings. Some strategies perform well in volatile markets, while others need a strong and stable trend, otherwise they will face a long-term downside risk. Figuring out when to start or stop trading strategies, adjusting […]

  • Object storage and multi cloud strategy of hashdata


    The emergence of multi Cloud Architecture Today, with the advancement of enterprise digital process, multi cloud has become an important feature of enterprise IT infrastructure construction. The implementation of multi cloud strategy helps enterprises reduce costs and improve service efficiency and security. In particular, global multinational companies need not only centralized business management, but also […]

  • Spring boot initiates HTTP request


    start New year’s goalsSpring CloudStart implementation, open MOOC network. I just learned a chapter, which is about using China weather netapi, usingSpring BootBuild your own weather forecast system, and then useSpring CloudStep by step, use the idea of microservices to evolve the architecture. Small target Yesterday, I went to Baidu to grab the new year’s […]