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  • Alibaba big data cloud primary practice, EMR spark on ack product introduction


    Open source big data Community & Alibaba cloud EMR series live broadcast phase 6 Subject:EMR spark on ack product demonstration and best practices Lecturer:Shi Lei, technical expert of Alibaba cloud EMR team Content framework: The challenge and practice of Yunyuan biochemical· spark containerization solutionProduct introduction and demonstration Live playback: scan the QR code at the […]

  • Image classification task


    This paper is based on the completion of the “image scene classification challenge” released by AI Institute on October 30, 2020. It is mainly written from the perspective of how Xiaobai can run an image classification task with code. It is also a learning process of his own. Image scene classification challenge: https://imgs.developpaper.com/imgs/lili The label […]

  • Cloud solution for VMware business system migration


    background Customers want to move their business from the self built virtual data center to ucloud, hoping to replace the VMware system many years ago with the public cloud system. Among them: Customers hope that the cloud process will not affect the existing business; Remove the over guaranteed equipment hosted by the computer room to […]

  • How to build a secure policy source management system


    preface    recently, I communicated with some friends who do strategy research and development, and found thatNot quantitative researchers with technical background, most of them will not do source version management. The most common scenario is that every time there’s a big change, it doesn’t workRename the original code for backup, and then create a […]

  • Go dumping! Make exported data more stable


    Author: Li Chunzhu, tidb R & D Engineer. Migration sig community mainly covers tidb data processing tools, including tidb data backup / import / export, tidb data change capture, other database data migration to tidb, etc. preface DumplingIt is a tool written by go language for data export to database. At present, the database supports […]

  • Git management tool source tree


    Mac download address cracked version:https://xclient.info/s/sourcetree.html#versionsAfter downloading and installing cloud disk Start sourcetree Close sourcetree Open terminal input defaults write com.torusknot.SourceTreeNotMAS completedWelcomeWizardVersion 3 4. Open it again

  • The birth of enterprise cloud disk is to help improve the efficiency of enterprise users


    With the rapid development of the times, the pace of science and technology is also accelerating. With the gradual impact of the Internet on social life, our work and life has been greatly facilitated. We pay more attention to the security of personal information and data while pursuing efficient progress. The service based on cloud […]

  • It’s a disaster! Teach you to build a private network disk


    This article teaches you to build your own private network disk with docker, and share the tutorial with you.Author: zhaooleehttps://www.jianshu.com/p/54f… Open source cloud disk selection Before building, I carefully looked at the implementation of each open source private cloud disk, including the following: owncloud  sealife  nextcloud  The following factors are compared with each other Open […]

  • Cloud MSP service case | Oracle RAC deployment operation and Practice on cloud


    Introduction:With more and more cloud database products, various cloud manufacturers have also launched relational database products based on open source MySQL and postgre. The functions of multiple copies, high availability, read-write separation, sub database and sub table are integrated into various products, reducing the cost of computer room construction and operation and maintenance, and helping […]

  • Enterprise cloud disk — File efficient management assistant


    With the advent of 5g era, information technology has been unprecedentedly developed. The fast-paced and massive information can not concentrate people’s time and energy, and how to effectively use the fragmented time to work is an important factor to improve work efficiency. Yotta enterprise cloud disk is born for this. It breaks the traditional office […]

  • Choose a cloud disk that suits you


    How to choose an enterprise cloud disk that is easy to use and suitable for most people. In the case that the operating system introduction is easy to understand, so what are the requirements for an excellent enterprise cloud disk? 1. Convenient for file management and system operation Whether it takes a whole day for […]